SWN Meets… Craig Berry

Photo credit Sandy Smith Photography

By Louise Westie


Here I am with FPWA’s very own Craig Berry, thank you so much for reaching out and asking for this interview.

How did you get into wrestling?

Back in 2005 I ended up watching the Royal Rumble and had no idea what was going on. Bodies flying everywhere, super cool moves and to 8 year old me these were the coolest guys ever. By the time the event was over I had to watch more. In terms of getting into the actually training aspect of it I always wanted to follow the dream of being a pro wrestler but never had a professional or reliable school to train at I kind of gave up on the idea that I would ever become a wrestler. Then Andy showed up with FPWA and I knew then that if I was ever going to do it I would do it here.

You’ve started training at FPWA in Glenrothes, which is Andy Wild’s training school, how is that going and what’s Andy like as a trainer?

It’s going really well. It’s hard work but it’s rewarding. I can see myself improving each time I step in the ring and Andy is by far the best trainer I’ve had. He’s patient and understanding and always wants to push you to your limit but understands that not everyone is the same so not to expect the same from everyone.

Can you tell us in more detail about your first day of wrestling training and what people can expect?

First day was getting right down to the basics. Bumping, getting up, running the ropes, rolls etc. This is all stuff we do every training session but it’s also what we will be doing every match.

You train with a lot of folk, who personally stands out for you?

I’d say out of everyone Callum Maclean (Ross Hunter) stands out the most. He’s going, talented and an all round good guy. He’s definitely going to go the distance.

There’s been a lot of training seminars, who’s been your favourite superstar to learn from?

Wolfgang was really insightful and fun to learn from. Was kept a secret from us right up until he walked through the doors at training. He gave us a lot of knowledge and I’d love the opportunity to learn from him again.

You’ve got a wrestling gimmick; can you tell us about your character in more detail?

So my gimmick is more or less myself if I was a real life villain. I’ve added in bits that are obviously not me like the victimiser aspect and the crimson cobra nickname. “The Victimiser” aspect came from just trying to be edgy I suppose. The whole idea for that is I don’t go out to win matches I come to victimise.

Winnings just an added bonus. Expect to hear a lot more of “I don’t wrestle, I victimise” in my promos. “The Crimson Cobra” nickname came from my friend Steven when I was trying to come up with one and was just spitballing ideas. I randomly said it and he would not let me choose anything else. Since then I’ve tried to incorporate the name into the gear that I wear and other aspects of the gimmick that you should see more of when I debut.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully in 5 years I will either be well known and wrestling for companies that I’ve been a fan of for years like ICW or I will be overseas either with WWE, AEW or NJPW.

How often do you train?

Twice a week at FPWA and usually three times a week at the gym or from home.

Who would you most like to wrestle past or present?

Jimmy Havoc. I just like his style and have been a fan of his for sometime. I don’t mean in a death match by the way. I’m sure the opportunity for that might present itself and I know Havoc is well known for death matches but he is a good technical wrestler and I would love to get in the ring with him and see what we could do. Maybe someday in the future it will happen.

Is there any promotions that you have your eye on or would like to wrestle for?

ICW. I think everyone at FPWA has their sights set there though but that would be amazing to wrestle in The Garage for them.

Can you describe your first day in wrestling training?

My first day was nerve wracking. I had broken/dislocated my knee cap and tore cartilage at the start of year due to MMA and wasn’t sure if my knee could handle it. Once we got started and i realised my knee wasn’t giving me any bother I just threw myself into it. It felt good being back in a ring and everyone was so supportive. I remember going up to Andy after the first day and thanking him for this opportunity. A lot of people did. The next day however I was incredibly sore.

When you are a wrestling trainee and you have to help dismantle/set up the ring, unload/load the van etc, what has been your favourite venue to set up in?

So unfortunately due to work I’ve not had many opportunity’s to help out at shows but I have managed to get along to one. WrestleZone in Montrose Town Hall. I know it’s kind of a default answer but it was a nice venue. Gave it that indie feel and it was a great show.

When can we expect to see you make your wrestling debut in the future?

That I’m not sure of. I was hoping it would be this year and I’m still hopeful but we will have to see.

Finally, where can we find you on social media?

Facebook: craigberrywrestler
Twitter: CraigBerry101
Instagram: craigberry101

Thanks to Craig Berry so much for the one on one interview.

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