Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Remedy 2022’

Hello! It’s been a minute since I took some time to watch some wrestling and put fingers to keyboard to give my thought, feelings, and opinions on said show. Thanks to a handy competition win, a redemption code for, and adequate internet connection, I’m checking out World Wide Wrestling League’s ‘Remedy’ event hailing from the Buckhaven Community Centre.

Last time I watched and reviewed a W3L event it was Elgin 2021 and it was a less than spectacular show. A blip on the road perhaps but I was interested to see how they bounce back with their first big event of the 2022 calendar.

Joined by the soothing tones of Joe Fordyce, I was glad to see Stevie Wizard on ring announcing duties.

Taylor Bryden defeated Hugo Harris by pinfall.

My first time seeing Hugo Harris do some of the wrestling and his certainly has a good look, like a young Jason Reed. A very confident wrestler. Taylor Bryden is someone I’ve seen plenty stuff of and definitely knows his audience, especially in W3L.

A bit of back and forth with Bryden winning a test of strength before Harris tried to take advantage with a shot to the gut. The contest remained even, with Harris finding himself in armdrag avenue.

The match spilled to the outside with Harris ramming Bryden’s back into the ring apron. The assault continued to the back with a big back drop in the ring that had no bounce.

After a brief fight back from Bryden, Harris turned his attention to the arm and shoulder of Bryden. Bryden tried some unique pinning combinations but couldn’t keep Harris down, finding his arm being punished when Harris had the chance.

Bryden got Harris off the second rope with an OTK to score the pinfall.

A really good opening match, as an introduction to Hugo Harris I thought he was very effective in being aggressive, focusing on wearing down Bryden throughout, good stuff. Bryden was the wily veteran who found a spot and was able to hit the OTK to snatch victory. An enjoyable contest. Harris looks to have a high ceiling if he decides to venture elsewhere.

W3L Tag Team Championships – Craig Stephens & Saqib Ali defeated Krieger & TJ Rage by disqualification to win the W3L Tag Team Championships.

Last time I saw Craig Stephens wrestle he actually impressed me, which is a rarity, so was keen to see where he has progressed since then.

Stephens and Ali jumped the champions to kick off the match but Krieger and Rage soon overpowered their opponents. A couple stereo slams and a tandem suplex settled the match down with Krieger and Saqib Ali taking their respective corners.

Rage launched Stephens about but an sneaky knee to the back by Ali turned the tide and the challengers cut off the ring with quick tags to punish TJ Rage. Rage countered a suplex and tagged in Krieger, who ran through Ali.

Krieger’s fire was put out quickly with Stephens and Ali cutting corners to take advantage and dismantle Big Scudmaster Sexy.

Rage finally tagged in was a juggernaut. Stephens ran in with a chair but the referee took it away allowing Ali to hit Rage with a title belt for only a two count. Rage recovered with a fireman’s carry throw and spear.

Craig Stephens returned to the ring with another title belt but Rage caught it, during the struggle Rage hit Saqib Ali with the belt in front of the referee to cause the disqualification and the title change.

A chaotic tag team match, the crowd were pumped throughout. The match itself was solid.

A sidebar for the moment: with the Wrestling Showdown Championship and even the Breakout Championship looking shiny and that, it’s time to replace the tag team titles, and definitely the heavyweight belt. They’re horrible to look at. Old boxing belts that are a bit decrepit looking. The heavyweight belt stands out like a sore thumb next to Sharp’s beautiful UEWA Cruiserweight Championship and now the tag team titles will do the same next to the Wrestling Showdown and Breakout belts.

Bobby Roberts defeated Captain Euan G Mackie by pinfall.

Bobby Roberts entered without Emily Hayden but that didn’t stop him from demolishing Mackie in the early going. Throwing Mackie about with ease.

Mackie relied on his agility to send Roberts to the outside, sending Bobby into the ring post. Which got him groggy enough to allow Mackie to hit a couple top rope moves and a Sliced Bread #2 for some near falls.

Roberts popped Mackie up for a powerbomb and a Vader Bomb but Mackie grabbed the bottom rope to break the count. Roberts then picked up Mackie for a Stunner then two follow up Vader Bombs for the pinfall..

Bobby hit three more Vader Bomb after the match until Taylor Bryden finally ran out, chasing Roberts away with Mackie’s trusty sword.

This was all Bobby Roberts, putting over his ‘Big Nasty’ moniker effectively. Nothing fancy but told the story. Mackie had some hopeful moments which had the crowd believe for a moment, tugging on the emotions. Very nice.

I Quit Match – Luke Aldridge defeated Rhoderick Jones by knockout.

Jones tried to lock in a submission (Joe Fordyce called it The Marksman) early on but to no effect. Aldridge stopped a corner splash and took control of the match.

After a couple punches and slams from Aldridge, the referee brought a microphone to Jones’ face asking if wanted to quit. Which got a “no” in response. Rinse and repeat.

Aldridge brought out a turnbuckle hook but missed his attempt to bludgeon Jones but hit a low blow and a follow up hook shot. Luke Aldridge pulled down a turnbuckle pad and sent Jones back first into the corner.

Eventually Aldridge put Rhoderick Jones into a Boston Crab until Jones passed out.

I don’t like this format of the I Quit match. Give me either a representative on the outside with a towel or have the wrestler use the microphone. Having the referee shove a microphone in a wrestlers face every 15 seconds is rubbish.

At the very least only have the referee use the microphone when submissions are being used in the early going not after every body slam.

That spoiled the match for me, quite liked the finish to save face. I have my usual reservations on Rhoderick Jones matches and their slow motion nature with no finesse but I can’t deny that he’s a crowd pleaser as the kids go nuts for him every single time. Aldridge was fine as the bad guy.

Lou King Sharp defeated Lucha DS by pinfall.

Sharp avoided Lucha DS early on, receiving the obligatory “chicken” chants. He asked Stevie Wizard to tell the crowd that he wasn’t a chicken and that he would be performing a championship parade.

Lucha went to the outside to bring Sharp back in but LKS hid behind the referee and demanded another introduction from Stevie Wizard, handing Wizard a bit of paper for an extended intro, including lyrics to a singalong that was met with boos. Only Lou King Sharp could get away with this. Lucha DS ran in to receive his second introduction but was jumped from behind by Sharp.

The bell eventually officially rang with Sharp finding himself crotch first on the ropes. Sharp escaped a 619 attempt but found himself trapped under the ring apron while attempting a baseball slide. The match, somehow, continued under the ring with the sounds of Sharp screaming. They emerged with Sharp blindfolded by his own bandana, DS tied Sharp to the ring post by his dungarees which left Sharp having to undress to escape. Lucha sent Sharp over the merch stand and into a box. Yes.

Sharp finally regained some control by kicking the ropes when Lucha attempted to re-enter the ring. Sharp sent Lucha to the outside but the masked man was helped back into the ring by a couple kids from the audience but Sharp locked in a sleeper. Lucha fought out of it, Sharp countered a kick by grabbing the leg of Lucha but DS backflipped out of it and hit an enziguri that sent them both crumbling to the mat.

Lucha DS kept the momentum rolling with a Moonsault but Sharp met him at the top rope for an attempted superplex, DS fought out of it but the subsequent counters saw Sharp hit a sick kick for a two count. Sharp hit a Finlay Roll, missed a Frog Splash before hitting the referee with an errant sick kick when Lucha DS dodged out of the way. While Lucha attended to the referee, Sharp low blowed Lucha and rolled him up with a handful of tights for the tainted win.

A highly entertaining main event to cap off the show. It’s the least you expect when these two have wrestled so many times I’d be surprised if either have kept count at this stage. Crowd was very much behind a debuting Lucha DS and were all about laughing at Lou King Sharp then booing him when required. Excellent.

Definitely better than the last time I watched W3L but that wouldn’t have been difficult. The opener between Harris and Bryden was a lot of fun, the destruction of Mackie by Bobby Roberts was entertaining and the main event was brilliant. The tag team match, though solid, didn’t hit the mark for me and the I Quit match was hampered by the format. Nothing truly bad but it wasn’t a perfect show.

In saying that it wasn’t a bad watch, plenty of positives to enjoy.

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