Review: Scottish Wrestling Alliance & Zero1 Scotland ‘Full On’ Series One | Episodes Seven & Eight

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Should throw out a warning, I’ve just went that I’ll watch and review these shows – I don’t know who is on them until I actually watch them so there may be some wrestlers that are no longer around for one reason or another. I won’t labour the point but, as it says in our big important notice that we here don’t condone the actions of those accused, just that there may be mention of them at some point.

I’m back with the final two episodes of Scottish Wrestling Alliance and Zero1 Scotland’s Full On series one. There’s been plenty of fun matches, some not so fun and everything in between so let’s check out the final two episodes from the series.

Episode Seven

DB Mackle returned to the commentary desk, certainly a welcome return as Robbie Brookside was just so soft spoken for me that I couldn’t pay attention to his input into the match. Mackle is louder, brasher and bounces off Billy Kirkwood quite comfortably in terms of banter.

SWA Laird of the Ring Championship – Joe Coffey defeated Mark Haskins by pinfall to retain.

Both men were favourites with the crowd in the early going as they traded a wrist lock, grappling back and forth, seemingly evenly matched. Haskins was met by the brick wall of the broader Coffey, with Haskins have to hit a quick gut kick to get a brief advantage. Coffey dived through the ropes to an unsuspecting Haskins.

Haskins started the short cuts, using the referee to distract before aiming his attacks on the recently injured leg of Joe Coffey with laser focus, putting all his body weight on the right knee of Coffey.

Coffey fought back but was soon met with a dropkick to the knee with Haskins going right back to the right knee, using the ropes and a nasty spinning toehold to crank the pressure with Joe just making it to the ropes to break up the hold.

Coffey fired up, stumbling through a couple splashes into the corner before hoisting Haskins overhead with a belly to belly throw but his exuberance was his downfall with Haskins catching Coffey on the second rope, sweeping the leg to send Joe hitting the top turnbuckle on the shoulders and back of the neck to regain control. Locking in a Figure Four Leglock, using the ropes when the referee wasn’t looking to get some leverage.

Coffey went back to trying to lock in the Boston Crab, but catapulted Haskins into the corner before rolling Haskins through into another Boston Crab attempt but it was broken up by the ropes. Coffey went for it again but Haskins pushed Coffey into the referee. Coffey hit two Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells clotheslines to wrap it up.

A really good match, plenty of story which was clear and concise, and action to keep me entertained throughout. Definitely one of the best matches on Full On so far.

Mikey Whiplash defeated Dickie Divers by submission.

A non-title match closes this episode with Whiplash giving out to someone in the crowd by calling them a hag before Divers made his entrance.

Whiplash controlled the wrist of Divers in the early going, cranking on the joint and adding pressure to the shoulder. Divers ran up the ropes and dived down to whip Whiplash and escape the hold before sending Whiplash scurrying with a headscissor.

After the reset, Divers and Whiplash locked up to the ropes with Divers hitting a nice triangle dropkick while Whiplash stood on the apron. Whiplash found an opening, tripping Divers from a kick attempt sending Divers hard onto the edge of the apron. Whiplash pounced back onto the left shoulder, jamming it against the apron, turnbuckle and ring post to add the torture to the limb of Divers.

Divers got a moment of offense with a three level triple double axe handle for a two count but somehow Whiplash found the space to trap Divers’ arm over the top rope in a nasty triangle hold to get back on top.

Whiplash was methodical in his attack, picking new and inventive ways to pick apart the left arm of Divers. The crowd serenaded Whiplash with ‘Flower of Scotland’ which gave Divers enough time to dodge a top rope knee drop, before Divers could try the Thingymajig Driver, Whiplash was able to trap him in a crossface but couldn’t get Divers to submit.

The crowd once again distracted Whiplash which allowed Divers to aim a swift kick to the face and head to the top rope. Whiplash met him at the top but was knocked down, Divers hit an elbow drop but his pin was broken up with Whiplash slapping on a Rings of Saturn/Batista Bite unholy hold which lead to the tap out.

Another very enjoyable match, a super long beat down on Divers but it made his comebacks more exciting especially when it was a non-title match whereby you couldn’t write off Divers completely even with the impending showdown between Whiplash and Coffey teased in a previous instalment. The continued attack on the left arm leading to the finish was really good stuff.

Two really good matches, a great episode of Full On.

Episode Eight

And here we are, the final episode of the first series of Full On which has had plenty of highs and very few lows.

Eric Canyon & The Forgotten (Glen Dunbar & Alex Cavanagh) defeated The Celtic Arrow & Muay Tache (Adam Carrel & DCT) by pinfall.

A nice change of pace from the singles matches with some colourful characters. Arrow showed some great agility, bamboozling Glen Dunbar. Adam Carrel entered next to kick the head off Dunbar. DCT and Cavanagh squared off and we got some DCT shenanigans and tomfoolery to upset Cavanagh.

Canyon didn’t the find the funny side of DCT’s antics, taking down DCT before all three of his opponents took turns to dish out some punishment. DCT made the tag to Celtic Arrow who took down The Forgotten before overshooting a springboard moonsault. Dunbar hit a neckbreaker on Arrow before tagging out to Eric Canyon and the trio of bad lads took turns hitting leg drops on the masked wrestler.

Celtic Arrow fought off all three to tag in Carrel who went kicking before the match descended into chaos with all six men brawling inside and outside of the ring. Celtic Arrow hit a spot on 450 Splash but Canyon broke up the pin fall. Cavanagh ducked a Carrel kick that hit the referee in the head, DCT hit a DDT on Dunbar that looked to wrap it up. Jam O’Malley turned up in a referee shirt but stopped at a two count, low blowed DCT and allowed The Forgotten to double team DCT and pick up the win.

A lot of chaos that comes with multi man matches, bar the dorky overshot moonsault from Celtic Arrow he looked really impressive otherwise and that 450 Splash was tight and impactful. A fine showing from everyone involved.

SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Final – Wild Boar defeated Lewis Girvan by pinfall.

Lewis Girvan entered showing no intimidation against the savage beast of Wild Boar and took the fight straight to his opponent. Girvan wriggled out of an early Razorback Driller attempt and sent Boar out to the ring. Boar took his sweet time to reset and was rattled. He bid his time, dodged a springboard forearm and went onto the attack, ramming his shoulder into the ribs and stomach of Girvan in the corner. Throwing Girvan back to the outside for a further brawl.

Girvan kept fighting back but was caught in a snap belly to belly suplex for a two count. Boar kept the pressure on, kept Girvan grounded and physically dominated his opponent. The aggressive assault continued with a snap suplex before Boar started the work on the shoulders to round off the upper body punishment. Girvan stopped an Irish Whip into a bicycle kick that was good for a near fall, he went for a second but Boar hoisted Girvan up and powerbombed Girvan onto Boar’s own knee which looked so painful.

Boar went back onto the offense, attacking the upper body, mauling at Girvan and not giving him a second of peace. As Boar climbed the ropes, laying in the punches, Girvan dropped Boar into a tree of woe the jumped from the ropes on one side of the ring to the other with a dropkick for a close two count.

A Future Shock DDT attempt from Girvan was thwarted as Wild Boar dropped Girvan with the Razorback Driller only for Girvan to kick out. Boar tried to hit the Razorback Driller from the second rope but Girvan escaped, hitting a Future Shock DDT but it couldn’t keep Boar down. Another Razorback Driller from Wild Boar got another two count. Boar missed a diving headbutt as the two traded near falls before slugging back and forth with forearms and elbows.

Boar caught a running Lewis Girvan with one more Razorback Driller to finally get the three count.

After the match Wild Boar announced that his first defense of the SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship would be against Girvan in a rematch as he raised the arm of the runner up.

Everything was thrown into this one for a really great conclusion to the tournament and to the Full On series. The near falls had me on the edge of my seat with both men just going all out which really cemented the importance of the championship. Fantastic.

Two superb episodes to round off the first Full On series from Scottish Wrestling Alliance and Zero1 Scotland. Overall it was an easy watch with only some matches striking below par. The tournament matches were all solid to great plus seeing so many future stars of the likes of WWE, NXT UK, Japan among others really got to see a glimpse of future stars in professional wrestling. It was also great to see many names that are no longer wrestling like Andy Anderson, who looked to be a really solid hand in the ring. A worthwhile series to check out and enjoy.

I’ll be back soon to check out series two which is also available on the SWA YouTube channel.

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