Full Results: Community Pro Wrestling ‘Live In Govan’ (Oct 29th 2021)

The following results are from Community Pro Wrestling’s event at the Fairfield Club in Govan on October 29th, 2021:

Thatcher Wright with his Close Protection Officer Eli Bullwark, along with his Cabinet, Ian Skinner and Charles Vyce entered to announce that Thatcher had invested in the Fairfield Club, and he is the reason for the recent renovations. He paid off the club to pay Ravie Davie as he knows how much he is loved by the people of Govan. He then demanded his money back from Ravie Davie unless he was allowed to run half of the show, because he knows Ravie Davie would run the new company into the ground. Ravie Davie reluctantly accepted this, as he wanted the show to go ahead, and not disappoint the sold out debut show.

Thatcher announced that The Cabinet are now in the main event for the UCW Tag Team Championships.

Ravie Davie revealed that the contract with the venue is worded such that the owner must wrestle on the show, and as co-owner, Thatcher better get his gear ready as he is now wrestling tonight!

Leyton Buzzard defeated Levi by pinfall.

Anastasia defeated Ellie Armstrong by pinfall.

Big Ross Hauser’s challenge is answered by SpiderBam, who is revealed to be Govan’s own debuting Steg Barnett.

Terminator Open Challenge – Big Ross Hauser defeated Steg Barnett by pinfall.

The trio of HT Drake and Casino Brutale came out to confront Ross and Steg. Super Saiyan DARO comes out and a six man tag team match is made.

Big Ross Hauser, Steg Barnett, & DARO defeated HT Drake & Casino Brutale (Mikey Devine & Rabu Romero) by pinfall.

Thatcher Wright defeated Stevie Boy by pinfall.

Interference from Close Protection Officer Eli Bulwark allowed Thatcher to use his Margaret Thatcher book as a weapon.

Fatal Four Way – Luke Kyro defeated LJ Cleary, Danny Cross and Tallon Jr w/ Soldato by pinfall.

Levi interfered to assist Luke Kyro.

The Sam Barbour Experience defeated CJ West by pinfall.

Upbrawl Championship Wrestling Tag Team Championships – Triple Threat – The Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Zander) defeated The Ashen Brothers (Damian Black & Nicolas Grey) and Thatcher’s Cabinet (Mr Ian Skinner & Charles Vyce) by pinfall to WIN the Upbrawl Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champion.

Our thanks to Paul Thomson for the results.

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