Review: Scottish Wrestling Alliance & Zero1 Scotland ‘Full On’ Series One | Episodes Three & Four

I’m back to watch two more episodes of Scottish Wrestling Alliance & Zero 1 Scotland Full On, available on the YouTubes for everyone to see. Before I go into the show it’s best to copy and paste the disclaimer from the last article (literally copy and pasting, might throw in italics to make it stand out):

Should throw out a warning, I’ve just went that I’ll watch and review these shows – I don’t know who is on them until I actually watch them so there may be some wrestlers that are no longer around for one reason or another. I won’t labour the point but, as it says in our big important notice that we here don’t condone the actions of those accused, just that there may be mention of them at some point.

Episode Three

We started episode three with a recap of the previous week of shows, if you would like our recap check out the review of episodes one and two here.

Joe Coffey entered the venue to cut a promo, didn’t make out what he said but the jist of it was it was an open challenge which was answered by Robbie Solar whom was carrying the SWA and W3L Tag Team Championships.

SWA Laird of the Ring Championship – Joe Coffey defeated Robbie Solar by submission to retain.

Coffey and Solar shook hands before the match started as they locked up. Coffey would overpower Solar whilst the masked luchador would escape with his speed advantage. The hold trade off continued until Coffey was able to lock in a Boston Crab. Solar managed to crawl the the bottom rope to break it up as Coffey smelt blood in the water and started to pick apart his smaller opponent.

Solar picked his spots to get some licks in, including a nice apron moonsault, but a dive from the top rope saw Coffey grab him for a bearhug before transitioning to a Half Boston Crab which Solar once again broke up using the ropes.

Coffey went back to the Boston Crab but Solar kept getting to the ropes all the while trying to find any moment to get offense in. Solar wriggled out from being launched into the top turnbuckle to hit Coffey with a cutter to turn the tide for a moment, hitting a tornado DDT for a near fall but a springboard attempt had Joe catching him and deadlifting Solar into a German Suplex for another two count.

Solar looked to finish the match off with a Frankensteiner but Joe held on to the legs of Solar and dragged him to the middle of the ring, sitting down into a modified Boston Crab for the tap out victory.

Even in defeat Robbie Solar looked really impressive against the bigger and broader Joe Coffey. A lot revolved around Joe Coffey locking in the Boston Crab with Solar being able to escape until Coffey had to make a tweak to the move in order to get a proper hold of the smaller Solar. A really fine encounter.

Fiona Fraser defeated Bete Noire by submission.

Hometown girl Fiona Fraser turned her attention to the crowd to hype them up but it gave Bete Noire the chance to launch a sneak attack. Noire tried to slap on some wrestling holds but Fiona Fraser was able to counter, only to be met with a big forearm from Bete.

Fraser would have fleeting moments, including an arm DDT, but was soon punished for trying to showboat with the sheer power of a Noire clothesline. Fraser slid out of a Death Valley Driver attempt into an armbar but Noire got to the ropes. Thanks to some referee distraction Noire poked the eyes of Fraser and hit the Death Valley Driver but took too long to go up to the top rope, missing a double foot stomp and finding herself tied up into a cross armbreaker for the surprise win for Fiona Fraser.

It was quick and inoffensive, Fraser seemed tentative in the early going and there were some moments that didn’t look particularly pretty to watch. Nice hometown win though as Fraser focused any chance of an attack on the left arm of Noire that came back in the end for the finish.

Episode Four

Street Fight – SWA Heavyweight Championship vs Career – Mikey Whiplash defeated John “The Bomb” Graham by pinfall to retain.

Whiplash avoided any action in the early going before John The Bomb whipped Whiplash (say that ten times) into the ring and started stomping away at the champion. Whiplash tried to use his speed and agility to dive from the top rope but was caught with ease.

The match moved to the outside with John The Bomb slamming the face of Whiplash onto the apron several times, leading the crowd into a count. Whiplash found a moment to take advantage, mauling at John The Bomb and tying his leg up into the ropes to leave him vulnerable to kicks and a big leg drop with no way to avoid it.

Whiplash headed out for the wooden ring steps to drive the pressure on the chest of John The Bomb before picking up a steel chair to hammer the steps further into the ribs  John The Bomb countered an Irish Whip that saw the referee crushed, John The Bomb hoisted Whiplash up for a powerslam but with no referee there was no count.

A replacement referee appeared but it was too late with Whiplash kicking out to keep the match going. The match spilled back to the outside as the match went into darkness as they battered each other at the merch table. Whiplash hit John The Bomb with a chair and attempted a pinfall but couldn’t get the three count.

As the brawl continued, Whiplash dived off the stage onto a prone John The Bomb, who had a metal barrier on top of him for good measure. The barrier would be Whiplash’s downfall with John The Bomb backbody dropping Whiplash through a perched barrier to fold the metal around the body of Mikey Whiplash.

Another referee was knocked down from a ducked enziguri, John The Bomb hit a Bomb Driver but again there was no referee to count the pinfall in time. John The Bomb went for a powerbomb but was hit with a low blow and a couple chair shots but it couldn’t finish off John The Bomb. A frustrated Whiplash used the chair over and over again as the crowd willed John The Bomb on, with an almighty cheer for another kick out.

Whiplash brought in a ladder but missed the attempted elbow drop with John The Bomb powering up, hitting a shoulder barge and powerslam for a close two count. John The Bomb went for one final powerbomb but Whiplash slid out and rolled up John The Bomb, grabbing the tights for the tainted victory.

As Mikey Whiplash tried to smugly escape, Joe Coffey dragged Whiplash back to the ring for one final emphatic sit out powerbomb from John The Bomb.

John The Bomb thanked the crowd and endorsed Joe Coffey as the man to beat Mikey Whiplash for the SWA Heavyweight Championship, Coffey then dropped the SWA Heavyweight Championship to his feet and drew the line for Whiplash, who grabbed the belt and scuttled away.

It was quite the epic, mostly brawling but there was lots happening and the match built up and up to have the crowd jumping for every near fall and moment. Although the bad guy got the win, he didn’t get the last laugh by being driven into the mat to the delight of the screaming audience. It worked well in getting the crowd to fully support the next challenger to Whiplash’s title. An emotional bout towards the end.

Another two fine episodes of Full On, episode four had just the one match but it didn’t drag, even when it was plunged into darkness for a bit. Kirkwood and Mackle were able to keep things ticking over without it becoming awkward thanks to their banter.

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