Wrestler Spotlight: Roy Johnson

Photo credit David J. Wilson

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at one of the competitors in the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament competitor Roy Johnson, who brought his Wasteman Challenge to ICW back in 2017.

Aliasย โ€“ Roy Johnson

Nicknamesย โ€“ “The Bodyguy”, “Big Wavy”, “Dat Guy Roy”, “Manlike Roy”, “South London’s Finest”, “Macho Mandem”, “The Most Wavy Guy in Sports Entertainment”, “The Wavy Guy”, “Mr Roy Better Know”

Debut – 2015

Companies Wrestled Forย ย โ€“

  • APEX Pro Wrestling
  • Apollo Championship Wrestling
  • Battle Pro Wrestling
  • British Empire Wrestling
  • Dynamic Over The Top Action Wrestling
  • Entertainment Wrestling Association
  • Evolution Wrestling
  • Fight! Nation Wrestling
  • Full House Wrestling
  • Future Pro Wrestling
  • GOOD Wrestling
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
  • International Wrestling League
  • Kamikaze Pro
  • Lucha Forever
  • NORTH Wrestling
  • Nothing But Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Ambush
  • Pro Wrestling Chaos
  • Pro Wrestling SOUL
  • PROGRESS Wrestling
  • Riptide Wrestling
  • RISE Underground Pro Wrestling
  • Sacrifice Pro Wrestling
  • South Coast Wrestling
  • Tidal Championship Wrestling
  • Unprofessional Wrestling
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
  • The Wrestling League
  • Wrestling Resurgence
  • X Wrestling Alliance

Titles & Accomplishments –ย 

  • 1x Battle Pro Wrestling Champion
  • 1x HOPE Wrestling Ultimate Sacrifice Champion
  • 1x Sacrifice Pro Wrestling Ultimate Sacrifice Champion
  • 1x Sacrifice Pro Wrestling Saints of Sacrifice Champion w/Frankie Vegas
  • 1x and first ever Unprofessional Wrestling Champion

Signature Moves –

  • Last Set (Over the Shoulder Facebuster)
  • Dropset (Full Nelson Slam)
  • Wagwan (Running Reverse STO)
  • WavyTonic (Sunset Flip Powerbomb)
  • WHAT5 (Pop-Up Forearm Smash)
  • Roy Rage (Full Nelson)
  • Buck Rotten (Lifting Reverse STO)
  • Rolling Deep (Forward Roll into a Stunner)
  • Big Man Ting (Pounce)
  • Waste Management (Spinning Belly to Back Suplex)
  • A232 (Running Dropkick to an opponent draped in the ropes)
  • Bass Drop (Ripcord Flapjack)
  • Happy Slap (Camel Clutch followed by a Slap)
  • Firecracker (Pendulum Backbreaker)
  • Wasslock (Modified Dragon Sleeper)
  • Big Wavy Elbow Drop For The Peopledem (Snap Elbow Drop)
  • Joanna (Pumphandle Backbreaker)
  • Springboard Stunner

Alliances –

  • The Shirtlifters w/Jack Sexsmith
  • Muscle Beach w/Joey Axl
  • Never Been Wastemen w/Marshall X
  • The Kings of Croydon w/Levi Muir
  • The Wavy Blaze w/Mercedes Blaze
  • Smooth Criminal w/Sammy Smooth
  • The 87 w/Kieran Kurupt & Alexander Roth
  • The Mates w/Chuck Mambo & Damon Moser
  • w/Frankie Vegas

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