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In this edition of โ€œLetโ€™s Talk Aboutโ€ฆโ€ we got the chance to chat to Pro2 Championship Wrestling owner Logan Storm. A former wrestler in his own right, he has now turned his attention to create a new brand for Scottish Wrestling! We chat about Pro2, his wrestling career and much much more, we hope you enjoy!

Here is the interview!

Most people will know that you were a wrestler before you decided to open Pro2 Wrestling, what made you want to become a wrestler, what clicked for you to make those first steps?

Same thing that started most of the guys wrestling , watched World of Sport when I was wee , the WWF, fell away from it for a while when you go through the age of 10-16/17, watched a match at a friends house and it was Hardcore Holly versus Al Snow both were straddled on the top rope waffling each other with a frying pan, good ol’ JR yelling “by God he hit him with a Tefal”.

Pro2 was started last year during during a time when now shows where happening and youโ€™ve been very busy on social media making loads of announcements, what made you firstly make the decision to start Pro2? Also why start making these announcements during a time when there were no live shows?

A long time ago I was sitting with a friend of mine, another wrestler, and we had this idea to create a promotion that would help give trainees a platform to work off and give established talent a promotion to help bring the next gen on, which was originally committee based, now itโ€™s just me.

What can people expect from your shows?

Pro2 shows are family fun filled shows , with quality wrestling for fans, for talent we hope to be a safe, fun, learning environment.

Weโ€™ve seen the roster announcements and the belts, do you have anymore announcements set up for us? Or are you keeping some surprises for the first show?

Well when itโ€™s show day eventually, the guys you see on the poster are the talent you will see in ring, but we will have other talent backstage doing interviews and vignettes for the up coming YouTube channel.

Aside from all the Pro2 work youโ€™ve been doing, what have you been doing during Lockdown?

Well I work as an auxiliary nurse at the combined assessment unit at Ayr Hospital, have been there 20 years+.

Will we be seeing you lace up the boots for a match down the line in Pro2

Iโ€™ve always said Iโ€™ve one match left in me but sadly not for Pro2, for me Kilmarnock Grand Hall will always be my Madison Square Garden and that venue is ran by Graham McKay, owner of BCW, maybe one day Rage N Storm will do one last match, who knows.

We love some fantasy booking here, So what weโ€™d to know is what would be the ideal six man tag for you? Who would your partners be? opponents, venue, stipulation, whatever, what would the ideal Logan Storm six man tag be?

Easy one Rage N Storm with Rob Cage vs Original Fight Club and Andy Wild at BCW in the Grand Hall and it would be an elimination match with Andy versus Rob to finish it off.

What advice can you give to anyone who may be thinking of starting out in wrestling once Lockdown is over?

There is some of the best training schools in the UK right here in Scotland:

  • Pro Wrestling Scotland (TJ Rage)
  • Pro Wrestling Innovation (Kreiger)
  • GPWA (Jack Jester & Red Lightning)
  • FPWA (Andy Wild)
  • Respect Pro (Bobby Roberts)
  • Wrestlezone ( Scotty Swift)
  • W3L (Mike Musso)

So there are loads to choose from all offering excellent programmes, I made a mistake when I wrestled and quit training, instead I should have continued to attend and keep the practice up also allows you to see the talent coming through.

To anyone who may interested in coming to see Pro2 but are still unsure, what message would you like to give them?

Working within local authorities, NHS, I will have all the info to provide a safe crowd, but also we hope to bring you the fans some great matches and hopefully get some stars of the future in your local area.

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on: FB โ€“ @LoganStormFanPage or @Pro2ChampionshipWrestling and @camfind13 on Twitter.

We just want to take this moment to say thank you to Logan Storm and we cannot wait to see the beginnings of Pro2 and see them grow as a company!

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