Full Results: Renegade Wrestling ‘War Games: Power of 3’

The following results are from Renegade Wrestling’s ‘War Games: Power of 3’ event at the Source Wrestling School in Glasgow on April 29th, 2022:

Battle Royal – Winner: Ayesha Raymond

Ayesha Raymond defeated Katia by pinfall.

No Disqualification – Ronnie Knocks defeated Kirsty Love by pinfall.

Craig Forsyth defeated Tom Fulton by pinfall.

Elimination Tag Team Match – House of Lovelust (London Lovelust, Katzabella, & Jade Black) defeated The Struthers Sisters (Maven Struthers, Raven Struthers, & Iona Sky)

  • Iona Sky eliminated Jade Black by pinfall.
  • Katzabella eliminated Iona Sky by pinfall.
  • Maven Struthers eliminated Katzabella by pinfall.
  • London Lovelust eliminated Raven Struthers and Maven Struthers by disqualification.

The Struthers Sisters attacked Lovelust after the match until Ayesha Raymond, Kirsty Love, Katzabella, & Jade Black made the save.

Our thanks to Martin Alexander for the results.

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