Preview: Fair City Wrestling ‘Live In Perth’ (25 Feb 2022)

In a wee change from the norm, I haven’t pestered the man with the pencil Kev Williams to do a Wrestle Ropes Podcast to preview the upcoming Fair City Wrestling event coming up this weekend. Only because my time is very limited in the evenings this week and I can at least write a preview during work any downtime that happens to come my way.

Funnily enough, I happened to review the previous FCW event to be held in Perth here so I’m fairly up to date in the goings on from the Perth-based promotion. Five matches have been confirmed to take place on February 25th and no doubt there will be some surprises along the way. What’s in store for Friday? I’ll tell you now!

fcw junior heavyweight championship – ken kaiden (c) vs taylor bryden

The challenge was set in Perth last month, Taylor Bryden doesn’t want to wait any longer and he is determined to be the FCW Junior Heavyweight Champion by the time 2022 comes to an end. On the same show Ken Kaiden successfully defended the title in an excellent match with Umar Mohammed, he got on the microphone after the match and straight up accepted the challenge. No messing about.

Bryden has been on quite a roll since the return of wrestling, picking up wins, putting on great matches, and even picking up a title as the current Reckless Intent Wrestling United Kingdom Champion (say that five times fast). On paper these two are well matched with their styles, they both like giving a good hard strike to the face so this might be a little bit of a slugfest and survival might be a bonus to whomever walks out as Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Dickie Divers vs Spike Tierney

In a welcome surprise, Spike Tierney returned to Fair City Wrestling at their Tayport debut event last month. Pre-pandemic, Tierney was well involved in the junior heavyweight scene for FCW but when he returns to Perth he comes up against a heavyweight.

Dickie Divers hasn’t had the best of luck since arriving in Fair City Wrestling late last year to attempt to be the first FCW Heavyweight Champion but fell to the mighty Caleb Valhalla, his subsequent attempt to wrestle the belt away from Valhalla in Dundee didn’t go to plan so now he’s left at the back of the line and perhaps a bit miffed.

This has the makings of a very interesting match, though Tierney may have speed on his side, Divers is resourceful, a veteran that has faced his fair share of luchadores over his many years and isn’t afraid to take any short cut to take advantage or to figuratively cut the legs from an opponent. Put me down as saying that this is the dark horse to steal the show.

Duke Cannon & Nathan North vs red gate (tommy cross & jacob deacon wilde)

Following a shock victory over The Foundation of the Future last month, Duke Cannon and Nathan North found themselves victims of Red Gate from the wee spooky girl distraction to the blindsided attach from Wilde and Cross so they will be rolling the dice and aiming for a high score of revenge (does that work?).

Red Gate have momentum on their side following a victory in Tayport against Tommy Atlas and Damien Valak so confidence will be high. An unpredictable duo against a team that only has one tag match under their belt. I’m not saying that Cannon and North have an uphill battle on their hands but the odds aren’t in their favour, in saying that they came into Perth last month and found a way to pick up the win so they might need to grind those dexterity and constitution attributes.

captain mackie’s golden treasure invitational

Captain Mackie is currently undefeated in Fair City Wrestling, sitting at a 7-0 record with victories over the likes of Jack Morris, Ian Ambrose, Lou King Sharp, Taylor Bryden in singles and/or tag team matches. A very good record you could say, so he’s offering a prize to anyone that can defeat “The Goblin of the Seas”, his treasure chest of ill gotten gold, a very prestigious prize indeed.

We have no clues as to who may take up the challenge, or if it’ll just be the one person, but Mackie has been on a mission to convert wrestlers to crew so maybe he’ll convince one or two that answer to join his sea riding ways. It’ll be a happening!

fcw heavyweight championship – caleb valhalla (c) vs andy wild

It’s the mighty Viking against the stovie superman. Another big test in the reign of FCW Heavyweight Champion Caleb Valhalla as he comes up against Andy Wild. This is not the first time these two have crossed paths. In Caleb’s first official in-ring match he was stood across the ring from Andy Wild. That was 2019 and a lot has changed since then for both men.

The curiosity arises from Caleb Valhalla being a regular at Andy Wild’s Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum so Wild has an upper hand having seen Caleb up close and personal, and will have an inside track on any weaknesses. Very interesting.

Valhalla has got past many veterans throughout his title reign so far, Dickie Divers, Lou King Sharp, Asylum, Ian Ambrose, and Nathan Reynolds, have all provided a major battle for the Norse God which he has won and revelled in. Fair City Wrestling has brought in one of Midgard’s mightiest as requested by the champion, and I can only hope the ring is reinforced as there will be some big meaty men flying around.

If Caleb Valhalla is able to defeat an opponent of the stature of Andy Wild, it will take a mammoth effort for anyone to dethrone him.

All that plus FCW Women’s Champion Sirena Rose will host Cirque du Chat Live! with her fellow Cirque du Lit performer Brandi Maxx. The guest themselves has been kept under wraps as of writing but I’ve no doubt Rose will have some thoughts on her next challenger, Lana Austin, with the defence taking place March 19th at the Bonar Hall in Dundee.

I’ll be interested to see if Brodie Adler has something to say, although she is at the back of the line in terms of the FCW Women’s Championship, she still has some unfinished business with Cirque du Lit.

Tickets are still available via for a packed night of professional wrestling on the horizon.

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