Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Friday Night Disco’

Discovery Wrestling returns to the O2 Academy in Edinburgh for a rare evening show. It’s a Friday Night Disco, with special guest, former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Beer Drinking Champion, X Division Champion, Knockout’s Tag Team Champion, Global Champion, Television, King of the Mountain Champion, Tag Team Champion… pretty much if TNA had a belt then he had his hands on it, former NXT Tag Team Champion, and current Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion, it’s Eric Young.

Returning to Scotland for the first time since 2015 (according to Cagematch), Eric Young has already faced BT Gunn over at Iron Girders Wrestling this month in a well received match so has had a little time to acclimatise himself to a Scottish crowd, but we’ll talk about that a little more later on…

After the madness that was ‘All About The Raffle’, six matches have been confirmed as of writing so let’s take a look at what Discovery Wrestling have in store for our eyes.

Griffin & The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite & Ryan Riley) vs Caleb Valhalla, Deacon Matthews, & Theo Doros

This one has been simmering for a while, Griffin and Caleb Valhalla have been at loggerheads since ‘Year 6’ when Griffin attempted to take out Valhalla prior to their four way elimination match. Though unsuccessful, Griffin gained some revenge by enlisting The Foundation of the Future to distract, a two matches in, Valhalla long enough for Griffin to pick up the win in a gauntlet match, handing Caleb his first pinfall loss in Discovery Wrestling.

The Foundation of the Future and Caleb Valhalla haven’t crossed paths too often but will be familiar with each other, with all involved regularly wrestling in the North East for WrestleZone. Griffin, Dynamite, and Riley want to rid Discovery Wrestling of the nonsense that, in the words of Zach Dynamite, “spits in the face of professional wrestling”.

Even after a gruelling six minute Iron Man match with Ryan Richards on the same show, the fun loving Deacon Matthews assisted Valhalla after the gauntlet match, “The Cult of Positivity” is also joined by Theo Doros, who is in need of a win after losing to Dickie Divers at ‘All About The Raffle’ which meant he will be entering the upcoming Disco Derby at number one.

There won’t be much shenanigans when Doros takes his frustration out on one of this opponents. There will be a lot of moving parts in this match, and it only takes three seconds for someone to snatch a victory.

Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament – Sesh Munny (Session Moth Martina & Gene Munny) vs The Double D’s (Dickie Divers & Debbie Dahmer)

After some loophole searching, Dickie Divers snuck his way back into the Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament. Following the restart of Disco this past October, Dickie Divers, along with his Nine9 partner Jack Morris, were dumped out the the tournament by Alex Webb and Air Myles of The Fair City Saints. However, as The Nine9 were eliminated, Divers argued that he could re-enter with a new partner. Disco owner Alan Smith agreed and in stepped Debbie Dahmer (much to the chagrin of Sirena Rose), as The Double D’s (thanks to Debbie for providing the name) were born.

Dahmer is having quite the renaissance since her return to the ring after a lengthy absence, making her Discovery return in the pre-show of the ‘Year 6’ against Molly Spartan but finding herself holding championship gold elsewhere as the current Fair City Wrestling Women’s Champion and making regular appearances for EVE.

They come up against an unlikely pairing, in that they may still be wrestling each other in a falls count anywhere match, in Session Moth Martina and Gene Munny. Martina is coming off recently losing the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship and Gene Munny finally picked up a win in Disco when he defeated Will Kroos in a bloody two out of three falls match at ‘All About The Raffle’. They have had some mixed fortunes recently but you know that they will have some shenanigans aplenty for The Double D’s.

I’m safe to say this will not be the most technically sound, catch-as-catch-can, style of bout but this will be entertainment at it’s absolute finest.

Jack Morris vs Ian Skinner

At ‘All About The Raffle’, both Jack Morris and Ian Skinner were left with a loss when BT Gunn won a triple threat match involving the three men.

It hasn’t sat well with Jack Morris, who wasn’t pinned in the match, blaming Ian Skinner for the loss on his record.

The match may be taking place on April 1st, but Ian Skinner is no April Fool. He has been taking his opportunities with both hands, his Discovery Wrestling career has seen him face some of the best the UK has to offer with Aspen Faith and Mark Haskins one on one, though unsuccessful against Haskins he certainly made sure the Discovery crowd knew the name Ian Skinner.

Jack Morris, though has all the makings of the a superstar, hasn’t had much luck in Discovery Wrestling. Having not registered a win since 2019 (to be fair there was a big pandemic related gap from early 2020 to late 2021) and sitting with a 2-4 record overall. He might have a cool and calm exterior but he might be desperate to get a win at any costs.

Though Ian Skinner is unpredictable and a bit of a loose cannon, a desperate man will do just about anything to change his fortune.

BT Gunn vs Aspen Faith

Shockingly this is a first time singles match. A match I’ve been wanting to see take place for a very long time but despite crossing paths in promotions all over the UK, there hasn’t been a one on one match between BT Gunn and Aspen Faith with collisions, in Discovery Wrestling at least, taking place in multi-man matches.

As already mentioned, BT Gunn picked up a win at ‘All About The Raffle’ over Jack Morris and Ian Skinner, whereas Aspen Faith fell victim to a piledriver from the debuting Bruiser Brad Evans.

These two have had some incredible matches and moments in Discovery Wrestling, from BT Gunn wrestling the likes of The Viking Raiders, The Elite, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, Cody Hall, even Cody Rhodes for the Ring of Honor World Championship, to Aspen Faith winning the Hotter Than Hell Tournament in 2017 by beating Rampage Brown, facing The Young Bucks, beating Doug Williams, battling Colt Cabana.

They’ve both had their chances at the Y Division Championship but were unsuccessful but this is a new era of Discovery, and both of these men will absolutely leather each other if it means there’s a championship match on the horizon.

There are many excellent matches on this show to keep an eye on but this will be a war of survival. Pray to the Gods of chest skin, because it’s going to be a chopfest.

Discovery Wrestling WOmen’s Championship – Kasey (c) vs Lana Austin

Following victory over Ashley Vega at ‘All About The Raffle’, Lana Austin earned herself a Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship match.

At ‘Year 6’, Kasey captured the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship, defeating the then-champion Session Moth Martina and the inaugural champion Emersyn Jayne. Two highly decorated adversaries. It was thanks, in no small part, to her She-Wolves partner Molly Spartan’s intervention in the closing stages. There’s no confirmation if Spartan will be in attendance to accompany Kasey to her title defence.

Lana Austin has been making her way around the UK recently, popping up in all manner of companies and matching up with opponents of all experiences, skill, and size. A very popular wrestler who has made appearances for the likes of wXw, NXT UK, EVE, and Progress. Austin has grown into one of the most well rounded wrestlers in the UK.

It isn’t Lana’s first championship opportunity in Discovery Wrestling though, having competed in 2019 Disco Derby where the title Women’s Championship was on the line, won by Session Moth Martina, whom Kasey dethroned.

An interesting first defence for Kasey, it won’t be an easy night for ‘The Mother of Chaos’.

Eric Young vs Andy Wild

After a battle with Y Division Champion Joe Hendry at ‘Year 6’, narrowly missing out thanks to the champion using the ropes to assist in the tainted victory. Wild comes in with something to prove and to make his way back to the Y Division Championship.

Enter Eric Young. Making his Discovery Wrestling debut, following his former SAnitY brethren Big Damo, whom Andy Wild has a lot of history with and is also gunning for the Y Division Championship.

Andy Wild is the complete wrestler’s wrestler, agility, strength, with an ability to tie someone up with ease. Eric Young won’t be intimidated having faced opponents big and small, from hybrid styles like Samoa Joe and Lashley, to big monsters like Abyss and Rellik (that’s killer spelt backwards), to legends like Booker T. Young has seen and done it all but isn’t going to take an opponent like Andy Wild lightly.

Young proclaims himself to be the best all round performer in professional wrestling, he comes up against someone who could make the same claim.

It’s going to get wild in Edinburgh on Friday.

This will be special.

Doors Open: 6.30pm. Bell Time: 7pm.

Tickets are somehow still available atย get your best wrestling gear on and ready for a Friday Night Disco.

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