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In this edition of “Let’s Talk About…” we got the chance to speak to a newcomer to the scene before lockdown began and graduate of the Source Wrestling School Colton Davis! We hope that you all enjoy the read and if you have enjoyed these interviews then let us know who else you would like to see us interview!

Now let’s get to the interview itself!

Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling?

It started out the same as most people, just watching it from a young age. It was often on in the background but it wasn’t until the Royal Rumble ’08 that I sat down and actually watched. In terms of training, I had no idea a Scottish wrestling scene existed, until a family member started training when I was around 10. I completely forgot about it then, when I was 15 I seen a post on Facebook for the Source Wrestling School, never looked back.

Tell us about your early training? Any fun stories?

I was very skinny when I started so it was pretty hard to get used to the intense training at first, but eventually I got to grips with it. I was just happy to be there, for the first few months, I was training 3 times a week. Loved every minute

Tell us about your first match? What happened that day? Any advice you received before you went through the curtain?

Thankfully, I only found out about my debut three days before, so I didn’t have very long to think about it and get worked up about it. I was more excited than nervous until I woke up on the day of… my hands were shaking and I didn’t think i was going to be able to do it. The nerves remained high until I stepped through the curtain, it just felt right. The anxiety and nerves just faded away into the background. Everyone at Source was very supportive of myself, and the other three lads who made their debut that night.

What can people expect from Colton Davies that haven’t seen you before? What is a Colton Davies make like?

A number of different things, there’s likely to be some high flying, throwing about of my opponent and some hard hitting strikes. Hopefully in 2021 I’ll get the chance to showcase it all a bit more than last year.

Outside of wrestling, any fun facts about yourself?

Away from wrestling, I’ve been involved in a number of different sporting activities like football – winning the British Cup with my school team as well as things like boxing, karate and even darts.

We love some fantasy booking here at SWD so firstly, tell us your top 5 non UK wrestlers?

  • Hardy Boyz (kinda cheating here)
  • The Fiend
  • Rhea Ripley
  • Jon Moxley
  • Dominik Dijakovic

Now can you set them up in matches against UK wrestlers?

  • The Fiend vs Xero: Specifically, a cinematic style match with this pair would be unbelievable together. Both are very talented (and creepy) so I can’t begin to imagine what things they could come up with.
  • Rhea Ripley vs Rayhne: Two similar styles again. This would be guaranteed to be a hard hitting and thoroughly entertaining bout.
  • Dominik Dijakovic vs ADM: Two big dudes that wrestle very different styles. I’d love to see Dijakovic flying about the ring and ADM dishing out piledrivers and brainbusters all over the place.
  • Jon Moxley vs Stevie Boy: One of the top guys in the US vs one of the top guys in the UK, no brainer really.
  • The Hardy Boyz vs KoE: Guaranteed to be a very entertaining match. One that everyone could enjoy.

Do you have any dream opponents for the future?

Any of the ones I mentioned above as well as guys like Chris Brookes and of course, Drew McIntyre.

We are in a time of lockdown, have your goals in wrestling changed for when we return?

The main goals have stayed the same, but for 2021 the goal is just to get back in the ring for now. Then when wrestling is back to normal(ish) I want to wrestle as much as possible for as many different promotions against as many different people as possible.

What advice would you give to a new come to wrestling?

Relax and enjoy it. Trust your coaches, be willing to learn and work hard.

Where can we find you on social media??

Twitter & Instagram @thecoltondavis

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