Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live From The WrestleZone Training Academy: Evening Show’ (23 April)


The sun’s out. Taps are aff. Ice creams are flowing. It’s spring. It’s Aberdeen Anarchy season, everyone’s (see: my) favourite season of the year. At the time of writing, three matches have been confirmed for the 14 May Northern Hotel card, including an almighty Undisputed Championship three-way and the potential death of our beloved Captain Alan Sterling. Before all that fun and excitement, though, it’s a trip to the WrestleZone Training Academy this Saturday for a WrestleZone first; a double-header! Four matches in the afternoon, four in the evening, Burger King in the middle. Sign me up.

Here’s what’s in store for the evening show…


Damien, Aspen Faith & Crusher Craib vs. The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bruiser Brad Evans & Ryan Riley)

If you ever wanted an example of how to attract a sell-out crowd, you schedule a match between Damien, Aspen Faith, and Crusher Craib, and The Foundation of the Future. One of the biggest matches in WrestleZone history, it has all the makings of a genuine must-see match. There’s the unpredictability of Damien, Aspen, and Crusher working together, the possibility of Crusher vs. Brad(!), Aspen vs. Dynamite which is never a bad thing. Six-man tag team matches are often difficult to digest as there’s so many moving bodies, particularly if Dennis Law is refereeing this, but with this, you almost want that to happen. You want to see everyone mixing it up with everyone. If that means Aspen lobbing Damien with the Undisputed Championship, then do it. If it means Bruiser Brad Evans Piledrivering(?) Crusher Craib, then do it. If Ryan Riley wants to go around asking members of the audience to shag, marry, kiss The Foundation of the Future, then sure, give it a bash, Khali Kiss Cam all over again. We’re in for a treat.


Lord Mr Malice vs. Caleb Valhalla

We’re also in for a murder it seems, as whichever member of WrestleZone gave the all-clear for Caleb Valhalla and Lord Mr Malice to have a singles match clearly has a bone to pick with his lordship. First being killed at the 2019 Regal Rumble and then near enough repeating the feat at Halloween Hijinx when he dove right through Mauler Murphy, a sight to behold that belongs in the Louvre. Returning to the scene of the crime in the 2022 Regal Rumble match, Lord Mr Malice shockingly eliminated Caleb Valhalla in under a minute, thus proving that he is mightier than, well, the mighty Caleb Valhalla. It was a raucous scene from what I’ve read and heard, the Lord Mr Malice Appreciation Society out in their masses at the Northern Hotel. Let’s hope they’re out in their masses at the WrestleZone Training Academy to help carry the stretcher. Something tells me this won’t be the Caleb Valhalla who laughs at ‘PP’ at drive-thrus…


Evan Young vs. Captain Alan Sterling

An intriguing opportunity awaits young Evan on Saturday as he tangles with Captain Alan ‘Toot Toot’ Sterling, the reigning WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion. Although this is billed as a non-title clash, a win – or at least a good showing – over Sterling is what Evan needs. He started off strong at Halloween Hijinx and kept it going with a win over Ronan King, but now he needs to get back into things following his Regal Rumble elimination of Bryan Tucker. What’s interesting is that, before the card was changed for reasons, Young was due to face William Sterling in Ellon, a man he’d previously tangled with and gotten the better of at Halloween Hijinx but sadly, William’s leg was still playing up from his gruesome Summerhill Showdown injury. Running through the Sterling Brothers to get a future Tri-Counties Championship isn’t too bad for someone still in their first year. All he needs to do is avoid the Boat Drop, a drop of the anchor, anything involving Toot Toot, and just Alan Sterling in general. A nuisance of the highest calibre.


Mikkey Vago vs. Bryan Tucker

Rounding off the card is Mikkey Vago vs. Bryan Tucker, who’ll be hoping Dennis Law isn’t refereeing the contest. Since the return of live wrestling, Tucker hasn’t had the best of luck with WrestleZone officials, Law in particular. Though he defeated Shawn Johnson at Halloween Hijinx, no thanks to Len Ironside’s shoddy refereeing, he’s lost every match since, with his Ellon loss to Connor Molloy seeing him counted out after rolling Molloy back into the ring at the count of nine. He’s demanded a chat with Law at the event as a result, though if it comes after another loss against Mikkey Vago, it may result in something more. We’ve already seen Mikey Innes wrestle against REDACTED; perhaps it’s Dennis’ turn to trade the stripes for spandex. His officiating was bound to catch up to him at some point and yes, I’m still salty about Aberdeen Anarchy X.

Doors to the WrestleZone Training Academy open at 6:30pm, with a scheduled 7pm showtime. Unsurprisingly, both this show and the evening show are now sold out, continuing the trend of WrestleZone having full capacity crowds since their October 2021 return.

Announced Matches
Damien, Aspen Faith & Crusher Craib vs. The Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite, Bruiser Brad Evans & Ryan Riley)
Lord Mr Malice vs. Caleb Valhalla
Evan Young vs. Captain Alan Sterling
Mikkey Vago vs. Bryan Tucker

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