Review: Source Wrestling ‘Mayhem 5’

It’s been a wee while since I sat down and watched a full proper Scottish wrestling show (outside of SWA’s Full On series, the second series will be watched and reviewed eventually), and Source Wrestling were kind enough to upload their final Mayhem event before the world ground to a halt. Govan is an incredible crowd, rowdy kids hyped up on sugary sweets and using all the naughty words they’ve heard their Uncle use. Their last event uploaded that hailed from Govan was a loud affair with them screaming and shouting throughout the whole two and a bit hours of action.

So here I am watching the Mayhem 5 event from February 28th 2020, just before everything shut down and my only other form of wrestling watching would be being a face on the WWE Thunderdome once a month and screenshotting every brief moment my bald head appeared on screen, hoping my laptop survives another day (#PrayForLaptop) and making sure I cheer the good guys and boo the baddies so that I don’t have to scramble to find the volume button and watch the rest of the show on the WWE Network which runs a minute behind the live feed.

Enough about WWE Thunderdome! I’m watching Source Wrestling Mayhem! The show marked the beginning of the Source Wrestling Tag Team Championship tournament, More Than Hype appearing among other matches for a stacked line up of action.

Kieran Kelly defeated Rob Mills by pinfall.

Kieran Kelly entered to Year 3000, the Busted version aka the proper version – not that Jonas Brothers monstrosity (don’t get me wrong, I can do a little Jonas Brothers on the playlist). He was taking on Rob Mills, who was starting to make regular appearances for Source Wrestling following his training and mainstay at Reckless Intent Wrestling. Two young guys with plenty to offer.

Kelly was the fan favourite early on, likely down to his appearances in Glasgow, he proceeded to floss his crotch with Rob’s custom made jacket to the delight of the crowd. Kelly brought the shenanigans and Fortnite dances, outsmarting Mills in the early going as he was serenaded with a “greasy hair” chant for his troubles.

Mills called for a time out following a rush of offense from Kieran Kelly, stopping the bout for a handshake (whilst crossing his fingers behind his back) to sucker Kelly into a trap and take over the action.

The two traded forearms, slugging at each other hard with a jumping neckbreaker from Kelly breaking the stalemate. After a quick jaunt to the outside, Mills returned the favour with a rolling neckbreaker that could only collect a two count. Kelly cracked Mills with a superkick as Mills wobbled, a Cutter ended it for the Kelly win.

Proper panto start to the show, which is never a bad thing, it warms up the crowd nicely for the rest of the event and these two delivered. I liked that Rob Mills complained of hair pulling at the start but used hair pulling to gain the advantage several times, subtle gittery (that’s not a word but I’m using it). Two wrestlers who are comfortable playing to the crowd, it was never not going to be good.

Six Pack Challenge – Brandon Adams defeated Scott McManus, Luke Matthews, Craig Anthony, Big Guns Joe and Zander McGuire by pinfall.

The 9 to 5 version as the entrance music for The Working Men’s Clubs Scott McManus is hilariously hokey and I’m all for it as he parades around in his hard hat. I may have misheard a “you’re a helmet” chant aimed at McManus but if I’m wrong, you can keep that one for free.

Zander entered last to the biggest reaction, the Govan lad had just recently reformed The Govan Team with Ravie Davie in Govan so he was the one the crowd were behind.

McManus started off risk assessing everyone, which the other competitors didn’t take too kindly too with him receiving several punches before being slammed. The match quickly broke down into a scramble – two brawled in the ring whilst the other four wrestlers were on the outside ramming faces into ring posts and tables.

Craig Anthony made McManus victim of Kancho (Google it if you dare) before carrying him into a back suplex that was nifty. Zander and Big Guns Joe had a little double team portion with Joe assisting Zander’s nip up attempt that saw Zander ram into Luke Matthews who had just returned to the ring to be sent back out quickly.

Like all teams in an every man for themselves environment, Joe and Zander were soon at odds trading shoulder blocks before turning their attention to the rampaging McManus. Who was then hoisted up by Joe (with absolutely no assistance from Zander, Anthony or Matthews) for a military press to send him crashing to the ground. Brandon Adams spoiled the party before finding himself sent to the outside and Craig Anthony diving over the top rope onto all five men huddled about.

Just as it looked like Zander had wrapped up the match with a big spine buster onto Craig Anthony, Adams returned to the ring and bundled Zander out and stole the pin.

Wild and chaotic, the least I’d expect from a match having all six competitors active at once. Big Guns Joe was excellent, I’d barely heard of Joe before watching this much less actually seen him wrestle but I loved the act – it’s a bit silly but he’s committed to it and that’s what’s needed to make any silly bit work. All six men got a moment to shine and have a chance of winning.

Source Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament – Quarter Final – KoE (Kai Williams-King & King Killa) defeated The Young Guns (Ethan Allen & Luke Jacobs) by pinfall to advance.

KoE have been around Source Wrestling for a while now, one of Source’s main teams and arguably the favourites to become Source Wrestling Tag Team Champions (who can forget they were/are the “Sourse Wrestling Tag Team Champions”), even if their actions aren’t the most crowd endearing. The Young Guns is a team I’m not familiar with at all but they came into the opening exchanges aggressively, quickly cutting off the KoE attack.

Williams-King and Killa had to dive into their back of tricks to get a short cut or two in to get on top as they cut the ring off with quick tags , bullying Ethan Allen. Allen was able to fight off KoE and tag in Jacobs who ran riot as the fresh man, powerslaming King Killa for a near fall. Allen was able to headscissor Killa into spearing Williams-King before The Young Guns threw lariats, kicks before Jacobs almost finished the match with a sit out powerbomb but it was another near fall.

A diving cutter from Killa to Allen, followed by a leaping knee strike from Williams-King to Jacobs looked to wrap it up but KoE weren’t finished, Williams-King went to get their whiteboard sign on the outside which distracted the referee to allow King Killa to low blow Allen for the tainted victory.

A really good match, was confused by the dynamic on the offset with The Young Guns being so aggressive in the early going I almost, and it will be shocking to admit, felt sorry and was swaying my support to KoE. KoE have gelled into a really well oiled machine, they’ve really stepped up when it’s came to interacting with the crowd during a match and like I said, I reckon are the favourites to win the tournament and become the inaugural Source Wrestling Tag Team Champions whenever the tournament continues.

Ravie Davie defeated Luke Aldridge by pinfall.

Govan’s answer to Hulk Hogan, except with a better hairline and y’know not being a wrong’un, entered to a wild ovation as he proceeded to record himself on his phone dodging Aldridge’s attempted sneak attack before then diving over the ropes in an incredible display of modern wrestling. This was a brawl before the bell that saw Aldridge counter a powerbomb to send Davie onto a table at ringside with a back body drop, not one of those wrestling tables but like, a Japanese table that is solid.

Once the bell sounded Aldridge smelled blood and concentrated on the back of Davie. Davie got in some uppercuts as the ring announcer requested the crowd not to throw things into the ring. Honestly, Davie (or David as Luke Aldridge referred to him as) is like a drug at these Govan shows, the kids love the lad.

Aldridge kept the pressure on but Davie got a Pele Kick in to get a little space. Davie hit the no hands Lionsault (Lisbon Lionsault? I dunno) for a two count before overshooting a follow up from the second turnbuckle that saw his head collide with the knees of Aldridge which could’ve been nasty.

Davie hit a quick short arm uppercut to snatch the win.

A finish out of nowhere but the crowd were buzzing for the win which is the important thing, even if the match itself wasn’t particularly pretty.

Xero defeated MATT DALY w/Scott McManus by submission.

MATT DALY entered with a Costa and ear defenders (would the kids call that a “mood”?) to the tune of 9 to 5. He was subject to a haunting rendition of “Bob The Builder” that was powered by Haribo and the flashing lights of Ravie Davie’s glasses that could be picked up at the merch stand.

DALY, after seemingly trying to call off the match, bopped Xero with the microphone before the bell then hit a Codebreaker right at the start to keep the Inhuman down. It only seems to anger Xero who scratched and clawed at DALY. Xero’s exuberance gave DALY chances to pick spots to get a dig in, keeping Xero down with slams and kicks to the midsection, taunting the crowd in the process. Who responded with “get yer tits out for the lads”.

Xero kicked out of a Russian Leg Sweep at one which seemed to energise Xero to fire back with a big clothesline and Sling Blade for a two count. A top rope cross body couldn’t seal it for Xero as he signaled that it was sleepy time for DALY, who escaped the sleeper hold with a jawbreaker and followed up with a snap powerslam and an inverted overdrive but it couldn’t keep Xero down. Scott McManus took advantage of a distraction from DALY to get a punch in but a second attempted distraction saw Xero duck a hard hat assault, spray red mist and lock in a sleeper hold for the tap out.

Easily this felt like the most polished I’ve seen Xero so far as he continues to get his character tweaked and across, it’s happening slowly and I’ve every confidence it will get there. The match was pretty good, MATT DALY is a really great foil.

McManus tried to attack Xero after the match but he was met by a charging Alexander Darwin MacAllan who cracked him with a peach of a big boot to send The Working Men’s Club scurrying. The accomplishment was short lived as he turned around into a big spear from Athena to set up the next match.

Griffin w/Athena defeated Alexander Darwin MacAllan by pinfall.

Once again the Govan crowd tainted their enthusiasm with a “she’s a man” chant to Athena, chill a little folks. The baldy chants to Griffin though are permitted. Griffin and ADM went back and forth, a big chokeslam turned the tide for ADM who had double arm suplexes on sale and was throwing Griffin around like it was going out of fashion. He hoisted Griffin up for a vertical suplex that literally had Griffin’s feet touching the roof before dropping Griffin’s neck onto his knee that looked sare.

Griffin tried a diamond dust but ate a big boot. Athena attempted to interfere but was goozled for a chokeslam to the eruption of the crowd, Rob Mills popped up to distract the referee as Griffin rammed a walking cane(?), an object into the back of ADM for the win.

Super heated match, the Govan crowd are merciless when it comes to Griffin and Athena. I’m already sold for an Athena versus ADM showdown in the future. Wasn’t a technical match by any stretch but a series of big impactful moves that the crowd were eating up, fantastic.

Source Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament – Quarter Final – More Than Hype (Darren Kearny & Nathan Martin) defeated The Fair City Saints (Steven ‘Air’ Myles & Alex Webb) by pinfall to advance.

The later into the show we go the more hyped the crowd becomes as the caffeine kicked in shouting “here we! here we! here we f*cking go!” whilst stamping and banging about. Bear in mind the average age of the crowd is probably 13… max.

More Than Hype seemed to get even more amped up with the crowd providing the crazy atmosphere. Kearny and Webb had a lovely exchange with Kearny being launched with a nice monkey flip to the tune of Carnival De Paris. Both teams got to show off their tandem moves with Myles and Webb doing their best to keep Darren Kearny in their corner, exchanging quick tags back and forth. Kearny rammed Webb into the MTH corner to get Nathan Martin in as More Than Hype took over for a portion.

Webb kept up with Martin and Kearny as they tried their best to take him down. Myles, as the de facto powerhouse started throwing in shoulder blocks as The Fair City Saints almost wrapped up the match with a launching back suplex neckbreaker combo. There was some impressive double teams from The Fair City Saints with a wheelbarrow into a Codebreaker that was cool. They tried it again but Kearny knocked Myles out of the ring as More Than Hype lifted Alex Webb up for an elevated double arm DDT to pick up the win to advance.

A highly enjoyable match, a lot of fun especially with the cavalcade of tag team moves. It can be difficult to do two seemingly fan favourite teams, the crowd were just hyped for the wrestling at this stage in the evening and were creating noise. Alex Webb was a stand out in this one, his movements were so crisp and he hung with the more experienced MTH very easily.

Oh and the evolution of the “here we!” chant to “let’s go! let’s go! let’s go f*cking psycho” was an interesting development.

Source Wrestling Championship – Grant McIvor defeated LJ Cleary by pinfall to retain.

McIvor avoided the lock up in the early going for a scattering of “chicken” chants before being caught with a punch to the face to send him scurrying, I mean, to regroup. Cleary dragged McIvor around ringside for the young team to dish out some smacks and chops before heading back to the ring.

A misstep saw Cleary stumble out of an float over to favour his left knee which McIvor pounced on. Trapping Cleary in a spinning toe hold and a half Boston Crab to inflict further punishment to the joint. McIvor returned with the, thing, that Griffin used earlier to take out ADM, but the referee grabbed the object to allow Cleary an opening but he couldn’t keep McIvor’s shoulders down.

An overhead fireman’s carry slam followed by a senton wasn’t enough for McIvor as the two continued to go back and forth. An errant superkick by Cleary knocked out the referee. McIvor attempted to grab the object but Cleary stood on it with the intention to use it himself only to be stopped by Griffin who was taking back his property with Athena and Rob Mills looking on. The distraction gave McIvor the chance to low blow Cleary and hit a Side Effect for the retention.

A super enjoyable and quick main event to the show. I really enjoy watching Grant McIvor (not in a creepy way), he makes this wrestling stuff look effortless as does LJ Cleary.

I’m very interested in where it’s all going with Griffin, Athena, and Rob Mills – and if McIvor is associated with them in any way at all, would tie quite nicely with ADM’s issues with the trio along with his quest to regain the Source Wrestling Championship. The Working Men’s Club continue to be a riot at Source Wrestling, hopefully we’ll see more of them as a team along with The Govan Team. Ravie Davie looks like a megastar when he enters. Big Guns Joe is a super entertaining act that fits in nicely at Source Wrestling so hopefully he appears more when the time comes.

KoE, and Xero are looking better and better each time I see them. The latter looks to be making subtle tweaks and I’m seeing the changes really establishing his character.

A really fun show overall, check out the show on YouTube which I’ve linked below. If you want a rowdy crowd and some fine wrestling action then this is a show for you to have a watch of.

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