Five Picks – One Off Gimmick Matches In Scottish Wrestling

Wrestling out of context is weird. So here are five picks for some of the strangest concepts in Scottish wrestling that have only appeared the once in Scottish wrestling (as far as I’m aware anyways).

Zombie Lumberjack Match – Gene Munny vs Sugar Dunkerton

Kicking off with one of the strangest matches in Scottish wrestling, in fact probably all of wrestling, thanks to Discovery Wrestling. The premise was to win, you must get your opponent out of the ring, bitten by the zombies ringside and turned into a zombie.

For such a serious match up you need two serious competitors to embark in this contest, here comes Gene Munny and Sugar Dunkerton. In an epic contest… I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. Just watch.

Munny and Dunkerton would follow up this match in a battles over their souls were on the line…

Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap Match – Alan Sterling vs Andy Wild

Alan Sterling dug a hole from himself with Andy Wild back in 2018, slapping Wild across the face after losing a tag team match. It didn’t sit well with Wild who decided that Sterling needed to be taught a lesson due to talking too much. Hence the ‘Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap Match’ was conceived. Alan did all he could to escape but a stiff slap to the face from Wild sealed the win before Alan was dragged back to the ring by Grado to eat soap.

I Do Match – Sammie Jo vs Emily Hayden

Over at Fierce Females, in a high stakes stipulation, the winner got a title shot and the loser was to be fired. The ‘I Do Match’ concept was born through Sammie Jo’s recent engagement and Emily Hayden’s ever increasing envy due to her self perceived lack of opportunities that she blamed Sammie for. Weapons were concealed inside of wedding gifts which lead to the debut of Toastie, thanks to the kindness of Simon Cassidy and Sean McLaughlin. Certainly unique.

Dog Pound Match: Loser Eats Dog Food – Mr Malice vs Scotty Swift

Another entry from WrestleZone. A dog pound match, where dog toys are legal and loser must eat dog food. Mr Malice was known as the dog of Sterling Oil. It went the way you’re expecting with Malice being forced to chow down on some Rufus Sport, chicken flavour… with gravy.

All About The Raffle

The whole concept of the show from Discovery Wrestling was taking the mystery box show and adding the raffle ticket element. To be available to be chosen you had to have ticket with the matches being chosen at random. No matches announced beforehand but fans were treated to plenty surprises including the reunion of The Mega Pals, the return of DCT, and a new number one contender to the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship crowned in a six person tag team match.

With this event happening this past February there is a high chance that this will become an annual event.

Any other one off gimmick matches that stand out for you?

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