Adam’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of The Month – May 2020

AdamSo, we’re still in lockdown sadly, meaning we’re still left without Scottish professional wrestling. That’s a massive bummer, especially considering some of the matches that had been scheduled (I’m looking at you, Source Wrestling). While we at Scottish Wrestling Network have been having some fun with all the tournaments and WWE 2K20 shenanigans, numerous Scottish wrestlers have been posting online content to keep the masses entertained throughout lockdown, be it through captivating videos, interviews, online coaching, whatever they can do keep the nation occupied. Seeing as there’s still no live wrestling in the country, we’ve taken some of those names to compile this month’s list, using a random online generator to create the list. Exciting stuff, eh?

10. Emily Hayden

Lockdown has seen Emily Hayden take to both YouTube and Twitch to see the time whizz by, debuting her Ask Advice Beech talk show via the W3L Network, while she recently had a 17 hour Twitch stream playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Ask Advice Beech – watch on the W3L Network
Twitch stream – watch on the TweechBeech Twitch channel


9. Luke Aldridge

‘The exILE’ Luke Aldridge has taken to YouTube over lockdown, debuting his Untold Exile show on the W3L Network. Along with that, he’s kept himself busy by designing various logos and ring gear for wrestlers through his DD6 Designs brand.

Untold Exile – watch on the W3L Network
DD6 Designs – like on Facebook and follow on Instagram


8. Jason Reed

In his continued quest to make wrestling great again, Jason Reed’s YouTube escapdes have seen him debut Away Day Diaries (more recently known as Away Day Diaries At Home), with episodes thus far featuring Sean McLaughlin, Andy Wild, RUDO Lightning, and Alexander Dean.

Away Day Diaries At Home – watch on the Jason Reed YouTube channel


7. Joe Hendry

Already well known to mainstream audiences through his custom entrance themes, Joe Hendry’s lockdown has seen him not only contribute even more hilarious music videos on the likes of Tiger King and McDonalds, but also talking utter pish with Dave Conrad in the aptly-named Pish Talk show on Twitch.

Custom entrance videos – watch on Joe Hendry’s official Facebook and Twitter
Pish Talk – watch on the Joe Hendry Twitch channel


6. Wolfgang

Alongside Jack Jester and RUDO Lightning, Wolfgang has become a social media hit for the Anti-Social Distancing webshow, which included ‘The Regulator’ having to eat a 33 year old piece of chewing gum, as well as the big question – what’s everyone been having for dinner?

Anti-Social Distancing – watch on the official Anti-Social Distancing Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch pages


5. Alex Webb

Alex Webb was already doing this prior to lockdown, but he deserves a mention like everyone else. His YouTube channel sees him review various video games (often in hilarious fashion, if we’re being honest). His UFC one, in particular, is a strong recommendation.

Video game reviews – watch on the Alex Webb YouTube channel


4. Grado

Like Alex Webb, Grado was already doing this before lockdown kicked in, but the episodes get even more hilarious as the weeks go by so we can’t not mention Wrestling Daft, which stars both ‘The Chubby Wee Chancer’ and Scots comedy icon Rab Florence. New episodes release every Friday at 3:16pm. Because wrestling.

Wrestling Daft – listen wherever good podcasts are available (here’s the Spotify link), video version also available via the Wrestling Daft Patreon with some available on the Wrestling Daft YouTube channel


3. Ashley Vega

Ashley Vega doesn’t back away from telling everyone of her love for the likes of The Kat, Terri Runnels, and Candice Michelle, so she’s taken lockdown as an opportunity to play as such characters in some of the older wrestling video games.

Ashley Vega Plays – watch on the Ashley Vega YouTube channel


2. Mike Musso

Scottish wrestling veteran Mike Musso has used lockdown to vent on some of the ongoing issues within the world, such as Dominic Cummings travelling 260 miles to check if he was blind or not. Spoilers – he wasn’t. Stay inside pls.

The Bitter Truth – watch on the W3L Network


1. Andy Wild

When Andy Wild opened the Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum on October 1st, he probably didn’t expect to be doing online teaching mere months later. ‘The Dad Bod God’ has been doing a few online coaching sessions on various aspects of wrestling, open to all FPWA and non-FPWA students.

FPWA online coaching sessions – keep an eye on Andy Wild’s Facebook and Twitter pages for all the information on how to partake

We’re now in phase one of the easing of lockdown, but the rules remain the same. Stay two metres apart at all times, maintain proper hand hygiene, wear protective masks, etc. if possible, but do meet with other households (one at a time) seeing as we’re now allowed to. Just don’t go overboard.

Point Standings as of June 1st 2020
1. Andy Wild (23 points)
2. Daz Black (19 points)
3. Alan Sterling (13 points)
4. Lou King Sharp (12 points)
5. Joe Hendry and Stevie Boy (11 points)
6. Danny Edwards, Grant McIvor, Kez Evans, and Leyton Buzzard (10 points)
7. Kieran Kelly, Krobar, Mike Musso, and Mikkey Vago (9 points)
8. Ashley Vega, Theo Doros, and Zach Dynamite (8 points)
9. Angel Hayze, Aspen Faith, and Grado (7 points)
10. Alex Webb, Brodie Adler, and Craig Anthony (6 points)
11. Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Rosie Nyte, and Wolfgang (5 points)
12. DCT and Griffin (4 points)
13. Jason Reed, Krieger, Logan Smith, Molly Spartan, and Shawn Johnson (3 points)
14. Davey Blaze, Liam Thomson, and Luke Aldridge (2 points)
15. Emily Hayden, Ian Skinner, and Kid Fite (1 point)

Credit for promo pics used goes to Sandy Smith Photography, Tony Knox, The Wilsons, World Wide Wrestling League, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

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