Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live From The WrestleZone Training Academy: Afternoon Show’ (23 April)


The sun’s out. Taps are aff. Ice creams are flowing. It’s spring. It’s Aberdeen Anarchy season, everyone’s (see: my) favourite season of the year. At the time of writing, three matches have been confirmed for the 14 May Northern Hotel card, including an almighty Undisputed Championship three-way and the potential death of our beloved Captain Alan Sterling. Before all that fun and excitement, though, it’s a trip to the WrestleZone Training Academy this Saturday for a WrestleZone first; a double-header! Four matches in the afternoon, four in the evening, Burger King in the middle. Sign me up.

Here’s what’s in store for the afternoon show…


The Outfit (Dino & Murphy) vs. Mr P & Shawn Johnson

The Outfit hasn’t exactly made many friends in WrestleZone, particularly under this incarnation of the suit-wearing duo. Joined by (Mauler) Murphy at WrestleZone’s show in Ellon, Dino has knocked out a number of top WrestleZone names, from Scotty Swift to current Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, Damien, with his patented Rolling Elbow. That could be the fate of Mr P and Shawn Johnson come Saturday afternoon, with the pair of former Tag Team Champions uniting once more to battle Dino and Murphy. The duo previously lost to The Foundation of the Future’s Bruiser Brad Evans and Ryan Riley at Summerhill Showdown, where they seemed to have a slight miscommunication issue, so who knows, maybe one of them will inadvertently be on the receiving end of a Dino Death By Elbow. Shawn did come to Mr P’s aid during the Regal Rumble pre-show against The Foundation of the Future, indicating they’d patched things up, but Shawn’s never exactly been a guy you can trust. Certainly an intriguing main event.


Connor Molloy vs. Umar Mohammed

This was the first match announced for either the afternoon or evening show; the fact it wasn’t an instant sell-out from that point is astonishing. Connor Molloy and Umar Mohammed are two of the hottest prospects in Scottish wrestling period, bringing their respective attention-grabbing in-ring styles to the larger-than-life-characters world of WrestleZone. Not everyone can be the guy with the red spikey hair who you gravitate towards, or the big bruising monster who boots people square in the jaw to make you wince. You need people who can be top-of-the-pile in-ring talents, a box that Connor and Umar more than tick off. When I first watched both wrestle, I left wanting more, Connor delivered a gutsy performance vs. Crusher Craib, while Umar hit Caleb Valhalla with an Old School-type DDT, so naturally I needed more Umar Mohammed in my life. This genuinely can’t be missed. If you haven’t got a ticket, tough luck. Your loss.


Ronan King vs. Scotty Swift

There’s something about Scotty Swift wrestling recent WrestleZone Training Academy graduates that never fails to light something inside of him, almost as if to say everything you know, I know ten times better. He’ll have a tough task of doing so against Ronan King, who’ll no doubt proclaim that he carried Scotty through this whole match on social media afterwards. Swift is coming back from the ol’ COVID here, having been forced to sit out of the Regal Rumble, so he’s almost got a point to prove to not only Ronan, but also to his Aberdeen Anarchy opponents – Dino, Murphy, and William Sterling. He knows he’s no longer the top guy in WrestleZone, he’s been to the top of the mountain and back again, but he won’t sit back and allow your Dinos and your Murphys to run through him like it’s nothing. I’m interested to see how this goes, but regardless, a win over a former two-time Undisputed Champion would send Ronan on a Twitter warpath, @ing everyone in sight. May God have mercy should his granny’s jacket propel him to another win.


Chris Archer vs. William Sterling

There’s such a rich history between Chris Archer and William Sterling that, for the first time in a while, I was excited at the prospect of a Sterling singles match. That’s no disrespect to him, as he’s a class act, but the matches he and Alan had against Archer and Mikkey Vago back in the day came at, for me, the peak of WrestleZone’s tag team division. It was a time when Proper Mental were just about to come in, you had the team I can’t mention for June 2020 purposes forming in the north-east, but you also had the WrestleZone regulars in The Rejected, The Sterling Brothers, and Mr P and Kaden Garrick. It was a great time, really, so adding another chapter is hardly the cause for outrage. What I’m really enjoying about The Rejected right now is they’re doing their own thing. They’re multi-time WrestleZone Tag Team Champions, so to have them split off for a bit makes for a nice change. Basically, you’re just going to get a nice match here, maybe with a couple snarky William Sterling comments that I’ll praise him for in my review.

Doors to the WrestleZone Training Academy open at 2:30pm, with a scheduled 3pm showtime. Unsurprisingly, both this show and the evening show are now sold out, continuing the trend of WrestleZone having full capacity crowds since their October 2021 return.

Announced Matches
The Outfit (Dino & Murphy) vs. Mr P & Shawn Johnson
Connor Molloy vs. Umar Mohammed
Ronan King vs. Scotty Swift
Chris Archer vs. William Sterling

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