Full Results: Fair City Wrestling ‘Live In Perth’ (15 Apr 2022)

The following results are from Fair City Wrestling’s event at the Tulloch Institute in Perth on April 15th, 2022:

Ian Ambrose w/Skully defeated ‘Titanium’ Tom Atlas by submission.

Tommy Cross vs Nathan North ended in a no contest.

Sebastian Asher w/Marcus Hunter defeated Spike Tierney by pinfall.

Umar Mohammed appeared on the screen to distract Spike.

Caleb Valhalla & Taylor Bryden defeated Nathan Reynolds & Xero by pinfall.

Captain Mackie’s Golden Treasure Invitational – Captain Euan G Mackie defeated Damien Valek by submission to retain his chest of ill gotten gold.

FCW Women’s Championship – Debbie Dahmer defeated Emily Hayden by pinfall to retain the FCW Women’s Championship.

Our thanks to Fair City Wrestling for the results.

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