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In this edition of “Let’s Talk About…” I got the chance to speak to one of Scotland finest tag teams, King Killa and Kai Williams-King, collectively known as KoE, I chat to them about being both brothers and a tag team, what KoE actually stands for and a story that once I read it, couldn’t believe it but I didn’t question it, so I’ll let all of you decide whether it’s real or not (if it is… wow).

Here’s the interview folks!

Did you guys start in wrestling together or did one of you start first?

We began training together but Killa took about a year off to focus on his physique and be better prepared for training. Kai then debuted about a year before Killa had his first singles match. Two months later we were teaming.

You guys aren’t just tag partners, you’re brothers as well, do you feel that being brothers has helped you guys as a team?

Yes definitely, we have the same outlook on life and wrestling. It makes it easier to be on the same page most of the time. We are also brutally honest with each other which helps us improve.

Tell us about your first match as a team? What was it like, how did you both feel about it, and what was your families reaction to seeing you both in the ring together?

It was the main event of a closed door show for promoters around Scotland, a triple threat against The Govan Team and The Underdogs. The match went well and our natural chemistry in the ring was clear and that’s when we decided to go all in with tag wrestling. Our Mum and Granny don’t have a clue about wrestling but always enjoy coming to watch us anyway.

When you both were training, did you imagine you’d become a tag team, was it your own goal to become a team?

Initially we wanted to establish ourselves as singles guys first, which is also the reason for having only a minor connection in our ring names. But after teaming in training and our first match we decided it worked well and there was real potential in tag wrestling, especially as brothers.

What can people expect from a KoE match? For anyone who may have not seen you guys before, what can you tell them?

Just us being absolutely unbelievable in the ring and entertaining AF. Finest team around.

We love some fantasy booking here so what I would like to know is who is the dream team you want to face, what venue, stipulation would you want added into that, tell us the dream KoE match?

Two out of three falls against The Usos in WWE would be the dream match. Also The Young Bucks in AEW and G.O.D in NJPW would be great.

What does KoE stand for? As a team does the name have any significance to you guys?

KoE stands Kreators of Endless enjoyment. It has ultimate significance to us.

Outside of wrestling, what can you tell us about KoE? Any fun stories from growing up?

Kai has never lost a game of Trivial Pursuit or Yahtzee and Killa can perfectly balance on one hand for over 10 minutes.

One funny story growing up was the time we accidentally bought a tiger and had it delivered to the house. Killa was a big tiger lover so Kai decided that for his 18th birthday that they would adopt a tiger, or at least that was the plan. Basically we went on some random website that offered a lifetime of monthly tiger-related freebies every month once we adopted it. We thought that was good value for money. Anyway, Kai paid the biggest chunk as it was Killa’s birthday and it totaled about £800. We did think it was a bit expensive for an adoption but went for it anyway.

About two months later a big trailer arrived at the house (we thought it was a big ass freebie) and we signed some papers without checking what we were signing. About 5 men get out and using sticks, food and chains pulled a fully-grown out the trailer and asked where to leave him. It was carnage, he wrecked our fence. We tried to explain we hadn’t bought a tiger and there was some sort of mistake but they said their job was to deliver it and there was no way to take it back overseas (still have no clue where it came from). So they tied him to the pillar on our driveway and left. It caused some issues with the neighbours and literally about ten minutes later the police and fire brigade (don’t know why) arrived. Kai gets handcuffed and sat on our garden wall (it technically isn’t legal to buy a tiger in the UK) as the police make phone calls trying to figure out what to do.

About an hour later and the RSPCA, representatives from Edinburgh Zoo, armed police and animal control have also arrived and its just absolute chaos as technically the tiger doesn’t have a home. Long story short, we explained to the police what happened and some new trailer picked the animal up, everyone left and we’ve never seen the tiger again. No charges but we were £800 out of pocket. Plus side is we still receive our freebies to this day.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start out in the wrestling business? or maybe to any teams as well?

Our advice to anyone starting out is to try and take inspiration from your interests outside of wrestling to develop your wrestling personality and be confident in your own abilities but always be prepared to listen and learn. Our advice to tag teams is just don’t, you’ll never be as good as us.

10. Where can we find you on social media?

You can find us on Instagram and Twitter @Knockyouout_KoE.

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