Future Shock: The Wanderer Brian Frank

Credit: Sandy Smith Photography

By Tom Humphreys


Welcome to another edition of Future Shock, where we analyze the best up and coming talent in Scotland and tell you, yes you reading this, why they’ll be future stars. Their potential will shock you!

Entrance music. It can make or break a wrestling character. The best wrestlers are remembered not only for their in ring skills but the song attached to their character. We all know the iconic glass shatter of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme, the “IF YOU SMEEELLLLLL” of The Rock’s theme. Sami Zayn has been able to use his upbeat theme song in the role of an adored good guy and an annoying obnoxious bad guy. The reason that I bring this up, is that we have a talent in Scotland who’s theme perfectly reflects the character no matter which role they’re in. He’s the type of guy that’ll never settle down. The Wanderer, Brian Frank.

The young man is a prospect coming through, starting in Airdrie under TJ Rage in 2015. Having debuted in mid 2018, he instantly made his presence felt as a very cocky and arrogant heel. However, he can also be a very easy to get behind good guy, with a catchy theme, and a good connection with the crowd, he can stir them into a frenzy fighting from beneath.

A very charismatic character, the wanderer does everything in #WandererStyle, having a wide arsenal, with stiff European uppercuts, the Wanderer Elbow, and the Wander Away, he’s a great all round performer and flexible for a variety of roles.

He’s worked for a couple of big name companies in Scotland such as W3L, PWI, and PWS. He’s been a feature player in the latter two, having been the home town hero in Viewpark, Uddingston for Pro Wrestling Innovation’s shows.

Alongside working for some high profile companies, he’s faced some high profile opponents such as the man who taught him everything he knows in TJ Rage. In W3L he faced Mike Musso and teaming with the legendary Johnny Lions. Whilst his career is young, he’s had a lot of experience with high profile talent, and will always grasp an opportunity with both hands.

A well rounded performer, The Wanderer possesses all the tools necessary in order to become a major player going forward. He’ll conquer Scotland, as well as England and Europe, and he’ll do it all as he sings his song and the fans get involved. He’ll do it all in #WandererStyle!

His social media links can be found below:


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