Five Future WrestleZone Champions

So… having just been to my first WrestleZone show in 4 years, it got me thinking. On the show there were several names that I had never seen before and many that I just hadn’t seen in a long time. I decided to put together a list of wrestlers that I believe have a WrestleZone Championship reign in their future. Some of these may just be wishful thinking… but we’ll see shall we?

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Zach Dynamite

Yes… I know, this is potentially the most obvious choice here. If I was to put money on who the next WrestleZone Champion would be, it would be Dynamite. Currently the leader of the Foundation of the Future, Dynamite has cemented himself as a serious competitor and very likely to be in the title picture sooner rather than later. Zach isn’t a stranger to gold though, being a two time Tri-Counties Champion with a combined reign of 168 days. You can definitely see Damien vs Dynamite coming in the near future (Anarchy 2022?) however that remains to be seen!

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Connor Molloy

Now we’re talking about less established names in WrestleZone. Connor Molloy, formerly Inglis is currently one half of the WrestleZone Tag Team Champions with Crusher Craib. Having now seen Connor live, I can confirm that the hype is real. His look is great, he carries himself with a lot of confidence and can do all the flips! If that’s not enough to get you on board then I’m sorry to tell you this… but you’re wrong. I see very big things for Connor in the future and can see him branching out of the North-East and becoming a bigger name in the UK. With that said, I still hope he is around long enough to establish himself as the top guy and grab the WrestleZone title. Personally, I would love to see him win the title against the likes of Craib who would really make him seem like the underdog.

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Aspen Faith

Right I know, just stick with me on this one. I know what you’re thinking; “Of course Kyle has mentioned Aspen in an article” and you would be right. This one is more wishful thinking than a logical guess, however there are some interesting ideas behind this. Aspen is arguably one of the biggest modern names to come out of Aberdeen wrestling, having won titles across Scotland. Aspen is a two time WrestleZone Tag and Tri-Counties Champion, respectively. Now wouldn’t it be nice for Aspen to make a return to WrestleZone and complete the grand slam? Yes. Yes it would. Myself, Mark Leslie and Billy Strachan (the Aspen Faith Fan Club) have been begging for a Main Event run from Aspen for the longest time and it would be even sweeter if it came off the back of a Regal Rumble win (isn’t that right Billy)? 

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Bruiser Brad Evans

Second member of the Foundation of the Future joins the list and this time it’s the unhinged, Bruiser Brad Evans. Anyone who has seen the remarkable change in Brad’s physique will see why he is on the list. Over the last year we have seen Brad go from just another academy graduate to a genuine threat to names at the top of the card! At Halloween Hijinx, Brad had his first go at the WrestleZone Title where he came very close to getting the better of Damien. Calling back to the first entry on this list, if Dynamite was to pick up the title, I could see Brad and Dynamite going into a lengthy feud. The story writes itself with a mixture of jealousy and Brad’s desire to climb to the top will lead to some dissension in the ranks. After seeing Brad in a big match, I don’t think he is far away from being a top guy and can see him grabbing the belt in the next few years. 

Photo credit Brianbat Photography

Ryan Riley

The FOTF trifecta! Now this last spot was difficult to fill as there was a few options, however Riley is something special. Anyone who has interacted with Ryan knows how much of a great guy he is and how genuine he comes across. This leads to a real feeling of pride from the fans seeing him succeed. Now I’m not saying that I expect Ryan to win the title next week… however if he keeps progressing at his current rate, he will be a top guy in no time. His current gimmick as the inspirational one is top tier and will get him far. In the ring, Riley is very talented and comes across as a legitimate threat. This makes me want to see more of his matches and for him to get his teeth stuck into a proper feud. As with most of these picks, this is one for the future… (if you’ll pardon the pun)… I, for one, expect big things from Ryan and fully expect him to end up with a title at some point soon.

Do you agree? Are there any other people on the WrestleZone roster that you feel will be a future champion? Let me know, and feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

To find out more about my thoughts on WrestleZone and their recent return, check out the K&K Wrestle Factory Podcast.

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