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Here we are for another edition of “Let’s Talk About…” and today we have another rising star within the Scottish scene, Rubi Roberts is a graduate of the Respect Pro Wrestling School and we hope you all enjoy what we chatted about!

On to the interview!

Start with the obvious, how did you get involved in wrestling??

I got into wrestling as a little girl, I was always a Tom Boy and grew up with a lot of brothers. We used to watch WWF/WWE every chance we got which was usually just Smackdown! on a Saturday morning on Sky. I always wanted to be a wrestler and grow up, to be like Chyna (at the time) she was this amazing strong women who didn’t need to be girly or act like she was any less than the guys and she was the first female wrestler I remember personally that was just a wrestler, not being filler or a diva just a wrestler. I wanted to do that and be that.

Tell us about your early training? Any fun stories?

Oh now there’s a lot, I originally started training at Source wrestling School in Govan in 2011, but due to a serious shoulder injury I had to stop training and had a three year recovery and rehabilitation before being able to train again. Which luckily for me in the mean time, my cousin Bobby Roberts had started Respect Pro by the time I was able to come back. I now belong to a wrestling school that feels like a family, which comes with parental figures and a whole lot of brothers. I do remember a few hilarious moments I’m always laughing at training, we train hard but we also have the best time. I once while on route to a show picked up a wrestling figure in the car thinking it was Stone Cold, being that we were in Bobby’s car, so without looking at it I confidently picked it up and declared to Bobby, “Austin is disappointed in you” the look of pure rage on Bobby’s face when he saw I was holding a Rock figurine was hilarious, but then he took the figure and threw it out of the moving car in disgust I laughed for a solid 20 minutes as did everyone else in the car good times.

Tell us about your first match? What happened that day? Any advice you received before you went through the curtain?

I was so nervous, but it was amazing there was this electric feeling in the air the entire everyone involved was buzzing myself, Sean Martin and Big Bennie made our official debut on the 27th of October 2019, I had the pleasure of wrestling the Sensational Scenebirds with my tag partner for the evening Stone Malone. The moment I burst through the curtain I knew I wanted to do this, exactly this for the rest of my life if I could. And none of it would have been possible with out the trainers at Respect Pro Wrestling, especially Bobby Roberts who pushes me to do my best every day.

What can people expect from Rubi Roberts that haven’t seen you before? What is a Rubi Roberts match like?

Rubi Roberts is a no nonsense smash mouth bad ass. A Rubi match is a non stop brawl to the end, when I step in that ring there’s one goal, win. They don’t call me ‘The Basic Bitch Slayer’ for nothing, and as soon as wrestling resumes everyone will see why.

Outside of wrestling, any fun facts about yourself?

Not sure if these are fun or not, but I have a massive love for games, I collect comic books and figures as well as being the biggest Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I also have a great love for classic Nintendo games to the point I have a super Mario tattoo.

We love some fantasy booking here at SWD so firstly, tell us your top 5 non UK wrestlers?

My top 5 wrestlers are a bit all over the place I’ll go with my top 5 female wrestlers to make it easier. I absolutely love Charlotte Flair, I love what Becky Lynch has been doing on WWE the last few years, I take a lot of inspiration from Awesome Kong I love her attitude and her wrestling style and Luna who’s persona just spoke to me for some reason. My favourite wrestler was Chyna, she was fantastic. She was taken seriously, was just like one of the guys and fought like a wrestler completely regardless of gender. She inspired me to be a wrestler I just wish I’d know about classes earlier in life.

Now can you set them up in matches against UK wrestlers?

For me personally I would love to see:

  • Charlotte vs Piper Niven
  • Becky vs Kay Lee Ray
  • Awesome Kong vs Jayla Dark vs Luna (triple threat)
  • Chyna vs Emily Hayden

Do you have any dream opponents for the future?

There is a very long list, but to name a few I would absolutely love the chance to get to wrestle Piper Niven/Viper I’ve followed her career from the beginning and it would be amazing if I were given that opportunity. I would also have loved the chance to wrestle Jayla Dark before she retired, Jayla has helped to train me over the last couple of years and has been a great teacher. Kay Lee Ray would be amazing as well, I remember watching her on a Fierce Females show during a hardcore match and just thinking she was excellent.

We are in a time of lockdown, have your goals in wrestling changed for when we return?

Yes and no, I had set myself certain goals in January 2020 to try and make working relationships with more promotions and train as much as possible. Unfortunately due to lock down we are a year down the line and I’ve had to try and adapt the plan to fit current circumstance. So now I am focusing on fitness at home, taking online seminars where possible with Lou King Sharp, who has organised online sessions on some of the less physical aspects of wrestling. I have been reaching out to promotions as well and was very pleased to be signed to Pro2 Championship Wrestling at the start of 2021.

What advice would you give to a new come to wrestling?

Keep going. It’s gets hard, but it’s worth it, if you really want to do wrestling do not let anyone or anything discourage you, only you can make yourself put the work in.

Where can we find you on social media

You can find me on the following

We just want to thank Rubi for taking part in the interview.

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