Future Shock: Stone Malone

Credit: Sandy Smith Photography

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome to another edition of Future Shock, where we analyse the future of Scottish professional wrestling and tell you why the crop coming through will ascend to the top of the industry. Their future will shock you!

Big, strong, and powerful athletes have always been a centre piece and a staple of the industry since I began. They have always been present, and in Scotland we’ve always had great big men. From Joe Coffey, to Wolfgang, to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, we have another one on the rise. It’s inevitable that he’ll be a star – it’s Stone Malone.

Another prospect trained TJ Rage, having debuted in early 2016, Stone wasn’t always the big man we know him as, but over the years he has put on a lot of size, making him a man to be feared.

Possessing a speed and athleticism deceptive of a man his size and strength to accompany it, Stone is a powerhouse, filled to the brim with impactful and hard hitting offence, enough to make teeth shatter all over the ring, and for bones to crunch. He has a very obvious connection with any crowd, with his signature “Stone Ma-Lone” clap rhythm and chant, giving him the ability to feed off the crowd and brawl like no other.

Stone has a very wide profile of work since debuting in 2016. Having worked for companies such as Pro Wrestling Scotland, Pro Wrestling Innovation, W3L, having opportunities on big stages and under bright spotlights. He had a huge opportunity against Liam Thompson at Pro Wrestling Innovation last year, where he unfortunately couldn’t beat the veteran, however, he proved to Thompson why he’s one of the most powerful young men to try and overthrow in Scotland.

With his signature Stoneline (Discus clothesline) and the Infinity Stone (belly to back facebuster) he’s going to obliterate whoever is front of him, and with the power of the crowd behind him he’s a hard man to overpower, and he’s someone who will thrive in the very near future.

It’s worth reiterating; the fact that Stone Malone will be a star – is inevitable.

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