Review: Fierce Females ‘Mad Maxine’

After many weeks of saying I would, I have finally sat down to watch Fierce Females’ Mad Maxine event that took place on July 20th 2014, the sixth Fierce Females event for a company that was quickly building a reputation for some chaotic events (in a good way), and for being the one of the only all female companies in UK and the only one in Scotland.

Fierce Females really were a ground for seeing the best women’s wrestler in the country and the future of the likes of WWE, NXT, and NXT UK, with many coming through the promotion including Kay Lee Ray, Viper (aka Piper Niven), Isla Dawn, and Nikki Storm (aka Nikki Cross). Fierce Females also featured some incredible then-indie talent like Amazing Kong and Mary Dobson (aka Sarah Logan).

I’ve delved into the archives of pro wrestling to check out this event.

We are welcomed with commentary from Billy Kirkwood and Lily Lestrange, plus ring announcing duties from Simon Cassidy. The first thing I noticed was the audio cut out, which is fine – it’s copyright music so it is understandable for it to be muted. My only gripe is that the music has been removed after the commentary has been put on so the hype from Billy and Lily is cut out from the video to cause a minute or two of total silence.

Anyways, with that moan out of the way best to check out the show.

Sweet Saraya defeated Bete Noire by submission.

Sweet Saraya got into the face of Simon straight away to intimidate the master of ceremonies with Bete Noire entering, kendo stick in hand, to be met face to face with Saraya Knight. Just as the ring bell sounded Saraya immediately exited to get in the face of someone in the crowd.

The match finally started with an exchange of hard slaps, Saraya got the upper hand for a second by rag-dolling Bete but was met with some resistance from Bete returning the favour. Saraya went low several times, there was no finesse, just rough punches and digs.

Saraya dominated, a stinger of a DDT kept Bete on the back foot until Noire brought in her trusty kendo stick to crack it across the skull of Saraya with a follow up Fisherman’s Suplex not able to get the job done. A second rope suplex/brainbuster to Saraya just seemed to re-energise Saraya, like a Terminator.

A little more back and forth followed, Saraya hit another low blow and locked in a submission, like some sort of bow and arrow lock to get Bete Noire to verbally submit.

Was not a fan of Sweet Saraya in this, she punched, low blowed, punched, then rolled on the submission at a slow pace, I know her reputation proceeds her but I didn’t see anything to like. Maybe that’s the point but it was less about seeing her get beat it was more, I can’t be bothered watching her wrestle any longer which was to the detriment of Bete Noire. It felt like she did little and I did not enjoy the match.

Saraya then got into the face of the guy at the start and, it looked like, she grabbed his crotch and bad mouthed him a bit more. Not a good look.

Debbie Sharpe defeated Penelope by pinfall.

A little wrist lock trade off kicked things off, Debbie countered into one of her own with a sneaky stomp to the foot before Penelope got out of it with a headstand, it was a bit rough but looked pretty nifty. A follow up headstand to escape a headlock was a bit smoother. There was no separating these two with a test of strength going back and forth before Debbie was whipped with an arm drag.

Debbie got the upper hand thanks to some shenanigans, hitting a nice snap suplex but found herself getting monkey flipped before Penelope cracked Debbie with a stiff superkick to send Sharpe to the outside. Sharpe locked in a boston crab but was countered into a pin attempt as the match broke down into a war with each getting their licks in until one could hit a big move.

Penelope looked to have it with a swinging neckbreaker but a senton attempt was dodged with Debbie hitting a ravishing neckbreaker and holding the tights for a little extra leverage.

A bit stop start with the pace with Debbie rolling out as soon as Penelope got some momentum. Penelope involved the crowd to get them on side with Debbie being more than willing to be the foil which added some atmosphere that I found missing from the opener. A nice match, it may have benefited from being a little shorter or one of the many roll outs being taken out to build up to the finish, but otherwise I enjoyed these two going at it.

Sammii Jayne defeated Liberty by pinfall.

A collar and elbow tie up was rolled through by Sammii into a test of strength which somehow worked into a straight jacket chin lock that was countered by Liberty, before moving into rear straight jacket seated chin locks. It was a sequence that saw the two not give up grip which was beautiful to watch evolve.

Liberty build up some steam but was met with a stunning standing drop kick from Sammii, a second drop kick was side stepped. A suplex from Liberty was countered into a small package for a near fall as the two continued to trade pin fall attempts before Sammii spoiled the party to hang Liberty’s neck over the top rope to slow down the pace into a chin lock before stomping and dropping knees to Liberty.

Just as Sammii was dominating, Liberty dodged a corner rush into a great stunner-come-cutter which couldn’t score the win before Liberty found herself getting throw back with a sharp German Suplex for another near fall. Liberty started throwing everything at Jayne, a Fallaway Slam couldn’t do it, neither could a jumping lariat. It took one moment for Sammii to sweep the ankles out from underneath Liberty and hit her springboard cutter to finally settle the match.

A fantastic match, these two crafted a story of each countering the other and from that not falling for the same move twice. It build up as the ante was upped before Sammii finally seised an opening to hit the springboard cutter from the apron into the ring to finally get the three count. Jayne and Liberty looked fantastic in this one as they merged some grappling to kick off, to upping the tempo into the finish.

Last Women Standing Tag Team Elimination Match – The Owens Twins (Kasey Owens & Leah Owens)Β  defeated Carmel Jacob & Sara Marie-Taylor

This broke down as the bell rand with all four brawling into the crowd, Carmel and Leah fought to the bar before Carmel swung a pool cue to punish Owens. They fought back to the ring with a missile dropkick from Carmel to Leah to get the first attempt at a 10 count in motion but it was quickly broken. Carmel continued the attack with scoop slams to the outside, no mats out there just a wooden floor, Leah returned the favour in kind.

We got a big pile on with Carmel and Kasey finding themselves diving from the top rope into Leah and security before Sara added the exclamation point with a diving senton to the crowd below. Sara and Kasey traded pinfalls that obviously weren’t counted which was a little silly.

The four continued to brawl before Leah was singled out with her knee getting worked on. It wasn’t long before weapons were brought into play with all four bringing their own chair into the fold. Carmel ducked a conchairto while Sara recovered from being launched into a wall at the eight count.

Sara was eliminated following a superkick and a stunner before the Owens trapped Sara under a chair and used their own weight on the chair to keep Sara down for the 10 count.

Carmel got on the microphone to tell the Owens that she will do something that they have plenty of practice in and that was lie on her back. The twins didn’t take too kindly to that and dragged Carmel back up as the fight went back into the crowd for a two on one beating.

Sara returned to try and assist but they were both met with tandem chair shots to the face to wrap up the clean sweep for the Owens twins.

The match started off wild and chaotic but due to the stipulation it made it feel almost never ending as we had to wait for numerous ten counts to take place. It was a fine encounter with the stipulation making it a bit of a chore towards the end. Even though she was eliminated first, Sara Marie-Taylor was an absolute machine when on offensive, taking no prisoners.

Viper defeated Sammi Baynz by pinfall.

Viper offered her hand to start with but was met with a slap to the face to get things going straight away as they jockeyed over a powerful collar and elbow tie up. Both clubbed each other with forearms and strong strikes with Baynz getting Viper off her feet with a big lariat.

The two traded shoulder blocks with Viper getting the best of the exchange and powered Baynz with a slam for a near fall. Baynz brought the intensity by doing all she could to take down Viper. Viper almost ended it with a Viper Bomb but Sammi sweeped the leg out to send Viper crashing face first onto the top turnbuckle.

Viper brought out the big guns with two running crossbody splashes but couldn’t keep Baynz down for the three. Baynz got frustrated, shouting at Viper before attempting a clothesline only to be hoisted for a Viper Driver for the the win.

Saraya walked out to the ring after the match to dress down Baynz following the loss before punching Viper to the ground and directing a two on one assault with Baynz.

A real knock down, drag out match as the wrestling pundits would say which was really good with both Viper and Sammi Baynz put on equal footing throughout. The inclusion of Saraya had me full of dread due to her earlier appearance. Saraya stared down a fan shouting at her and planted a kiss to the guy on the lips. Another really crass moment from Saraya which was not required and added nothing other than myself disliking her even more, again not in a “oh I want to see her getting beat”, I just don’t want to see her.

Fiona Fraser defeated Courtney by submission.

The future Isla Dawn tangled with Fiona Fraser with the two locking up and trading a wrist lock in the early going with Courtney using a nice step out escape to the wrist lock to polite applause. Fiona went back to the left arm, jerking it and putting plenty pressure on the limb of Courtney. The more pressure Fraser put on the wrist, the more the crowd got behind Courtney to escape and build some momentum.

Courtney got back into the match with a knee to the face followed by a mistimed crossbody then a codebreaker but Fraser sidestepped a rush from Courtney to send her to the outside before going back to the wrist attack, slamming the wrist onto the bar and her left arm into a concrete pillar.

Back in the ring, Fraser stamped on Courtney’s wrist before calmly applying an armbreaker for the quick tap out.

An almost flawless performance from Fiona Fraser which is rare to see, started with the wrist and went all out of the body part in order to gain the submission victory. Not an exciting match perhaps but very effective in showing Fiona Fraser as an absolute methodical bad ass who had a game plan and used it to great effect. Using her submission style to keep going back to that injured body part to make the submission be of great effect. Courtney showed great fire but could barely get a move in without Fraser going straight back to the wrist.

Fierce Females Championship – Nikki Storm defeated Kay Lee Ray bu disqualification, Kay Lee Ray retained.

Before the introductions Nikki passed Simon Cassidy a note for her custom entrance intro as the self proclaimed best in the galaxy. These two went at it straight away with Nikki avoiding a suicide dive with a forearm to the face of Kay Lee with the action happening thick and fast as the two tried for quick pinfall attempts after some shotgun offense.

Kay Lee hit some hard knife edge chops as Nikki tried to control the pace and keeping Kay Lee grounded. Nikki hit a nice swinging neckbreaker for a two count with frustration starting to show as the crowd started duel chants for both wrestlers.

It started to get scrappy as the two tried for any advantage in getting the upper hand with each finding brief moments but ultimately colliding as both aimed for a crossbody on the other in this evenly matched contest. Nikki hit a big crossbody from the top rope to the outside to the waiting crowd of Kay Lee Ray and security below. Kay Lee recovered and dived out to the outside to return the favour.

Nikki locked in a deep Boston crab into a half Boston to keep control as Kay Lee dragged herself to the bottom rope to break the submission. Nikki looked to have won the match with a Fisherman’s neckbreaker but Kay Lee kicked out at the last possible second. Kay Lee dodged another crossbody and answered with an enziguri for another near fall, Storm replied with a sit out spinning fireman’s carry that couldn’t keep Kay Lee down. Storm dodged a Swanton Bomb before hoisting Kay Lee for another sit out spinning fireman’s carry for a close near fall.

Kay Lee found an opportunity to hit a Gory Bomb and Swanton that had the closest of two counts. Kay Lee got frustrated and grabbed a chair to use for another Gory Bomb which the referee removed, who then got an enziguri for his efforts.

Kay Lee grabbed a microphone to tell everyone where to go and brought out Carmel Jacob and Sara Marie-Taylor to assault Nikki Storm. Even after a spear Storm kicked out, Storm rolled up Kay Lee for a two count as Carmel and Sara jumped on Nikki Storm to cause the disqualification.

Kay Lee and Carmel used a Gory Bomb/DDT combo to take out Nikki as the show faded to black.

This match was controlled chaos which is little surprise considering where these two have gone on to since 2014. Two highly talented wrestlers that put on a main event worthy match to close the show. High in drama with the balance shifting from the get go, the monologue wasn’t required and the intervention of Sara and Carmel would’ve still been as shocking, if not more with the fans having to wrap their heads around it. Kay Lee getting on the microphone with her reasoning could’ve either been used for social media or after the attack and would’ve been more effective in my opinion from six years in the future.

A show that picked up throughout, for me the Sammii Jayne versus Liberty match was the stand out from the event as it was just fantastic from a story telling standpoint to an in ring standpoint. The main event was great in content with the added ending to keep a story line going to bring fans back to the shows, an effective closing moment with Kay Lee Ray joining with fierce rival Carmel along with Sara to form a super group with a stranglehold over the Fierce Females Championship. The only real disappointment was Sweet Saraya otherwise everyone put in a great showing.

The commentary was a bit disjointed with Billy Kirkwood trying to drag Lily to his level but there was just a lack of chemistry that made it feel like a bit of an awkward chat between two folk that had just met. It didn’t help that some of it was cut due to the entrance music being muted, there could’ve been gold there that we just didn’t get.

However in saying all that it was a highly enjoyable event from Fierce Females that is worth revisiting.

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