Wrestler Spotlight: Devin Fawkes

Photo credit Steve McKinnon

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. It’s been around three years since Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, Premier British Wrestling, and Source Wrestling united for the first Asylum Invitational Tournament, so today we’re focusing on one of the competitors in that tournament, GPWA’s Devin Fawkes.

Aliasย โ€“ Devin Fawkes, Jay Fawkes

Nicknamesย โ€“ “Fawksey”, “Dev”, “The King of Bong Style”

Debut – 2016

Companies Wrestled Forย ย โ€“

  • Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Elite

Titles & Accomplishments –ย 

  • N/A

Signature Moves –

  • Headbanger (Eat Defeat)
  • Headbanger (Eat Defeat)/Reverse DDT Combo w/Danny Cantrell

Alliances –

  • Distortion w/Danny Cantrell

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