Review: Scottish Wrestling Alliance & Zero1 Scotland ‘Full On’ Series One | Episodes One & Two

We’re still missing the wrestling here at Scottish Wrestling Network so we’ve went even further back into the Scottish wrestling archives to 2013 and have come across Scottish Wrestling Alliance and Zero1’s Full On series that are on YouTube if you wish to venture there for more offerings. There are eight episodes in series one so we’re going to take a look at two episodes per review.

To give a timeline to where I was at this point as far as Scottish wrestling was concerned, I would’ve been to a few shows at this point and had already picked a couple favourites from the shows that I’d been lucky enough to watch either on YouTube, via DVD or live in person. SWN wasn’t SWN, it would have been kinda but not really the OSWtv web show that was created using the Playstation 3’s PS Eye camera for recording, downloading clips and editing.

Scottish wrestling fascinated me from that first experience the year prior so while there are no shows on at the moment it’s nice to go back in time to when I was just a guy that went to shows and spoke about them, now I’m… a guy that speaks about wrestling shows… but some people listen I guess?

Should throw out a warning, I’ve just went that I’ll watch and review these shows – I don’t know who is on them until I actually watch them so there may be some wrestlers that are no longer around for one reason or another. I won’t labour the point but, as it says in our big important notice that we here don’t condone the actions of those accused, just that there may be mention of them at some point.

Episode One

Straight away I’m at ease when Stevie The Wizard is on ring announcing duties, David J Wilson is ringside with his trusty camera, Thomas Keirans reffing, never a bad thing to have the sultry tones of Billy Kirkwood along with DB Mackle on commentary, maybe one day that Mackle fella will be in the WWE…

SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Qualifier – Mark Andrews defeated Andy Anderson by pinfall to advance.

A bleach blonde kid called Mark Andrews entered first. Andrews was blindsided by Anderson who entered through the crowd while Andrews was watching the entrance way for his opponent. Anderson went straight on to the assault with big stomps but it wasn’t long before Andrews was flying about with a hurricurana. Anderson lifted his knees to stop a standing moonsault before planting Andrews with a hard back suplex and taking back control of the match.

Anderson showed some flying flair of his own with a slingshot senton, aiming his attacks to the body of Mark Andrews throughout. Andrews found an opening with an enziguri before hitting a slighting mis-aimed corkscrew standing moonsault for a two count. Anderson went back onto the offensive with a gutbuster and a straight boot to the head to keep on top of Andrews.

Anderson headed to the top rope but found himself crashing down from a hurricurana. The fight returned to the top rope with Mark Andrews getting the upper hand to send Anderson back to the canvas, a Shooting Star Press later and Mark Andrews progressed in the tournament.

A really great opening match, silky smooth with commentary giving great insight into both wrestlers journeys up to that point. Andy Anderson was no nonsense which played perfect to the fan favourite Andrews.

SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Qualifier – Wild Boar defeated Christopher Saynt by pinfall to advance.

The fans were on fine form chanting Boar-ing to Wild Boar, very clever (I’ll be keeping a note of that one). Boar started by flexing his power with bodyslams, swatting away any attacks before taking the match to the outside to continue the assault. Once back in the ring it was headbutts, forearms, a mauling from Boar.

Saynt kept kicking out and earned more of a beating for his troubles including a nasty snap suplex into the corner that could only garner a two count. After being caught from a top rope crossbody attempt, Wild Boar hit the Razorback Diller for the win.

It wasn’t pretty but it was pretty effective. Wild Boar looked vicious in his offense, there were fleeting moments of hope for Saynt but it was all about Wild Boar who was, pardon the pun, an animal in this one.

Episode Two

We got a little recap of last week’s matches to catch us up as we move onto the next matches in the SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Qualifier – Jimmy Meadows defeated Damian Dunne by pinfall to advance.

Meadows entered with a gurn on, showing some attitude early on by trying to bully Dunne early on. Dunne got the best of an early tie up, rocking Meadows with an enziguri to send Jimmy out of the ring. Meadows suckered Dunne in with a handshake before laying in forearms and a hard suplex to keep the momentum on his side.

Using the ropes to choke Dunne, Meadows kept the pressure on his opponent with a facelock but Dunne wriggled out of a shoulder carry to gather a head of steam with kicks and showing off some agility. Meadows rolled through a crossbody into a cover and propped his feet on the bottom rope for some extra leverage to score the tainted win.

Another solid bout, nothing fancy with Jimmy Meadows being the bully and Dunne being valiant to fight back. A sneaky win for Meadows just as it looked like Dunne was on the cusp of victory.

SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Qualifier – Lewis Girvan defeated Zack Sabre Jr by pinfall to advance.

Zack Sabre Jr got on the microphone beforehand but I couldn’t understand a thing that was said, thankfully Kirkwood and Mackle translated and it was something about being English.

Anywho, there was an early feeling out process to with Sabre Jr focusing his attacks on the left wrist of Girvan, jerking it and putting pressure on the joint. Girvan escaped and tried to repay in kind but was soon tied up again, Zack finding any opening to get a grip on the wrist and using his other hand to cause damage elsewhere.

Girvan tried to pick up the pace but again Sabre Jr found a way to apply torque to the joints, focusing the attack to the legs. Girvan once again tried to build up some speed with a suicide dive and springboard forearm for two, a follow up bicycle kick only got a near fall. Sabre Jr picked his spot to kick Girvan’s legs from under him while on the second rope and went back to targeting the left arm with a bit more urgency.

Lewis fought back again as the two traded slaps, back hands, punches before knocking each other down with a stereo boots. The two traded pin attempt after pin attempt before trading kicks once more. After a straight kick to the chest, Sabre Jr applied a cross armbreaker but Girvan rolled Zack into a pinfall, bridging over into the ropes, which went unnoticed by the referee, to score a big win.

Both men looked to be on equal footing, with plenty of counters with twists and turns throughout. Not flashy but there was plenty skill and technique on show from both wrestlers. Not exactly my cup of tea but I can certainly appreciate the craft on show.

Two episodes in and I’m quite enjoying SWA Full On. The set up and camera work is cleaner than some shows I’ve seen online in 2020. Kirkwood and Mackle were very knowledgeable in giving us a little backstory on the wrestlers in the match, where they’ve been and of course Mackle could break down the holds. Really interesting to see so many future NXT UK wrestlers involved.

Solid wrestling, smooth matches, looking forward to checking out more and seeing who pops up.

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