Full Results: Fair City Wrestling ‘First Contact’

The following results are from Fair City Wrestling’s ‘First Contact’ event at the Bonar Hall in Dundee on November 6th, 2021:

Zack Leon hosted ‘Talking Zack Live’ talked about the evening’s inaugural Women’s championship match, interviewed both contenders. Sirena Rose accused Brodie Adler of being behind the previous Squid Games style distractions and interferences. Brodie denied and said she’ll prove it later that night.

Taylor Bryden defeated Tommy Cross by pinfall.

After the match, Cross was attacked again by a masked group.

Euan G Mackie & Ryan Roode defeated Zack Leon & Thaddeus Vogue by pinfall.

FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat – Ken Kaiden defeated Nitro Green and Nathan North by pinfall to retain the FCW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

FCW Women’s Championship – Sirena Rose defeated Brodie Adler by pinfall to WIN the FCW Women’s Championship.

After the match, it was revealed that Sirena was behind the Squid Games style interruptions. One of the Squid Games characters took their costume off to reveal she was actually Sirena’s Cirque du Lit partner Brandi Maxx.

Umar Mohammed defeated Jonny Flashback by submission.

FCW Heavyweight Championship – Fatal 4 Way – Caleb Valhalla defeated Dickie Divers, Lou King Sharp and Asylum by pinfall to retain the FCW Heavyweight Championship.

Our thanks to Fair City Wrestling for the results.

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