Full Results: SWN Clan Warfare ‘Quarter Final’

The following results are from SWN Clan Warfare ‘Quarter Final‘ on May 12th, 2020:


THE C*NTS (Crusher Craib, Bradley Evans & Sammii Jayne) w/Bronson & Jetta The WrestleCat defeated Sin City Saints (Alastor Adams, Steven ‘Air’ Myles & Alex Webb) w/Shadow The Hedgehog & Hannah

Dawn of the Heroes (Dawn Devlin, Jay Robin & Duke Cannon) w/Alfred Pennyworth & an Owlbear defeated Devine Brand Worldwide – Spike Tierney, Johnny Thunder & Eddie Devine w/Sean McCulloch & Garrison Cade

Aberdeen Hoss Beef Murder Squad (Aspen Faith, Grum & Dino Del Monte) defeated Chips, Cheese & Doner Meat (John McInally, Alex McRoberts & Gary Cassidy) w/Grado & Rab Florence

KoE (“Klyde River Killa” ADM, King Killa & Kai Williams-King) w/Kwaku Adjei defeated Fife’s Finest (Umar Mohammed, Ross Hunter & John Kerr) w/Andy Wild & Johnny Lions

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