Hot Take: The Foundation Of The Future Will Implode In 2022

Foundation Of The Future, Zach Dynamite, Bruiser Brad Evans, Ryan Riley
Photo credit Brian Battensby Photography

Yes, there’s more that could be done with Zach Dynamite, Ryan Riley, and Bruiser Brad Evans as a trio, but hear me out.

Big, bad, and beefy Bruiser Brad Evans has been confirmed as Damien‘s Undisputed Championship challenger for WrestleZone’s return event on 9 October, Halloween Hijinx. You know, the same title that Zach Dynamite was surely on the verge of capturing himself before the world reached the game over screen. He was a favourite to win the Regal Rumble match, a match that the then-Bradley Evans was scheduled to enter at the lucrative number twenty-five position, thus also making him a favourite to win the thing.

Damien vs. Bruiser Brad Evans

That in itself is the sort of tease a WrestleZone uber-fan has come to expect from these big, drawn-out stories that myself and Billy look way too far in to. Evans being deemed Damien’s challenger for the first show back, having been an official roster member for four years (technically three because 2020 doesn’t count), likely has nothing to do with Dynamite only just being recognised as a potential Undisputed Champion. In his ten years (again, technically nine), Zach has yet to be featured in an actual Undisputed Championship story arc, instead having random title opportunities here and there. He’s had four chances at the title in total, two of those coming in singles matches; once vs. Johnny Lions and the other vs. Damien. Typically, he’s seen as the guy who has good matches and has a decent flying knee.

This is what makes Halloween Hijinx such an important event.

While Evans will be in the coveted main event spotย and challenging for the Undisputed Championship, Zach Dynamite has been swept aside, being part of the annual Halloween Brawl alongside Mikkey Vago and Caleb Valhalla. While these Halloween Brawls are traditionally a laugh, it’s not quite what Dynamite in theory would have wanted for his first match back in almost two years. To this, you could even add in that Chris Archer, one of the Foundation of the Future’s rivals pre-COVID, is straight in the Tri-Counties Championship picture, challenging Alan Sterling for the title on 9 October, while Dynamite is left without a marquee opportunity.

Now, let’s say Damien’s record-shattering (as of writing and yes, COVID days count) 906-day reign as Undisputed Champion ends. Bruiser Brad Evans is the new champion, and for the sake of this article, say Dynamite loses the Halloween Brawl to Caleb Valhalla (Ryan Riley can lose, too, why not). The night ends with a Foundation of the Future celebration a la Sterling Oil at the 2017 Aberdeen Anarchy (what a show, by the way) with Evans in the middle, flanked by Dynamite and Riley, with the former feigning his joy for the ‘Mad Dog’. It’s all going well for the trio, just not in the same vein as imagined by Zach Dynamite.

It then causes some issues within the group, as Bruiser Brad would surely thrive in the role, having a few decent matches here and there (vs. Andy Wild, for example, for the beef alone), leaving Zach Dynamite seething. Every time the duo has been aligned, it’s always been about Zach Dynamite. He’s essentially been the Shawn Michaels to Evans’ Diesel, and it’s worked because Dynamite is this snarky bad guy, having Evans, this big hoss, backing him up.

From there, the group dissolves. Zach Dynamite loses it, maybe even walks out tag team match so he and Ryan lose to, I dunno, Los Cystos (the inhumanity!), and eventually turns on Brad, ideally clobbering him with the same forearm he did at Summerhill Showdown 2018. The Aberdeen Anarchy story is then set, Dynamite wins the 2022 Regal Rumble, faces Brad for the title over Aberdeen Anarchy weekend (the second night, if the two-night situation is still going ahead), and finally lifts the title that has alluded him his entire career.

On one hand, aw man, no more Foundation of the Future. On the other, though, Zach Dynamite finally reaches the pinnacle, Bruiser Brad Evans is established as a top guy of WrestleZone, and Ryan Riley can do something. Maybe he can watch a movie or something in the background, plenty to choose from that he’s yet to see.

A quick disclaimer to end things; as always, none of this is likely to happen, I spend way too much time overanalysing WrestleZone. If someone looks at someone else in a funny way, I immediately jump to the conclusion that they’re about to embark on this four-year saga that will culminate at Aberdeen Anarchy 2025.

Halloween Hijinx goes down on Saturday, 9 October at Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel. The event is sold out (!), with doors opening at 6pm for VIP and 6:30 for everyone else. The announced card, as it currently stands:

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Damien (c) vs. Bruiser Brad Evans
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championshipย – Alan Sterling (c) vs. Chris Archer
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Crusher Craib & Connor Molloy (c) vs. Umar Mohammed & Ted O’Keefe
Halloween Brawl – Triple Threat – Zach Dynamite vs. Mikkey Vago vs. Caleb Valhalla
Lumberjack Match – Len Ironside as Special Guest Referee – Shawn Johnson vs. Bryan Tucker
Scotty Swift, Mr P & Evan Young vs. Blue Thunder, William Sterling & Ryan Riley

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