Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Year 6’

In an update on the windows that I’m sure you’re intrigued by. As I begin this review the outside is done, just the inside to do with the sills and that. This will make no sense if you’ve skipped my Fair City Wrestling review which can read on this very website here.

In 2014 Discovery Wrestling began with ‘No Fear, No Mercy’ which is an apt description of the 7 year journey the promotion has gone on. Bringing in some of the biggest independent stars, The Elite, Bullet Club, Ricochet, Angelico, Veda Scott, Matt Riddle, Mike Bailey to bringing in wrestlers from your childhood like MVP, Lisa Marie Varon, Cryme Tyme, and that is all barely scratching the surface of all the top European and UK talent that has made the trip to Edinburgh over the years. Showing no fear on bringing in these acts and no mercy on the roofs of every venue they’ve held a show at.

2020-2021 was a dark time for wrestling with little to few wrestling shows but Discovery Wrestling came back with a bang for ‘Disco Is Back’, announcing Big Damo and Mark Haskins for their annual celebration Year 7 6. A show with plenty hype, a show with another stacked match card, a show that would have all eyes on Discovery.

Now on YouTube, we all get to feast our eyes on why Discovery Wrestling is considered one of the top promotions in Scotland and voted for by Scottish wrestling fans as our Promotion of the Year.

The event opened with owner Alan Smith thanking the viewers for watching and supporting Discovery Wrestling. A class move, the promotion is never shy to show their appreciation to fans of the company.

Big Damo defeated Gene Munny by pinfall.

In his first match in Discovery Wrestling since losing a Loser Leaves Discovery bout with Dave Conrad in August 2016, Big Damo has been very busy carving his name into the world of wrestling. Appearing at WrestleMania, a five star Meltzer approved match, wrestling on NXT, Smackdown, Premium Live Events (the phrase will grow on us eventually), WWE 2K games, to come back to the UK he has had no shortage of challengers ready to step up to him. One of which being “That Damn Dirty Dawg” Gene Munny.

A bold move by Discovery having this open the main show, Damo was flooded with welcome back chants by the crowd. Munny tried to match power in the early tie ups with Damo almost coming off as a disappointed Dad easily pushing back Munny. After some nipple tape shenanigans, Munny entered a shoulder block challenge which was successful with a foot stamp and a charge to knock down Damo before hoisting him up for a Finlay Roll which looked incredible. Damo soon regained his composure, catching Munny mid-spear and laying in clubs and chops causing welts to appear on Munny’s body.

Munny ran up the turnbuckle and hit a silky smooth flying shoulder block. Blocking a kick and throwing Damo’s foot to referee Chris Quinn to allow a momentary distraction and a superkick to Damo’s face to exclamation point the exchange with a back senton.

They battled on the top turnbuckle with Gene somehow slipping out and holding Damo for the one armed powerbomb that almost exposed Damo in ways we didn’t anticipate, there was just about a full moon over Edinburgh. The Lariat couldn’t put away Damo with Munny heading back to the top turnbuckle only to be met with a superplex.

So much back and forth action of high impact moves including Munny hitting his slingshot spear, with Damo eventually being able to string a combo ending with a Vader Bomb to clinch the win.

Post-match, Damo dragged up Munny for a handshake before getting on the microphone and talked about watching the main event closely to find out who he will be running through next.

Gene Munny. Pre-pandemic I saw the guy as primarily a comedy act but between this match and his previous one with Andy Wild in Discovery Wrestling, he is outstanding in the ring. He really brings the hybrid style that Discovery is known for together and the more I see Gene Munny wrestle, the more I want to see him wrestle. Though he hasn’t been gaining the victories, his in-ring work is sublime.

It was a crash, bang, wallop, kind of match with big moves by big dudes. It was great to see Damo back in the ring and these two really matched up well.

Four Way – Caleb Valhalla defeated Griffin w/athena, Alastor Kharon, and Deacon Matthews by pinfall.

In what has become a Discovery Wrestling staple, this match took two of the matches from ‘Disco Is Back’ and smashed them together. Athena stood in front of the entrance way as Caleb Valhalla made his entrance (book that match please) which allowed the distraction for Griffin to sneak attack the big Viking before the match began.

It left Deacon Matthews to be double teamed in the early going until Caleb returned and ran through Griffin and Kharon before Athena once again played spoiler and tripped Caleb and dragged him out of the ring. The makeshift team of Kharon and Griffin continued but, in a classic wrestling trope, things broke down when it’s one fall to a finish. A Tower of Doom was attempted with Caleb Valhalla avoiding the superplex peak and hit a big shoulder barge to Deacon Matthews. Athena ran in and speared Valhalla to continue my recent hope of seeing these two go one on one. There were bodies everywhere with everyone having a chance to snatch victory.

Kharon hit a backslide driver to Deacon Matthews that was both beautiful and horrific. Only to walk into a Helride from Caleb Valhalla to pick up the win.

Chaotic. In the best way. Everyone got a flurry and were showcased nicely. It’s not often we see Caleb on the back foot from the start so certainly something different. Alastor Kharon is evolving at a rapid rate and with this mask he’s teasing on Twitter, yeah, that is something I’ll be keeping an eye on, possibly through the gaps between my fingers. Deacon Matthews brought some colour to the match, some levity through the destruction. Griffin and Athena are an excellent tandem, detestable in their actions but they are a very good at being very bad.

Theo Doros defeated Jack Morris w/Dickie Divers by pinfall.

Jack Morris entered with trunks adorned with the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship. An absolutely dastardly move.

Doros tossed Morris with a German Suplex, followed up with a Van Nistelrooy kick to the face. Running through Morris, sending him to the outside for a scrap. Morris returned to the ring to distract the referee to bring Dickie Divers into the equation, getting some digs into Doros to give Morris an advantage.

Morris took control, batting back fight back attempts until Doros threw out a volley kick to build up momentum. An attempted Frog Splash was thwarted with some Divers intervention but it couldn’t stop Doros front suplexing Morris from the top rope to have Morris’ “little Jack” land on the top rope and be met with a top rope shoulder charge.

Jack Morris hit a wonderful spinebuster, before ducking a Superman Punch, Divers tripped up Doros, to allow Morris to hit a nice sit out powerbomb. Divers flew too close to the sun trying to cause another distraction with referee Mike Ainsley doing his best drum roll ejection, allowing Theo to recover, hit the Superman Punch and a Frog Splash for the win.

A very enjoyable match. Plenty action, lots of moving parts and the constant threat of Dickie Divers on the outside. Both of these guys are excellent.

Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship – Triple Threat – Kasey defeated Emersyn Jayne and Session Moth Martina to win the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship.

The unlikely team of Jayne and Martina kicked Kasey out of the ring to start off with but Kasey was soon back, dragging Martina out of the ring and sending her into the ring barrier. Jayne hit a stunning German Suplex to Kasey.

Jayne and Martina went back at it, with Emersyn Jayne tying Martina up in a Rings of Saturn before Kasey interrupted.

Kasey soon returned the German Suplex to Emersyn. Before driving Jayne’s head to the mat by hitting a double knee drop to the back of her head. Jayne countered a kick into a sit out powerbomb which was stunning.

Martina returned with a bang, with a diving crossbody and was a house on fire, headbutts, kicks but was met with a Shining Wizard from Kasey. As Martina and Kasey found themselves sitting on the middle rope Emersyn Jayne ran through with a Shadowfax German Suplex to both. Just as it looked like Jayne was winning, Molly Spartan appeared and dragged referee Chris Quinn from the ring, Jayne dived to the outside but was caught and slammed by Spartan allowing Kasey to hit a kick on Martina and pick up the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship.

Back to the chaos. In typical triple threat fashion there were often times one of the competitors where thrown out of the ring so that it was, essentially, a singles match. It allowed for plenty big moments when the third competitor returned to the fray. A lot of action in this one. Interestingly, Emersyn Jayne came in with a heavy amount of boos which she overturned the majority of over the course of the match. Shadowfax continues to be a super cool move.

A solid match, The She-Wolves have arrived in Discovery Wrestling.

Mark Haskins w/Vicky Haskins defeated Ian Skinner by submission.

Ian Skinner admiring Mark Haskin’s tomahawk (cheeky) was a lovely wholesome moment before this lightning quick match began. Flips and counters opened proceedings with Ian Skinner skinning the cat from the inside of the ring to the apron, which I’ve never seen before, only to have Haskins to meet him on the apron and kick Skinner’s knee out to send him to the floor.

Haskins switched his tactic for a suicide dive, doing a 619 on one side then ran through the adjacent ropes through Skinner. Amazing. After putting his knee through Skinner’s face he then fireman carried Skinner up the steps before dumping him over the top rope.

Skinner tried escaping an Indian Deathlock but was leveraged into a DDT, while his legs were tied up. I don’t know how. Skinner met the intensity of Mark Haskins while trying to survive the heelhooks and calf based submissions. They traded uppercuts, kicks, smashes. An absolute war.

After both tried a running crossbody they both rose from the dead with forearm trading. Open hand chops traded to the chest and face and it looked like Skinner wouldn’t go down, including a kip up after a kick to the chest from Haskins. Skinner missed a double foot stomp but rolled through, Haskins rolled Skinner up before slapping on a Sharpshooter for the tap out. Insane.

Aspen appeared and attacked Mark Haskins, grabbing a turnbuckle. Vicky Haskins grabbed the weapon and Aspen pushed Vicky over to the sound of “oooooohs” but escaped when Haskins ran at him with the axe.

The match was quicker than a hiccup, non-stop, tremendous action. It wasn’t difficult to see the pure joy on Ian Skinner’s face being in the ring with Mark Haskins and he put in a phenomenal showing. The Discovery Wrestling fans have really taken to Ian Skinner and much deserved. A brilliant performance from both.

Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament โ€“ Quarter Final โ€“ Kings of the North (Damien Corvin & Bonesaw) defeated Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Boy Xavier) by pinfall to advance.

KOTN attacked Just Uz on the jump but Just Uz recovered as the match settled. BT Gunn and Bonesaw traded loud chops that sent a shiver down my spine before brawling, only cut off when Bonesaw raked the eyes but was met by a straight punch to the face from BT Gunn in return.

Stevie picked up the speed, sending Corvin and Bonesaw on the back foot, hitting stereo springboard splashes to the outside. Bonesaw focused an arm assault to Xavier on the outside while Corvin distracted referee Chris Quinn. The arm attack continued back in the ring with the Kings of the North making quick tags to keep up the offense.

The Irish duo kept Gunn and Xavier as far away from each other as possible, knocking BT off the apron. Xavier was able to evade an attack to finally tag in BT Gunn who met Corvin with a couple blistering chops like he owed him money.

There was some confusion from the referee on who the legal man was but the match continued with Just Uz hitting a sidewalk slam-reversed DDT combo for a nearfall.

KOTN almost wrapped it up with a running kick-TKO to Stevie but Gunn broke the fall by running into Corvin, who was attempting to protect the fall. Just Uz hit stereo superkicks but Bonesaw and Corvin rushed back, knocking BT Gunn out of the ring and hitting a double team elevated twisting DDT for the win. Outstanding match.

The pace of this one, much like the Haskins-Skinner match was non-stop. The crowd kept up and kept loud. The sound of BT Gunn’s chops just about made it over the noise.

Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship โ€“ Joe Hendry defeated Andy Wild by pinfall to retain.

Pre-match Joe Hendry riled up the crowd while referee Chris Quinn laid out the rules on the microphone. A nice little touch for the main event. Hendry refused a handshake, showing no honour before the bell.

Hendry took his sweet time locking up, taking the opportunity to get into the faces of the audience at ringside. Once they finally got a hold of the other it was an even standing, trading holds, and shoulder blocks with Andy Wild getting the better of the exchange with the first knock down.

Wild threw Hendry with a belly to belly, escaping to the outside but Andy followed, and traded chops. Hendry begged off but was given three chops in quick succession. An eye rake was the answer for Joe Hendry to regain control. Hendry slowed down the pace, picking his spots to muscle Wild about including a one armed stalling spinebuster, showcasing Joe’s strength.

A clash of heads gave Wild a bit of space, recovering to run Hendry to the turnbuckles with splashes and a couple belly to belly throws for good measure. Joe Hendry tripped Wild and locked in the Ankle Lock but Andy rolled through and sent Joe to the Fife district of Suplex City.

A big meaty superplex from Joe Hendry was good for a near fall as both men started to look like their tanks were starting to run on empty, trading forerarms and uppercuts as they fought to their feet. Wild fired up but Joe Hendry inhumanly hoisted Wild up for a military press, sending Andy crashing to the mat.

Hendry grabbed the Y Division Championship from the outside but Chris Quinn grabbed it away. Wild hit a cutter and a Gut Wrench Powerbomb but it could only get two. Hendry recovered and went back to the belt, Quinn ended up getting knocked down to allow Hendry to use a low blow to escape a Wild Night Out attempt but that and a belt shot couldn’t do the job.

Hendry headbutted the referee, grabbing the Y Division Championship again and stalked Wild. WIld countered and hit a Wild Night Out for a 10 count but by the time a replacement referee arrived Hendry kicked out of the officials fall. Hendry hit a pop up powerbomb for the pin, with some extra aid thanks to both feet on the ropes.

What a match. What a story. An absolute battle of power and wills. Joe Hendry set the table at the opening exchange by refusing the handshake and ended up using every shortcut available to pin Andy Wild for the three count. A stunning way to end the event as the boos chorused throughout the venue.

An outstanding event from Discovery Wrestling to celebrate another year for the promotion. They continue to knock it out of the park each and every time. Providing some surprises along the way. Like Aspen versus Haskins originally being the match advertised but Ian Skinner stepped in due to injury to Aspen and provided one of the best matches of the show.

You’re always going to get a bonus by heading to Discovery Wrestling. Even though I had to watch this in two blocks the hour each time flew by. Worth watching back again for two hours of total non-stop action from the start.

It looks like we have the looming threat of Joe Hendry versus Big Damo in the near future. Oh. My.

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