Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Friday Night Disco’

It was no April fools, Discovery Wrestling hosted a rare evening event at the O2 Academy back on April 1st with special guest attraction Eric Young on hand for a Friday Night Disco.

Another stacked line up of premier wrestlers from around the country, the tag team tournament progressing, and that massive main event, it’s a show that promised to continue Discovery Wrestling’s streak of incredible shows.

Thanks to the team at Discovery, the full event is available on YouTube for those unable to attend so they can see and hear the show on the big telly.

BT Gunn defeated Aspen Faith by pinfall.

It still baffles me that this was a first time ever singles match between Gunn and Faith. A match that I was keen to check out as soon as it was uploaded.

This was what you hoped and expected. Stinging chops traded, hard forearms aplenty. Once the bell rang the crowd were 100% behind BT Gunn as Aspen was the aggressor, combating Gunn’s speed and agility with just pure power and roughhousing. The cliché runs true when I say this was very much a back and forth contest with both men having plenty opportunities to finish the other.

Aspen caught Gunn following a second rope dive, which was impressive in itself, and threw Gunn’s body up for a move called The Bingo Ballance. Aspen’s impressiveness continued with a second rope Moonsault for a two count. Gunn recovered to hit a step up kick to the back of Aspen’s head for the three count.

An excellent opening bout, the crowd were loud and in full support for BT Gunn. There’s plenty left for a rematch or two between these two. We got a lot but there’s definitely more in the tank to heighten the stakes and get a little insane. It felt like the first chapter of a rivalry, sowing the seeds for something even more beautiful.

Jack Morris defeated Ian Skinner by pinfall.

Morris started off by taking his gum slowly out of his mouth and pressing it against Ian Skinner’s head. Which is both a tremendously arrogant move and as well as being absolutely manky. We’re nine toes out of a pandemic here man.

Skinner was a house on fire, utilising his high energy and blistering pace to slap, kick, and fly in an effort to gain the upper hand. Unfortunately Morris overpowered Skinner to slow down the pace.

Just as Skinner was firing up, fighting tooth and nail to slap on an Octopus stretch, Morris faked a shoulder injury to sucker Skinner in for a low blow and scored the pin.

A match that showcased both Jack Morris and Ian Skinner beautifully. Morris perfectly exuded big sleazy energy, matched by his ridiculous power and athletic ability. He held Skinner for a second rope delayed vertical Suplex which was amazing to witness. He was absolutely outstanding in this one.

Ian Skinner, what more can I say about this guy that hasn’t already been said? He adds so many little touches to his work that makes his matches feel immersive. He has full case of the crazy eyes which adds to his bursts of energy, plus he is always moving in some way or form, he doesn’t let his opponent manoeuvre him without a little fight back, a little struggle, or a look to keep you invested in whether or not he survives whatever happens next, his emotional range is top tier. Is Ian Skinner the Scrappy Doo of pro wrestling? No, because people like Ian Skinner.

Two fantastic wrestlers, having a fantastic match.

Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament – Quarter Final– Sesh Munny (Session Moth Martina & Gene Munny) defeated The Double D’s (Dickie Divers & Debbie Dahmer) by pinfall to advance.

If there was ever a match that could be summed up by the phrase “chaotic energy” it was this. A big entertaining stall kicked it off with neither team being particularly fond of their tag team partners. Munny and Martina even tried to conclude their three year falls count anywhere match before the bell to no avail. Divers was the ultimate villain, not only treating his own partner, Debbie Dahmer, like a nuisance but also dropping one of Martina’s beers out of the ring to a chorus of boos.

This was entertainment. If you break down the moves step by step then it sounds like a fever dream. Undoubtedly the highlight in-ring was Gene Munny, who was able to sprinkle in some delightful moves from a top rope crossbody to a lovely spinebuster.

After a cavalcade of miscommunication between Divers and Dahmer, somehow Munny and Martina held it together long enough to string a combo of moves together which was ended emphatically with an Ainsley Lariat from Gene to Divers for the pin.

This was absurdly entertaining, the hilarious lack of chemistry was played to full effect as all four committed to the stupidity which made all the difference. If you came into this one expecting a technical clinic or even five wrestling moves in a row you would’ve been disappointed but if you wanted a laugh and be sports entertained by pure pantomime then it’s a 69/10.

Before the next match, Kasey announced that an injury had flared up and that she wasn’t cleared to wrestle. She brought out her protégé Moxie Malone to take her place.

Lana Austin defeated Moxie Malone by pinfall.

Not the match originally advertised but it was still a pretty good bout with Lana Austin showcased. It didn’t quite hit the heights of the previous matches but with Kasey trying to interfere at every turn the crowd were kept involved and advancing the final showdown whenever that may be. Malone was no slouch and was plucky in defeat, taking a lot of Lana Austin’s moveset and still finding ways to get a shoulder up.

Austin picked up the win with a second rope draping DDT after Moxie was more concerned about letting Kasey know she had everything under control and was distracted, the irony.

Moxie Malone has a unique look and is solid in the ring, she may’ve come into the match a bit cold but if they keep her around, a third wheel for the She-Wolves perhaps, I think there could be something there for the Discovery crowd to support and build on.

Foundation of the Future (Zach Dynamite & Bruiser Brad Evans) & Griffin w/Athena defeated Deacon Matthews, Caleb Valhalla, & Theo Doros by pinfall.

The penultimate match of the event was a variety show of a six man tag match with big characters and very good wrestlers.

Bruiser Brad Evans stepped in for Ryan Riley to keep a Foundation of the Future duo present in the match. We were treated to a little bit of everything from some flourish from Deacon Matthews booting Griffin up the backside, to the mammoth collision between Valhalla and Evans, which could be ran back as soon as possible please and thanks. To the effortless tag team dynamic between Dynamite and Evans.

With so much action going on, including a really nice Helride attempt countered into a cross face by Dynamite to Valhalla, my mind wandered to imagine how many possibilities that this could spin off from here. I’d love to see Dynamite and Doros mix it up, the aforementioned Valhalla colliding with Evans plus, thanks to her attempted interference, I’m still holding out hope for Caleb Valhalla versus Athena before Valhalla finally gets his hands on Griffin.

Valhalla chased Griffin backstage with Athena in tow, allowing Evans and Dynamite to double team Matthews to pick up the win.

The match was a lot of fun, all six men, as expected, put on an excellent showing with The Foundation of the Future being particularly impressive. I’m so happy to see these guys, and Ryan Riley, making appearances everywhere and putting on really great and entertaining matches to boot. Doros didn’t get a lot of play in this one but with a lot of big characters in the match he was a little overshadowed, give me Theo Doros versus Zach Dynamite to remedy that.

Andy Wild defeated Eric Young by pinfall.

In the main event, the crowd were excited to see Eric Young make his Discovery Wrestling debut against the people’s Y Division Champion Andy Wild. What followed was a intense battle, verging on a war, between the two.

Young and Wild threw everything at each other, we got plenty of vintage EY, both men implemented power to take advantage. Young found plenty of ways to take a shortcut or two to remain on top, even finding a way to hoist Wild onto his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver and a piledriver for near falls.

Andy Wild’s adrenaline meter filled up and he hit a Da Bomb to pick up the win.

A fun match, but it didn’t have a strong story behind it to fully grab my interest. Plenty happened, the match built nicely, and the crowd were invested so job is a good’un. It was cool to see Eric Young in a Discovery Wrestling ring, I’d welcome a return and to throw him in with Ian Skinner for some absolute madness.

Another great show from Discovery Wrestling that flew by, the highlight of the night was Jack Morris versus Ian Skinner but each match provided some excellent moments to suit everyone from the sublime to the absurd. Discovery Wrestling really excels at providing a variety of styles and matches to keep each event fresh and worth attending.

Want to watch it yourself? It’s available on YouTube now:

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