Preview: WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2022’ (19 March 2022)


It is now literally the most wonderful time of the year. It’s Regal Rumble time, for the eleventh time. The road to Aberdeen Anarchy kicks off on Saturday, 19 March from Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel, featuring an unncessarily stacked lineup alongside the titular match. You’ve got a championship match two years in the making, you’ve got a debut in DCT, you’ve got the traditional Regal Rumble multi-man schmozz, and yes, you’ve got the #EffenAmazing Ronan King, who now has my utmost respect for Curb Stomping a certain Tangerine Dream in Ellon but apparently not enough respect to make my five picks post. An apology card is in the post.

The Regal Rumble has previously seen some huge moments, heartbreak, debuts, returns, more heartbreak, and even literal murder. Plus, extra heartbreak. That’s the beauty of a Rumble. Anything can and will happen at a Regal Rumble event. To reiterate; I witnessed an actual murder in 2019. Lord Mr Malice hasn’t been the same since. Some say he was never normal in the first place and…well, actually, maybe they’ve got a point.

So, what’s on the agenda for this year’s card, besides my saltiness at being unable to go?

2022 Regal Rumble Match

Entrants: Captain Alan Sterling (entering at #1), Aspen Faith, Bryan Tucker, Scotty Swift, William Sterling, Dino, Murphy, Zach Dynamite, Nathan North, Alex Webb, Evan Young, Ronan King, Caleb Valhalla, Chris Archer, Mikkey Vago, Lord Mr Malice, Ryan Riley, Cysto, DCT, Shawn Johnson, Mr P, Connor Molloy, Umar Mohammed, Crusher Craib, and Bruiser Brad Evans (entering at #25)

The eleventh annual Regal Rumble. Maybe the most-anticipated Regal Rumble, based off of how long its been. Three years may not seem like much, but to put it into perspective, at the last Regal Rumble, Johnny Lions was wrestling, Connor Molloy had his second match in front of a crowd before he was even called Connor Molloy, and the build to Aberdeen Anarchy had Zach Dynamite facing now-Death Triangle member PAC, having just formed The Foundation of the Future at the Rumble itself.

It’s been a while, to cut a long story short.

Both myself and Billy have released five picks on who we want to win and having looked at the drafts beforehand and changing a couple of my picks so we weren’t literally the exact same, we’ve both got a pretty obvious favourite to win the whole thing. It’ll be taps aff, crying fan at WrestleMania VII levels of emotion if he who shall not be named so we don’t jinx it goes the distance.

Aside from that, look at this lineup. It’s packed. You could go pay full price just for this match alone and leave a satisfied customer. There’s seasoned veterans and former winners in Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker, Crusher Craib, and William Sterling, fresh blood in Evan Young, Ronan King, Umar Mohammed, and Murphy, outside talent in DCT, and oh my goodness, it’s Cysto 1/2/3.

If he does the Bushwackers spot, then all is fine with the world. Otherwise, Caleb, do your worst, please and thanks.


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Crusher Craib & Connor Molloy (c) vs. Captain Alan Sterling & Caleb Valhalla

A match two years in the making, Crusher Craib and Connor Molloy will put their WrestleZone Tag Team Championships up for grabs against Captain Alan Sterling and Caleb Valhalla. If I’m honest, I’ve forgotten how the original match came around, I’m sure there would’ve been general Captain Alan being Captain Alan shenanigans involved as there was here. Alan went to WrestleZone board member Len Ironside to remind him of the scheduled Tag Team Championships match, which also resulted in him being placed as the first entrant in the Regal Rumble match, as had also been previously planned. Simples.

The collision between Craib and Valhalla in Ellon was a feast for the ages, two big hosses knocking lumps off one another but ultimately, it was a Helride that sent The Mighty Caleb into victory. There’s a lot of theories that could easily transpire here, Valhalla could turn on Sterling, Craib could turn on Molloy, Dennis Law could just take the rules away as he often does and win the match for himself and The Ref Express, that damn dirty referee.

In all seriousness, this should be a ton of fun. A match worthy of the unplanned two-year wait.


Mikkey Vago vs. Ronan King

At Summerhill Showdown, Ronan King, in amongst swearing on a family-friendly show, targeted the hand of Mikkey Vago, putting The Heavy Metal Hooligan’s Mosh Pit guitar-playing on hold for the time being. In Ellon, King then pushed the multi-time Tag Team Champion off the turnbuckles, costing the tremendously-named Heavy Metal Thunder their match against The Foundation of the Future’s Ryan Riley and Bruiser Brad Evans.

Safe to say, this will be your brawling portion of the evening, if the six-man tag match didn’t already have that covered in spades. Ronan is really beginning to come into his own as of late, his early work left me with a few niggling issues with him but he seems to have put the work in to better himself as a performer. The Curb Stomp works perfectly as a finisher for him on that note, there’s some clear Seth Rollins inspiration there both in terms of the finisher used and the general vibes you get from him. Even the way he stands in the corner, sort of half leaning against the turnbuckles, gives me Rollins vibes.

You’re always going to get a decent match out of Mikkey Vago, which is perhaps why he’s been paired with Ronan almost immediately as Ronan’s debuted. If he wanted to travel, he’d easily be a mainstay in couple of promotions further down the country, though perhaps not in Perth and Dundee. Discovery, Source, Reckless Intent, they’d all be perfect fits for him if he so wished to venture out of the north-east. I’m eager to see his backstage shenanigans from the Rumble, too, if his Summerhill and Ellon skits were anything to go by. The guy just likes having fun, how can you argue with that?


Damien, Scotty Swift & Umar Mohammed vs. The Outfit (Dino & Murphy) & William Sterling

The Regal Rumble match isn’t the only Regal Rumble tradition, as the big schmozz of a multi-man tag team match is also back, this year pitting Damien, Scotty Swift, and Umar Mohammed against the intriguing trio of William Sterling and the new instalment of The Outfit, Dino (sans Del Monte) and Murphy (no longer Mauler but no relation to Buddy either). This, like prior matches, has developed over nearly the entire block of WrestleZone shows since they returned, beginning with Umar tagging with Ted O’Keefe at Halloween Hijinx to go for the Tag Team Championships.

It’s now turned a bit more fiery since that fun outing vs. Crusher Craib and Connor Molloy, with Dino having now knocked out all three of his opponents here. He can call himself the best striker in WrestleZone for as long as he keeps murdering folk if you ask me. Now flanked by Murphy in what is unquestionably the biggest, beefiest tag team WrestleZone has ever seen, there’s no stopping the potential Dino now has. He looked solid in the Reckless Rumble, so the future certainly looks bright for him. I should also praise Murphy, too; I’ve hardly been complimentary to him since he debuted and particularly since he returned to action, but he looked and moved better in Ellon. This is maybe what he needs to get going.

Plus, there’s three WrestleZone originals in Swift, Damien, and Sterling, who you can always rely on to get the crowd invested. Fingers crossed Wonderful William’s leg is fully healed, he was taken off the Ellon card for reasons that can only possibly relate to him suffering a repeat fall. Prayers for William.

(if Damien receives a custom-made Kameez, someone tweet it out pls)


DCT vs. Bryan Tucker

An odd match here. The debuting DCT vs. Bryan Tucker. Certainly not what I had in mind when I clocked DCT on the poster for the Rumble but alas, DCT can at least be less nervous. Tucker will keep him in check to ensure he succeeds with the often-rowdy Northern Hotel audience.

Tucker in general has been odd for my liking since shows came back. He’s still a great wrestler in-ring-wise, I can’t take that away from him as I have enjoyed his actual physical wrestling, it’s more the character I can’t quite get onboard with. Look, I get it, in the early-90s New Generation world of WrestleZone where big, sometimes cartoonish characters will get you over more than anything else, so doing something is better than just relying on your wrestling (though this can work in front of the right crowd, as Bingo Ballance and Stevie Xavier proved). Tucker’s current character isn’t doing it for me, though. Again, credible wrestler who’s been in a handful of my favourite WrestleZone matches, but character-wise, not cutting it.

Who knows, maybe my opinion will change the next time I see him as he seemed to be getting a bit better with it in Ellon vs. Connor Molloy. Wrestling someone of the skill level that DCT has could do the trick for the former Undisputed Champion.


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
Mr P vs. Ryan Riley

The VIP ticket holders pre-show, or the everyone pre-show (don’t get Kyle started), for the Regal Rumble sees Mr P battle Ryan Riley, having previously fought his Foundation of the Future stablemate Zach Dynamite in Ellon in a losing effort. That loss, of course, was through nefarious means. Zach held the ropes during the winning rollup, causing Mr P to essentially make it his mission to take the trio down. According to him, there’s plenty of people on the WrestleZone roster who feel the same.

You’re going to get a fun start to the show regardless of all that. Mr P and Ryan ‘Very Inspirational Person’ Riley are more than capable of getting the crowd chomping at the bit. Riley, in particular, has really been impressive as of late, not just in WrestleZone, but everywhere he’s ventured off to. Of the three Foundation members, he’s wrestled in the most promotions I believe, which only turns into experience he can bring back to the north-east. His work in Fair City Wrestling alongside Dynamite has been great to see, so I can only hope Discovery upload their All About The Raffle event, pre-show included, so I can see him and Zach vs. The Fair City Saints.

I’ve been saying this about a few of the pre-shows WrestleZone have done as of late, but this is the perfect match to get the crowd hyped for a night of wrestling. Two guys who can not only wrestle a delightful match, but who can also tell a good story without ever overdoing it, although you could expect some Foundation of the Future-related shenanigans.

Tickets to the Regal Rumble are still available from Ringside World, priced at ยฃ15 for VIP, ยฃ12 for adults, and ยฃ10 for under 14s. Doors open at 6pm for VIP ticket holders and 6:30 for general admission, with a scheduled bell time of 7pm.

Who’s going to Aberdeen Anarchy?

Announced Matches
2022 Regal Rumble Match – Winner earns an Undisputed WrestleZone Championship at Aberdeen Anarchy on 14 May
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Crusher Craib & Connor Molloy (c) vs. Captain Alan Sterling & Caleb Valhalla
Mikkey Vago vs. Ronan King
Damien, Scotty Swift & Umar Mohammed vs. The Outfit (Dino & Murphy) & William Sterling
DCT vs. Bryan Tucker
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show – Mr P vs. Ryan Riley

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