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To some, International Women’s Day just seems like another one of those made up days from the Internet much like steak and blowjob day.

All laughs aside, this is a great to remember, reflect and celebrate on the achievements of the powerful women we idolise. It doesn’t matter if it is your mum, your friend or a popstar, there are so many great women that deserve to be celebrated and share inspiration today.

Growing up my first two favourite artists were Pink and Hayley Williams. Hearing their songs wasn’t the same as listening to the usual pop music, it was more like having a connection to the words they were signing. Having powerful TV personalities like Mariska Hargitay tackle difficult topics was inspiring and often opened communication in my household.

When it comes to wrestling however, a lot of the women fans have idolised are treated as a joke. We all know wrestling has progressed in the matter of years but that doesn’t stop us all from having our favourites.

The one woman hammer was unfortunately was several years before her time but that didn’t stop her from causing a storm and creating success for herself. Championship reigns, constant fueds producing must see matches, battling between men and women. She was a must see athlete and although she would get more credit nowadays, it didn’t stop her stealing the spotlight in her day.

Her real life issues were made into a storyline to line the pockets of the bosses. Imagine your relationship being blasted on TV every Monday night for people to cheer or boo you. It is not an easy feat at all but somehow Lita still managed to be the star she was. I think we can all agree the aftermath of her retirement match was disgraceful and she deserved so much better. Regardless, she will always have a place in our hearts for being the red head daredevil who was the coolest wrestler on screen.

When you think of legends in WWE you think to Beth Phoenix, Trish Stratus, Mickie James and the like. The one who has been predominately left off that list for several years is Natalya. Coming from a superstar family who is well known throughout the universe, Nattie has still had to fight her way up to prove she is the great wrestler she is. Consistently providing top entertainment in a 5 minute match against several names to being the unspoken leader of her team during the many ten women tag matches is one of the many reasons she is an inspiration. She is a legend still performing today, you have to give her that respect atleast.

Nikki Bella
I can picture it now, the multiple upset fans quoting “she wasn’t a wrestler she was a diva”. Being the top dog of the divas era doesn’t mean much to many fans nowadays but Nikki Bella constantly gets overlooked for being the athlete she was. Yes she had the revealing top and the little twirl entrance, that doesn’t take away from what a good perfromer she was. She was the Bayley to fans over 10 years ago and I will happily die on this hill of supporting my favourite diva.

Today is a day to look back and be inspired by women. From women’s revolutions to social media movements, the world is continuously evolving and hopefully for the better.

No more are the women, who have risked their bodies, their mindset, or even their life, being looked down as inferior or even just completely overlooked.

They’ve stood up and make you take notice so now is the time to pay attention and be inspired.

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