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We caught with Scottish Wrestling breakout Sean Martin and asked him a few questions to get to know him a bit better. We hope you all enjoy!

Need to start with the obvious questions. What made you get into wrestling?

When I was younger I wasn’t that into wrestling, I only really started watching when I moved and my neighbors grandson loved it so I started getting into it, I fell out of it around the age of 10 and didn’t get back into it till I was 12, then everything sort of spiraled from there.

How did you find your early training? Any funny stories from that time?

Hard but I was surrounded by people that really helped me through it, honestly I can’t remember any fun stories from the early days as they were quite quiet, the one I will always remember is meeting Big Bennie. So Respect, up until lockdown, trained in a community centre that was also used for other things so every week we would build the ring (whoever was available that is). I was usually there the day before to help set up, so I walk in on the Sunday thinking that there was gonna be quite a few others there when Bobby Roberts tells me it’s just gonna be me and a guy that used to train at Source that day. Bennie walks in we introduce ourselves then we proceed to be put through the “7 minutes of hell” and immediately we both bonded over how gassed we were, then every time we had the opportunity we talked about our past training experience and our goals, everything else has been history (he can tell you so much about how Bobby owed him a KFC for years).

Tell us about your debut match. How did you feel on the day and what advice were you given?

Nervous, I’m a very introverted person so I got really anxious but that sort of subsided when people I looked up to told me to relax, guys like Robbie Wishart and ADM really helped.

So I was facing Glen Dunbar for my debut and his exact words were “it’s good you’re nervous, it shows you care” then his advice literally shaking my hand before he walked out was ” just don’t mess up” and he smiled and left.

Since you’ve debuted, have you been travelling to other companies? Any fun road stories??

I’ve helped a couple of companies set up before, not as many as I would have liked though. I have one good story that happened while working the camps back in 2019, I was in the car with Bobby and Rubi Roberts and it was a drive down to Dumfries, I think, and essentially we got lost and we had to push the show back by an hour or two because of this. We essentially had to take a detour that took us through a valley that gave us no signal so we couldn’t check a map or phone the ring van to see where they were, it was brutal.

Who were your main influences to get into wrestling?

William Regal, he’s probably the biggest influence on me, the man can do it all he makes everything look so real and puts so much conviction into his work that I fell in love.

Outside of wrestling, what can you tell us about yourself?

Not much to be honest, like I really don’t do much. I love photography, I started during the first lockdown and it just sort of stuck. I enjoy video games that has also been a constant in my life. Writing this makes me realise how boring me outside of wrestling is…

With wrestling currently on hold in Scotland. Has this changed your goals for the future?

Not at all, my goals have stayed and that’s wrestle just to wrestle, also get better gear cause I hate those bright green tights.

Do you have anyone you wish to face in the UK?

Matt Fox, Robbie Wishart, DCT, these are the ones I’m desperate for, really most people would be great.

We all love to do a bit of fantasy booking. Firstly can you name your top 5 non-UK wrestlers?

  • Vincent
  • Bateman
  • Suzuki
  • Tama Tonga
  • Joey Janela

Now can you put them into matches against current UK wrestlers?

  • I want to see Vincent with Rory Coyle, that would be amazing.
  • Bateman and Ian Skinner is a match I think would just hit different.
  • Suzuki and Big Bennie, not because it would be a good match but because I think Bennie would get battered and I would laugh, but Suzuki and literally anyone would be fantastic.
  • Tama Tonga, I honestly have no idea but give him a mic and he basically does wonders.
  • Joey Janela and Lou King Sharp, I wanna see those two because both are incredibly talented and creative in their use of objects.

Where can we find you on social media?

Seanmpw on Twitter, Instagram and Sean Martin Wrestler on Facebook. tiktok as well at seanmpw

We just want to take this moment to thank Sean again for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope to hear more amazing things from him in 2021!

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