Full Results: Insane Championship Wrestling ‘Fight Club’ #202

The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling’s ‘Fight Club’ event at The Asylum in Glasgow, Scotland aired on January 1st, 2022:

Andy Wild challenged Big Damo to rematch at the Square Go, Damo appeared on screen and declined the offer and told Wild if he wanted to face him at the Square Go he’ll have to enter the Square Go match.

Triple Threat – Martin Kirby defeated LJ Cleary and Logan Smith by pinfall.

“Jackie Polo” hosted The Polo Lounge. Martin MacAlistair was the impromptu guest and called “Polo” DCT. “Polo” attacked MacAlistair.

She-Wolves (Molly Spartan & Kasey) defeated Nyte of the Plants (Rosie Nyte & Ellie Armstrong) by pinfall.

Leyton Buzzard defeated Luke Kyro by submission.

Thatcher’s Cabinet (Mr. Ian Skinner & Charles Vyce) w/Thatcher Wright defeated Robbie Balfour & Ross Hunter by pinfall.

Thatcher’s Cabinet attacked Balfour and Hunter after the match. Krieger ran out with a chair to send Skinner, Vyce, and Wright back to the entrance way.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contendership – Wolfgang defeated BT Gunn by pinfall to become number one contender to the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

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