Full Results: ICW Presents ‘The Clyde 1 Wrestling Challenge in Aid of Cash For Kids’

The following results are from Insane Championship Wrestling presents ‘The Clyde 1 Wrestling Challenge in Aid of Cash For Kids’ event at The Asylum in Glasgow, Scotland on March 3rd, 2022:

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Saqib Ali w/Chris Toal defeated Jason Reed w/Coach Trip by pinfall.

Theo Doros & Molly Spartan defeated Levi & Anastasia by pinfall.

Sumo Suit Challenge – Producer “The Chicken” John McInally w/Cassi defeated Lord Provost of Glasgow Philip “The Braatosaurus” Braat w/George Bowie by pinfall.

Ravie Davie defeated Ian Skinner by pinfall.

Jack Jester defeated Aaron Echo by pinfall.

Theo Doros, Molly Spartan, Ian Skinner, Aaron Echo, Jason Reed, and Coach Trip, lead by John McInally and Cassi attacked Jack Jester. Lord Provost Philip Braat, with George Bowie interrupted and sent Saqib Ali, Anastasia, Ravie Davie, and Levi to help Jester.

Jester held McInally to allow Braat to hit a second rope double axe handle.

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