Billy’s five picks to win the WrestleZone Regal Rumble

Everybody loves a rumble. On March 19th, WrestleZone’s Regal Rumble returns for the first time since 2019 after that thing called COVID cancelled the 2020 event and held live events hostage for 18 months. So you have had to miss out on some terrible predictions from yours truly for the Regal Rumble, well worry no more as I have five picks (not just Aspen Faith), that could very well be walking out of the Northern Hotel joining the likes of Bingo Ballance, Crusher Craib, Bryan Tucker, Scotty Swift, Shawn Johnson, and even Richard R. Russell as winners of the Regal Rumble trophy and booking their place (point to the sign) in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy.


Dino made his in-ring debut at the 2018 WrestleZone Regal Rumble event, and has mainly plied his trade in the tag team ranks within The Outfit, narrowly missing out on the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships.

He has elbowed his way into my top five picks after his recent display in Ellon. Smashing the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Damien during a non-title match, only losing to a quick roll up. but that didn’t stop Dino unveiling the re-born Outfit team with Murphy and laying out the champion and Scotty Swift for good measure.

Since the restart of shows in late 2021, Dino has evolved his look, his in-ring work is looking hard-hitting, and has certainly let his opponents know he’s there, claiming to be the best pure striker in WrestleZone and challenges anyone to prove him wrong.

If Dino gets the space to turn and hit some elbows, there could be a chance he finds his way back to Damien and this time with the title on the line.

It won’t be his first match of the evening though, after the events of Ellon, Dino has racked up an impressive hitlist of victims who have come to collect with Umar Mohammed, Scotty Swift, and Damien all out for a measure of revenge.

Murphy, and the unlikely ally of William Sterling, will join Dino in what is likely to be the traditional pre-Rumble brawl throughout the Northern Hotel.

Ronan king

If you want to call this pick a dark horse, you can do but I don’t think Ronan King will see it that way.

Only debuting late 2021, the self proclaimed “f’n amazing” Ronan King has really got a lot to offer and isn’t afraid to put it on display.

He’s quickly made enemies with The Rejected’s Mikkey Vago, who he will face in a Summerhill Showdown rematch earlier in the evening.

Brash, cocky, youth, a questionable fashion sense, are just some qualities that all great champions possess.

Don’t sleep on King though, he’s less than six months in since his debut, in (and I quote) tremendous shape, and fully believes he’s the greatest. It’s not like there hasn’t been an upset before in the Regal Rumble when there’s bodies flying all over the place.

Caleb Valhalla

Caleb Valhalla. Returning to the scene of the crime after his 2019 murder of Lord Mr Malice, who is apparently out for revenge this year, as a side point… can ghosts throw people over the top rope? Let alone a Norse God… I mean, how is that… right I’m off topic here, moving on…

Since his last Regal Rumble foray, Valhalla has been on an absolute tear around Scotland, making debuts for just about every company in the span of 12 months, from Discovery Wrestling to Pro2 Wrestling, Fair City Wrestling to appearing on the WWE Network for Insane Championship Wrestling. Mixing it up with big lads and throwing them about with ease including a tussle with Big Damo.

On pure strength alone, Valhalla’s last outing for WrestleZone back in February in Ellon saw him hoisting Crusher Craib onto his shoulders with little effort then carrying him for a Helride to pin the Creator of Carnage. A terrifying prospect for anyone coming near him during the Rumble match itself.

But it won’t be an easy night for Valhalla, he has an owed championship match from the cancelled 2020 event to contend with were he teams with Captain Alan Sterling to face WrestleZone Tag Team Champions Connor Molloy and, the aforementioned, Crusher Craib.

The relationship between Captain Alan and Caleb has been put into question on recent occasions with the consensus among the WrestleZone crowd, and even to many of the roster, that Valhalla needs to drop Sterling and break out on his own.

Some Captain Alan shenanigans could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and lead to Caleb running through 24 wrestlers, throwing them over the top rope and head to the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy. Let’s just hope there’s some protective matting this year…

Zach Dynamite

A heavy favourite, Zach Dynamite has been within fingertips away from becoming Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, none closer than at Summerhill Showdown when he won the match… by disqualification via a last gasp low blow from the champion, Damien.

Now don’t make it out that Dynamite was the innocent party in this situation as he had his Foundation of the Future brethren Bruiser Brad Evans and Ryan Riley interfere while the referee was knocked down to gain an unfair advantage.

Dynamite has been on the road to the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship for over 10 years. Sure he’s won the Tri-Counties Championship a couple of times, he’s faced Jay Lethal, he’s faced PAC, wrestled in front of 1,000 people at the Beach Ballroom, but he’s never held the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship.

Some may say that his descent into darkness is down to bitterness, feeling like his opportunities have been few and far between, grabbing two young and hungry talents in Riley and Evans to flank him as they aim to take over WrestleZone. Since losing at Summerhill Showdown, Dynamite has become more ruthless and soulless in his actions.

If there was ever a year for Dynamite to gain some vindication, at least in his own mind, this is it. His first one on one opportunity at the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship was ripped away due a disqualification and even though he’s now finding new opportunities in the likes of Discovery Wrestling and Fair City Wrestling, there will always be unfinished business in Aberdeen if he doesn’t get that title in his hands.

With Ryan Riley and Bruiser Brad Evans also announced for the Rumble, Evans being the last man to enter at #25, this could be the year the foundations are complete and ready to be built upon.

Aspen Faith


Yeah, everyone reading this knew that Aspen Faith was going to appear on this list sooner than later. Even if the events of Summerhill Showdown didn’t happen I would’ve found some way to include his name in my five picks.

But Summerhill Showdown did happen, let’s recap the momentous return of ‘The Lost Boy’.

As mentioned already, Damien had escaped his title defence against Zach Dynamite thanks to a low blow after a three on one mugging by The Foundation of the Future. Evans, Riley, and Dynamite didn’t take kindly to this and attacked Damien until the lights went out, as they were switched back on a figure was in the ring with a towel over his head… wearing a cut up Aspen Faith t-shirt, and very clearly being Aspen Faith, but the crowd erupted when the towel was removed and confirmation was established. Aspen ran off The Foundation of the Future, even smacking Riley with his new chop/lariat combo.

Aspen declared that he would enter the Regal Rumble, win, and win the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship at Aberdeen Anarchy the right way.

Chills. Literal chills.

As much as we joke about always including Aspen in these lists year after year, this is the one. It has to be right? Former WrestleZone Tag Team Champion, former WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion, two matches away from potentially being not only a triple crown winner, but hitting a modern WrestleZone Grand Slam.

All the signs point to an Aspen Faith win.

So I’m probably totally wrong, pack it up boys. I’ve jinxed it.

Matches Announced So Far

Mikkey Vago vs Ronan King

DCT vs Bryan Tucker

The Outfit (Dino & Murphy), & William Sterling vs Scotty Swift, Umar Mohammed, & Damien

WrestleZone Tag Team Championshipsย โ€“ Crusher Craib & Connor Molloy (c) vs Captain Alan Sterling & Caleb Valhalla

The Regal Rumbleย โ€“ย Entrants Confirmed: Captain Alan Sterling (#1), Aspen Faith, Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker, Ronan King, Evan Young, Caleb Valhalla, Alex Webb, Nathan North, Zach Dynamite, Murphy, Dino, William Sterling, Ryan Riley, Cysto, DCT, Lord Mr Malice, Mikkey Vago, Chris Archer, Bruiser Brad Evans (#25)

More Information

Doors Open: 6.00pm (VIP) 6.30pm (General). Bell Time: 7.00pm.

Tickets: Available here.

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