Full Results: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Reckless Rumble 2022′

The following results are from Reckless Intent Wrestling’s ‘Reckless Rumble’ event at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston on February 26th, 2022:

Aspen Faith defeated Air Myles by pinfall.

RI Tag Team Championships – The Nine9 (Jack Morris & Dickie Divers) defeated Deacon Matthews & BT Gunn to retain the RI Tag Team Championships.

RI Heavyweight Championship – Theo Doros defeated Kez Evans by pinfall to retain the RI Heavyweight Championship.

RI UK Championship – Taylor Bryden defeated Alastor Kharon by pinfall to retain the RI UK Championship.

Reckless Rumble – Winner: Jack Morris eliminated Deacon Matthews to win the Reckless Rumble.

Matthews originally eliminated Morris but the referees were distracted by a brawl on the outside and missed the elimination.


  1. Air Myles
  2. Alex Webb
  3. Eric Canyon
  4. Red Ranger
  5. Ryan Richards
  6. Nathan North
  7. Rob Mills
  8. Jarek Nowak
  9. Jack Morris
  10. Taylor Bryden
  11. Aspen Faith
  12. Deacon Matthews
  13. Kez Evans
  14. Derren J Blair
  15. Debbie Dahmer
  16. Umar Mohammed
  17. Brandi Maxx
  18. Solomon Grum
  19. Emersyn Jayne
  20. Dickie Divers
  21. J J Leigh
  22. BT Gunn
  23. Tommy Cross
  24. Alastor Kharon
  25. Dino
  26. El Pedrusco
  27. Ryan Riley
  28. Bruiser Brad Evans

Our thanks to Reckless Intent Wrestling for the results to this event.

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