Kay Lee Ray – The Queen of NXT UK

By Louise Westie

One of the most dominant, the fiercest, most hardcore women’s wrestlers in the UK right now is the NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray and on August 31st 2019, Kay Lee Ray became the third WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion, after defeating the NXT UK Women’s Champion at that time Toni Storm at WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff -and has been champion for 551+ days and counting. Kay Lee Ray has recently defeated Joshi legend Meiko Satomura.

This is a look at the Forever Champion’s reign so far.

Kay Lee Ray made her NXT UK debut on February 22nd 2019, against Candy Floss and defeated her in 2 minutes 19 seconds. She has since competed in a grand total of 21 matches and has not been pinned or defeated at all since joining the NXT UK Woman’s roster.

Her wins have included; Meiko Satomura, Jinny, Candy Floss, Isla Dawn, Xia Li, Kasey Owens, Shax, Tegan Nox, Xia Brookside, Piper Niven, Dani Luna. She even defeated Candy Floss, Isla Dawn, Jazzy Gabert, Jinny, Kanji, Killer Kelly, Nina Samuels, Piper Niven, Rhea Ripley, Rhio, and Xia Brookside to become the WWE NXT UK Women’s Championship number one contender in a battle royal.

Meiko Satomura

After one of her latest wins against Jinny, Kay Lee Ray went to Johnny Saint and asked for the best of the best and she was given exactly that when it was announced that Meiko Satomura, would face Kay Lee Ray in the coming weeks. On the 4th of March 2021, Kay Lee Ray defeated Satomura to retain her title in a 17 minute all out war.

Toni Storm

The first match that these two ever had face to face, one on one was for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, a title that Kay Lee Ray won, ending Toni’s 231-day reign as champion.

At WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, on January 12th, Kay Lee Ray would retain her title in a triple threat against both Toni Storm and Piper Niven. But that would not be the end of the feud with both women.

On January 18th 2020, Kay Lee Ray and Toni faced off one final time in an “I Quit” match, where not only did Kay Lee Ray retain her title, but she tapped out Toni forcing her to say ‘I quit’.

Photo credit World Wrestling Entertainment

Piper Niven

These two have a history that goes way back to 2012, as they have wrestled each other up and down the country and are best friends outside of the ring, they know each other inside and out.

Be sure to check out their wrestling history on Cagematch.net for more information.

This was not the first time that Kay Lee and Piper have faced off in matches of such high calibre. In ICW, both women faced off in a brutal Queen of Insanity match that lasted 15 minutes and 13 seconds, with Viper’s ICW Women’s World Championship, along with the title of Queen of Insanity on the line. Kay Lee Ray walked away with both that very night – a title that Viper previously held.

Both women had had two singles matches (both of which Kay Lee Ray has won. The first being at WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II for the title and the second being a falls count anywhere match which lasted 15 minutes.

Potential Future Matches

Photo credit World Wrestling Entertainment

In terms of wrestling women from other promotions across the pond, here is a selection of protentional and fantasy booking matches.

However due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these potential matches have been put on hold for the foreseeable. So here is a list of potential match ups for the Khaleesi of NXT UK should her reign continue.

Sasha Banks

On social media, there is one match in particular that a lot of wrestling fans had their eyes on – Kay Lee Ray versus the current reigning and defending WWE Smackdown Woman’s Champion Sasha “The Boss” Banks. Sasha has been the Smackdown Woman’s champion for 113+ days now, ever since defeating Bayley at WWE Hell in A Cell 2020.

Both women badly want this match to happen and if you’ve been on social media, you’ll have seen both women drop subtle little hints at each other, so who knows.

Sasha Banks is also a former CW (Chaotic Wrestling) woman’s champion, a IWE Woman’s Champion, a former WWE NXT Woman’s Champion, a former WWE Raw Woman’s Champion, a former WWE Woman’s Tag Team Champion.

Charlotte Flair

The Queen vs The Queen of Insanity would be an amazing match up as well. Charlotte Flair is a former the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion with tag team partner Asuka, since her return at WWE TLC 2020, defeating the reigning tag team champions at that time, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler.

The NXT UK title is also the only title that I think is the only title that Charlotte Flair has never won in the WWE Universe. As Charlotte Flair is a former WWE Diva’s Champion, a 2x WWE NXT Woman’s Champion, a 4x WWE Raw Women’s Champion, a 5x WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion, and is a WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Becky Lynch

This would also be considered an ideal match up “The Man” Becky Lynch is currently on maternity leave, but should she ever return to in ring wrestling action, this could be a big money match like the rest of the possible contenders on this article.

Becky Lynch is also a bad ass in the ring and is no stranger to pain and hardcore after getting her nose broken caused by Nia Jax when Smackdown women’s division invaded Monday Night Raw and could very easily match Kay Lee Ray shot for shot. These two have also never ever had a match against each other in their careers, so it could be very interesting to see how these two go if they should ever square off.


Bayley is a former 2x WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion with a reign that lasted 380 days, having defeated Charlotte Flair for the title and losing her championship title to former best friend and tag team partner Sasha Banks at WWE Hell In A Cell 2020.

She is also a former: WWE NXT Women’s Champion, a WWE Raw Women’s Champion, a 2x WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion, and a 2x WWE Woman’s Tag Team Champion.

These two have also never ever had a match in their careers.


Since Summerslam 2020, Asuka has been the 2x WWE RAW Women’s Champion for 151 days+ and is also a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Charlotte Flair since WWE TLC 2020 defeating Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, whom they have since lost the belts too.

Rhea Ripley

These two have never ever had a single match one on one and have only had tag team matches.

The last time that these two had a tag team match was 24th January at the start of 2020 and it was Mia Yim and Rhea Ripley who defeated Bianca Belair and Kay Lee Ray during their time at NXT.
With Ripley on her way to Monday Night Raw on the horizon and a stint at NXT under her belt, could there be chance of these two possibly locking heads in the future?

Alexa Bliss

Now this is an interesting one to write, as Alexa Bliss/Sister Abigail “Harley Quinn” type character that’s going on as her and Bray Wyatt/The Fiend and would be a good match if Kay Lee Ray and Stevie Boy ever tagged against them – this is something that I could potentially see happening.

Kay Lee Ray and Alexa Bliss have also never ever had a single match one on one, but can the Queen of NXT UK deal with Alexa Bliss/Sister Abigail if she let her in?!

Nikki Cross

Last, but certainly not least is the latest. These two have not had a match together in five years, since then-ICW Women’s Champion Carmel defeated Kay Lee Ray, Nikki Storm, and Sammi Jayne in a title match at ICW’s ‘Hey Look! It’s That Mad Wrestling Thing Aff The Telly Tour – Why Aye Man!’ show in Newcastle.

A lot has happened since then and since Nikki Storm is now in WWE under the name Nikki Cross and currently has had her hands full with best friend Alexa Bliss.

Photo credit World Wrestling Entertainment

Potential Match Ups

Personally, I can see all of these contenders above in matches against each either in triple threats, street fights and champion vs champion etc. If you put all these women I have mentioned in a wrestling ring to determine who’d be the best, it would be impossible to determine a clear winner.

The Future in NXT UK

Now unfortunately, due to circumstances out of WWE and Kay Lee Ray’s control i.e. the COVID-19 pandemic, the rumours through the wrestling grapevine that I saw was that had things been different, Kay Lee Ray would have probably made her debut at last year’s WWE Royal Rumble (something a lot of wrestling fans were hoping for) but never say never in the future as I am 100% confident that will one day happen, when things do eventually get back to “normal”.

Kay Lee Ray has dominated almost every female opponent on the NXT UK roster apart from Nina Samuels, Amale, Aoife Valkyrie, Dani Luna and Millie McKenzie (whom is one of the latest signings to come out of the WWE PC, and has yet to make her debut).

So, the big questions are: what does the future hold for the NXT UK Women’s champion and who is next on the Queen’s list and will step up next to challenge our Forever Champion?

Photo credit World Wrestling Entertainment

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