SurvAYEvor Series | Registration Closed!

The Twitter poll madness is returning (because there’s no wrestling going on in Scotland) with SurvAYEvor Series. The concept of which will be a single elimination knock out tournament pitting Scottish wrestlers from all experiences to do all they can to get the public vote on Twitter to send them through to the next round. The number of entrants will be capped at 32/64 unless there’s a surge of interest and we can make it another 128 Wrestler Mega Tournament of Doom (TM).

Once we have an appropriate number of entrants a draw will be made on SWN Live! on Facebook to determine the first round matches and bracketology.

The manager rule will be confirmed closer to the time.

Entry qualifications:

  • A wrestling personality i.e. wrestler, trainee, referee, announcer, commentator
  • … that’s about it.

How to enter:

Entrants confirmed:

  1. Johnny Reaves
  2. Alex Cavanagh
  3. BIG Bennie
  4. Sean Martin
  5. Ian Skinner
  6. Judas Grey
  7. Marc Munro
  8. Bobby Roberts
  9. Alastor Adams
  10. Brodie Adler
  11. Jarek Nowak
  12. Craig Berry
  13. Jareth Duke
  14. Rayhne
  15. Daihlan Hendry
  16. Dawn Devlin
  17. Ryan Richards
  18. Fletch Cassidy
  19. Umar Mohammed
  20. Manlon
  21. Ewan O’Raw
  22. Stone Malone
  23. Bradley Poole
  24. Awesome Robb
  25. Sharky Fossil
  26. Derren J Blair
  27. Brent Carter
  28. Zack Leon
  29. Major Matt Wolfe
  30. Jason Hyde
  31. Mister Manoval
  32. Ken Kaiden

Good luck andΒ may the odds be ever in your favor!

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