Preview: Renegade Wrestling Dojo ‘Rebel’

After a successful debut show back in November (hey! I reviewed it here), Renegade Wrestling Dojo announced their 2022 debut for March 5th, ‘Rebel’. The first actual planned-to-be Renegade Wrestling Dojo event (there was a whole thing, don’t worry about it) and they’ve put together a fun looking line up.

Emanating again from the Source Wrestling School in Govan, this will be only the second match for many on this upcoming show so it will be interesting to see how getting their first taste in front of a crowd and in the ring back in November will have impacted their progress.

Let’s take a look at what’s been announced so far:

The Struthers Sisters (Raven Struthers & Maven Struthers) vs ??? & ???

Following their dominating, though ultimately unsuccessful, match at ‘No Backup Required’, The Struthers Sisters weren’t happy with the referee’s apparent bias, weren’t happy that they faced an unregistered team, just… nae happy in general is the bottom line. They confronted owner Ayesha Raymond and demanded a match, so they got one as requested.

Buuuuuuut, now they don’t know who their opponents are.

Last time out London Lovelust ended up doing double duty to team with Katzabella. Seeing as they just about survived The Struthers Sisters last time out, I can’t see them rushing to return considering they have matches on the show already.

With the keyword on the mission statement of Renegade Wrestling Dojo being inclusivity, the show being based in the Source Wrestling School… could we see some faces from Source Wrestling appear? There are a few tag teams in Source like Air Strike, KoE, Working Men’s Club… seeing as The Struthers Sisters didn’t like that Lovelust and Katzabella weren’t a team, there’s your solution.

The Struthers Sisters were impressive last time out, even if they did taste defeat, a big scary force in Renegade Wrestling Dojo, now they just need to get that first W.

London Lovelust vs Iona Sky

Speaking of London Lovelust, they have a match with Iona Sky scheduled to take place. Iona Sky finally made her debut after seven years of training at ‘No Backup Required’ and knocked off Ayesha Raymond, even if Raymond had some complaints about the referee’s performance. Lovelust had a mixed night with a loss in the opener to Tom Fulton then picking up a win against The Struthers Sisters later in the evening.

This will be an interesting mix of styles with Lovelust, who relies on agility in an attempt to bamboozle their opponents. They come up against Iona Sky, a bit more rough and ready, happy to get down and dirty as evident by match with Raymond in November.

Both Lovelust and Sky will have to try and get the pace on their side but, what could be interesting is the crowd reaction. Both were heavy fan favourites at ‘No Backup Required’, if I was a betting man (and I’m not), I think London Lovelust might need to fully embrace their swagger and confidence, shun the crowd, and be THEE London Lovelust, find a short cut here, a sneaky move there, I think it would unlock a side of Lovelust that would be very exciting to see.

In saying all that, footage that came out on the Renegade Wrestling Dojo Twitter appeared to show The Struthers Sisters possibly trying to recruit Iona Sky so what do I know eh!

Kirsty Love vs Ronnie Knocks

I don’t want to use the word “interesting” too much in this preview but when I saw Kirsty Love appear on the show poster, I was… intrigued. I checked the old Cagematch archive and the last match noted for Love is August 2018, which is quite a break from wrestling (if I’m to trust the Germans). She would be coming up against someone who has been wrestling regularly in England, grabbing body parts and snapping them. Knocks is coming back to Renegade Wrestling Dojo after making Cassie King tap out last time out. Momentum could be key.

It would be a tall order for Kirsty Love, who would have to battle through an onslaught that Ronnie Knocks would bring, but you can never discount a veteran, there’s instincts etc.

This might be the match that a lot of folk will be talking about after the show ends.

Katzabella vs Ayesha Raymond

The most recent match announced is one that could be a show stealer. From ‘No Backup Required’, Ayesha Raymond had a shock loss to Iona Sky while Katzabella was able to score a pinfall over The Struthers Sisters, mixed fortunes for both.

Coming into this match you have an angry Ayesha Raymond keen to knock a few of Katzabella’s nine lives while Katzabella will be hoping to ride some of that momentum through to claw another upset.

There’s a lot of surprises in store on this show but this one, this could be an emotional rollercoaster of survival for our fearless feline. We only scratched the surface of what Katzabella is capable of at ‘No Backup Required’ with this being her first singles match, she comes up against a pissed off Big Fem Vader. A true David versus Goliath match on the cards.

Brodie Adler’s Dynamite Challenge

Brodie Adler wanted a challenge for ‘Rebel’ so opened the first ever Dynamite Challenge. So who could it be? I don’t know, but I’m happy to throw out some guesses.

Regina Rosendahl: We haven’t decided a winner! At ‘No Backup Required’ they fought to a time limit draw in the first main event in Renegade Wrestling Dojo herstory. It was a knock down, drag out match and a part two wouldn’t be a disappointment.

Cassie King: On the outset this could just be for the most basic of reasons, she’s on the poster without a scheduled match as of writing. It’s quite well known that Cassie King and Brodie Adler have some history inside and outside of the ring, they faced each other back in December at Source Wrestling with King coming out victorious so maybe King could be looking to nab her first Renegade win at the expense of Adler.

The Struthers Sisters: I don’t think it said anywhere that it had to be a singles match? Adler has been poking the bears with numerous instances of calling Raven and Maven big hairies. Revenge could be on the menu.

So there’s some options that will probably not happen, but it’s always fun to have a wild stab in the dark.

Five matches currently scheduled for ‘Rebel’ with plenty of potential for an excellent evening of pro wrestling. Tickets are still available here or if YOUโ€™RE a rebel, there may still be some available on the door on the night.

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