Full Results: Respect Pro Wrestling ‘Return of the Lord’

The following results are from Respect Pro Wrestling’s ‘Return of the Lord’ event at the Beith Community Centre in Beith, Scotland on November 27th, 2021:

Mr Byers opened the show as assistant to the general manager. Robbie Wishart interrupted and demanded that ADM gave him a rematch for the RPW Heavyweight Championship. ADM entered with his lawyer Thomas Daniels who informed Wishart that there was no rematch clause.

Byers informed Daniels that he also has a wrestler contract with RPW and will be in a match with Robbie Cardwell later in the evening. ADM and Wishart faced off but Saqib Ali and Bennie attacked Wishart with Lucha DS and Lochlan Wildhammer making the save. Byers made a six an match to take place then and there.

Robbie Wishart, Lucha DS, & Lochlan Wildhammer defeated Alexander Darwin MacAllan, Saqib Ali, & Bennie by pinfall.

RPW Laird of the Ring Championship – Frank X. Cross defeated David Devlin by pinfall to retain the RPW Laird of the Ring Championship.

Taylor Vite defeated Sean Martin by pinfall.

DCT defeated Logan Lee by pinfall.

UEWA European Cruiserweight Championship – Street Fight – Lou King Sharp defeated Sean Moran by pinfall to retain the UEWA Cruiserweight Championship.

Powerhouse Bitch Slayers (Rubi Roberts & Ellie Armstrong) defeated Beech, Love & Harmony (Emily Hayden & Harmony Skye) by pinfall.

Ewan O’Raw defeated Paul Tracey by pinfall.

Our thanks to Respect Pro Wrestling for the results to this event.

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