Preview: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestling Showdown: Live and Unlocked Tour’ (4 Dec)

It has been a while. October 2019 was the last time World Wide Wrestling League headed North to Elgin, before… y’know. I was surprised to see them announce that there would be a tour date up here this year with many promotions electing to stay close to home while dipping their toe back into filling seats and lateral flow tests.

On the other hand, I’m not complaining about getting to see some wrestling five minutes from my front door, I’ll just maybe scoot my seat a little further away from the other audience members and pray my double vax status fights off any smattering of disease.

Elgin has played host to many W3L events over the years with this one marking my ninth year attending the shows, there certainly has been an evolution on how W3L produce their events in Elgin during that time, from a small core roster wrestling multiple matches with a storyline stringing throughout the show and bloody inflatable hammers. To a bigger roster, stories that make it to Wrestling Showdown, thus cannon in the wider world of W3L, and special guests like Joe E Legend in 2019.

We can’t forget the man, the myth, the legend, “The Bulgarian Baker” himself, Bozidar Branimir making his way to Moray for his annual pilgrimage to grace us with his presence to collect some dough.

Enough preamble, there are two matches announced for the show today including a new champion to be crowned. Lets take a look.

Luke Aldridge vs Rhoderick Jones

Billed as a grudge match, former Wrestling Showdown Champion Luke Aldridge has a bone to pick with former Breakout Champion Rhoderick Jones after suffering a loss to Jones recently. A perennial underdog, Jones will have to dive into his bag of tricks once more to nab a second victory over Aldridge. This will not be a pretty match with both men having unique styles, Aldridge likes to torture body parts and torment opponents whilst Jones scraps for an opening. It might just come down to momentum, although Rhoderick Jones was victorious when these two last met, he has lost his Breakout Championship to Craig Stephens on Wrestling Showdown since. Add in that factor and with both in the running for the Wrestling Showdown Championship later on they might want to conserve some energy.

Again we look at evolution, Aldridge’s W3L debut was way back when as Luke Windsor, then we had Lucian Maynard-Smith before hitting his final form in the barbaric exILE Luke Aldridge. It’s certainly been a journey for Aldridge in Elgin so he will be looking to close this chapter before trying to regain a championship that was once his.

Ten Man Showdown Championship Rumble

Thanks to the team at W3L we exclusively announced this match up before anywhere else. Former champion Kevin Williams relinquished the W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship on November 13th in a statement (which you can read here), so with that comes opportunity in the form of a ten man rumble. It’s no secret that I love a rumble so that’s always a plus point with some heavy hitters in the mix including former W3L Heavyweight Champion Nathan Reynolds.

One name that is interesting to mention is hometown lad Meyhem Brooks hailing from Elgin, if we’re thinking of logistics here, Brooks will have time to prepare in the morning, have a nice breakfast, get the stretches in, and not have spent hours cramped in a van/car/train. It’s an advantage on his side if he’s to make it through the pack.

Saqib Ali and Craig Stephens were heavily involved in the Wrestling Showdown Championship scene prior to the title being vacated so will have unfinished business there with Stephens looking to add to his collection having recently won the Breakout Championship from Roderick Jones.

As mentioned in the preview of their grudge match, Jones and Aldridge will be in this one plus W3L veterans Taylor Bryden, a former W3L Wrestling Showdown Champion in his own right, and, the ever wily Euan G Mackie aren’t to be dismissed and you can never discount The Tormentor tormenting his way to the gold.

There are lots of moving parts in both a physical and metaphorical sense. I’ve talked about all that without mentioning the mystery entrant.

Krieger was originally meant to make his W3L return from injury in this match but is no longer able to compete in the match leaving an open spot.

Now, is this a perfect chance for a certain baker from Bulgaria to swoop in?

All will be answered in a few short hours.

Along with all of that, current W3L Heavyweight Champion Mike Musso will be in attendance though not medically cleared to compete. After recent issues with Bobby Roberts and Lou King Sharp, the latter of which has jetted off to Sweden to wrestle this weekend, we might find out the timeline of his in-ring return, or maybe a new challenger will stake their claim to the W3L Heavyweight Championship.

A fun afternoon is on the table, and I’m looking forward to brave the rain and head over to the Bishopmill Hall for some good ol’ wrestling action.

Limited tickets will be available at the door and you can still purchase online here.

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