Audio: Hitting The Headlines | Season Finale

We’ve teamed up with Scottish-born wrestler Kirk Cooper, who plies his wrestling trade in Northern Ireland, providing his Hitting The Headlines podcast to our line up. He’ll tackle the news in the world of pro wrestling plus bring you the latest in Northern Irish wrestling with guests, interviews, and a plethora of rambling for your ears.

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…and boy did we bow out with a bang!

What started as a WrestleMania review with “Diamond” Craig Dalziel and Eli Fox (+ Enzo DiSanto for a wee while) turned into a breaking news reaction pod as WWE released several superstars mid-record.

On top of that, Paul London left us some voice notes and had some very nice things to say about Northern Irish wrestling to boot.

And then, Billy off Scottish Wrestling Network showed up to give us the results of our quest for “300 Listens by WrestleMania”. Are we getting that second season on @ScotWresNet? #HearAllAboutIt

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