SWN Update

Where to start eh?

I’ve held off posting something on here for a couple days, just to try and get some clarity on what’s going on and what we can do.

A lot of information has been going out and I am proud of so many people, men and women, feeling brave enough to step out and share their stories in order to clean up the wrestling industry.

I am happy to see companies like Discovery Wrestling, Respect Pro Wrestling, Source Wrestling, Fierce Females, and Pro Wrestling Spirit take action to remove accused parties and continue to keep fans informed in updated practices. It has been a wild few days so if I have missed a promotions statement and intent to safeguard, I apologise.

As I noted on Facebook I do not want to mention any specific wrestlers names to not impede any legal proceedings but 10 minutes on Twitter will give you an idea.

In terms of website changes, we’ve removed spotlights, articles and interviews involving any wrestler accused in the #SpeakingOut movement. Some may return if accusations are unfounded or revealed to be false but for the time being they will be inaccessible until further notice.

Going forward we will no longer be featuring content from Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, it was the promotion that started my passion for Scottish professional wrestling but due to recent information regarding their owners practices we just can’t, in good conscience, continue to offer a platform for them. I’ve had people contact me over the years questioning why they were featured and now I realise I prioritised quantity over quality when it came to covering Scottish professional wrestling. This is something I am continuing to address by clearing out older articles and other less the reputable promotions that have been featured in the past. I had heard the rumours, the stories, we all have, and I wished that I had taken the action sooner to withdraw support through Scottish Wrestling Network.

I have asked for wrestlers to contact us if they wish to have SWE removed from their respective Wrestler Spotlight profiles.

We will continue to monitor other promotions reactions and will remove others if required.

In some good news, prior to all this beginning we were in the early stages of relaunching the SWN Podcast, our first episode went out on Sunday and it is initially aimed to be a happy distraction during lock down but now it will also distract from this absolute horrific situation that must take place in order to keep wrestlers, crew, staff, and fans safe when wrestling returns. It aims to be light and breezy, just a 30 minute-ish chat with Scottish wrestlers.

Thank you for your continue support and I hope I can provide the support you need during this time. It will get worse before it gets better, we just have to keep some faith that wrestling will continue to be our safe escape when it returns.


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