Future Shock: Alex Kavero

By Tom Humphreys

Photo credits: Matt Dalton

Welcome back to another edition of Future Shock, where we analyse the biggest up and coming Scottish Wrestling talent and let you know why they’re going to takeover! Their potential will shock you!

Today, pack a wee suitcase because we’re taking a slight detour down south. Many great talent from across the border tend to come up and test their wrestling metal, and a hell of a lot of them tend to succeed from sheer skill alone! However, like in any combat sport, pure brutality is also a very effective way to win a fight. I would cover up as today we’re taking a deep dive into “The Nightmare”, Alex Kavero.

Being a big, tattooed thug, Kavero not only has the size and strength advantage over many athletes he devours in the ring, but he also has incredible technical prowess and is trained in many martial arts disciplines, such as MMA, since he was 18, on top of boxing, BJJ, greco and amateur wrestling along with Muay Thai. I wouldn’t blame you if you saw him across the ring, high tailed it to the back, grabbed your suitcase, and went home!

He can throw you for miles, snap you like a glowstick, and put you to sleep, and hardly break a sweat. He’s nicknamed “The Nightmare” for a reason.

Photo credits: Matt Dalton

Having a very well accredited career since 2015, he has won the MEW and EPW tag team titles alongside having matches against many incredible opponents such as former WCPW World Champion and NXT UK superstar Joseph Conners, current NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion and former TNA World Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis, he also had the task of taking on Sabu of all people in his home town! He is no stranger to elite level competition, showing he can more than hold his own against top talent. As well as his opponents, his CV is filled with many amazing companies under his belt too, such as ICW, MEW, Target Wrestling, as well as many other promotions that have “The Nightmare” named on their roster.

Photo credits: Matt Dalton

In the words of Metallica, sleep with one eye open, as Kavero comes up to Carlisle for the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Tournament, being scheduled to take on Theo Doros in the first round, and I for one, could see him winning the entire thing, with no flash or fun, just physical violence.

Make sure you get yourself to Carlisle on the 27th June, for a night of great packed action in the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Tournament and many more matches!

Graphic credits: Target Wrestling

I would say sweet dreams, but you’re not getting any if you see Kavero in action.

If you want to keep up with Kavero’s socials, you can do so here:

What did you think? Do you see the same potential? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @tom_humph75.

Thanks for reading!

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