Review: Fair City Wrestling ‘Live In Perth’ (15 Apr 2022)

As the bank holiday has arrived, I thought it was high time I sat down and caught up on the latest wrestling events on the YouTube. Fair City Wrestling uploaded their Perth event from April 14th which boasted a cracking main event, a big tag match, and the singles debut Tom Atlas that I was excited to finally see.

Ian Ambrose defeated Tom Atlas by submission.

Speaking of Tom Atlas, he arrived with a rowdy corner of fans who weren’t shy in supporting the hometown lad, and Atlas made sure to invite them to participate at any given silence.

Ian Ambrose relied on pure sh*thousery, which included taking a break to have a refreshment of Fruit Shoot and Monster Munch, he then rolled Skully into the ring to distract the referee so he could throw pickled onion Monster Munch powder into Atlas’ face. The icing on the cake was him admonishing the crowd when the referee returned to the action because “someone threw crisps in the ring”. I also enjoyed Ambrose walking towards the cameraman at ringside and proceeding to tell everyone to like and subscribe below for the YouTube audience. The meta madness of Ambrose can sometimes be hit or miss but on the most part I enjoy it.

The in-ring was very solid, nothing too fancy. Ambrose double legged Atlas and put him in a Sharpshooter for the submission. Adding a dab to further cause damage, maybe not physically but imaging having someone tie your legs up and dabbing. The humanity.

Ambrose added further insult to injury by giving Atlas a hotdog and a handshake before powerbombing Atlas and hitting a T-Elbow.

For his first singles match, or the least one of the first, Atlas gave a very good account of himself, steady and assured for the majority in his moves. There’s a little fine tuning required but I would put that down to a bit of nerves. He showed his strength by hoisting the stockier Ambrose onto his shoulders and even threw out a senton from the apron to the outside which was excellent considering the tight space he had to work with.

I just want to take a moment to offer our condolences to Ian Ambrose for the incident that occurred when he handed Skully to Atlas at ringside who subsequently dropped him and broke Skully into three pieces. A moment of silence for the fallen.

We got an awkward Cirque du Lit segment next, the crowd weren’t as receptive as possibly hoped. I have some experience of having awkward conversations with people so I’m somewhat of an expert.

Debbie came out and didn’t touch a microphone, which is fine as Sirena, the egotistical former Champion, wanted to do all the talking. Emily Hayden was revealed as Debbie’s mystery opponent and injected some entertainment for a moment. Prosecco was thrown into Sirena’s face for some ooohs after the match was made official.

A bit weird. The handshake between Debbie and Emily after Sirena left the ring had more tension and was more effective than any of that.

Tommy Cross w/Eden vs Nathan North w/Duke Cannon ended in a no contest.

Back to the action, Tommy Cross squared off with Nathan North in a shenanigan filled match. Jacob Deacon Wilde made an appearance early on to distract North, Eden distracted Cannon long enough at ringside to allow Wilde to pounce.

The in-ring was very much back and forth. The two guys weren’t afraid to get physical and Tommy Cross even added an impressive overhead belly to belly Suplex.

North tried to finish the match with a less-than-usually-crooked Moonsault but Cross got a leg on the ropes. The crookedness is where the power lies!

The match broke down with all four men brawling in the ring to cause a no contest. The locker room emptied to keep them apart as the teams were dragged back through separate exits.

Once the ring cleared Kevin Williams came out to announce that the teams will have a tables match at the next Perth show.

The match itself was good, Duke Cannon was MVP at ringside in getting the crowd involved. Cross and North had some really good chemistry, with some nice German Suplexes thrown in. The upcoming tables match should be a cracker.

Sebastian Asher w/Marcus Hunter defeated Spike Tierney w/Botchico by pinfall.

After a really smarmy promo by Marcus Hunter to introduce Sebastian Asher, out came “Business” Botchico who entered wearing a suit jacket, a t-shirt with a waistcoat and tie design, and handing out hand written business cards. Careful Botchico, that sort of nonsense will make you one of my favourites.

In one of the best matches of the night Spike Tierney is a very talented wrestler and Asher kept up with him very well.

The Botchico and Hunter ringside shenanigans continued at ringside, thankfully Botchico chased Hunter backstage as it had started to ware thin to the point where Tierney looked like a bit of a dope as the chase went on and on while Asher was knocked out and Tierney was standing in the corner prepping for some big move that wouldn’t have actually been required as Asher was on the ground motionless for a good couple of minutes.

After the ringside distraction was over with, Tierney stepped it up with a lovely sequence of moves, including a nice 619, but the sudden appearance of Umar Mohammed on the big screen caused enough distraction to allow Asher to hit a crucifix driver pin for the victory.

Beside the ringside stuff being a bit annoying towards the end, these two had a really fine match. This was my first time seeing Sebastian Asher in action and he might just be a diamond in the rough, he has character and his in-ring is not too shabby. Spike’s leaps and springing about were delightful. I also enjoyed Marcus Hunter’s quick ability to confidently clap back to heckles during his pre-match promo.

Caleb Valhalla & Taylor Bryden defeated Nathan Reynolds & Xero by pinfall.

Bonus points before the match even began with Bryden wearing matching gear with Valhalla. After a lengthy period dominating the opening, surprisingly it was Valhalla that was isolated while Bryden watched on.

Xero started off with the zombie, undead thing going on but that seemed to fade away throughout the match, he was even looking a bit lost at points. I’m sure there’s a way to just get that through line of the inhuman character embedded in a match but I’ve often found with Xero’s matches, from what I’ve seen, it opens with a spooky spot then that’s about it.

Other than some miscommunicated moments, Xero and Bryden did have a great bit where Xero slapped on a sleeper hold and Bryden scaled to the second rope with Xero his back before throwing himself backwards to the canvas. That was ace.

Nathan Reynolds and Caleb Valhalla had plenty big lads doing big lad things moments which is always appreciated.

A Valhalla Helride followed by a Bryden frog splash finished Xero for the win.

The match was solid and had its moments, Bryden looked especially sharp in this one whereas it’s hard to dislike watching Valhalla and Reynolds knock lumps out of each other before through each other around. For my criticism of Xero, he did his part well for the vast majority, I just think there’s a way to commit to the whole act further.

Captain Mackie’s Golden Treasure Invitational – Captain Euan G Mackie defeated Damien Valek by submission to retain his chest of ill gotten gold.

Before the match Mackie got on the microphone and does what Mackie does best, lampoon, and poke fun. He hit some zingers before deciding no one was worthy of his treasure. Damien Valek wandered out and tried to take Mackie’s chest. Match on.

There wasn’t much to the match itself, Valek got some brief offence early before Mackie choked him out with a half straight jacket sleeper.

There’s always entertainment to be had with Captain Mackie, but there wasn’t a lot of match to comment on. I think there may have been a bit more mystery or surprise for Valek’s entrance if he hadn’t appeared in his ring gear to separate the tag team brawl earlier in the show.

FCW Women’s Championship – Debbie Dahmer defeated Emily Hayden by pinfall to retain the FCW Women’s Championship.

When a match starts with a wrestler refusing to be part of a selfie then sh*t is going down. When I’ve been watching Emily Hayden and Debbie Dahmer in separate matches recently it’s been a bit more comedy lead but I was glad that for a main event match, for a title, it was toned down and they did the wrestling for an even contest.

Dahmer ducked a clothesline as Hayden ran into the referee. Sirena Rose arrived and slid Hayden the belt but after a moment she decided against it. After a battle over a backslide, Dahmer hit a neckbreaker for the win.

For the majority this was shaping up to be a really good match, something about the timing in the final stretch deflated things a little but the snap on the neckbreaker to close the match was great. The crowd were sold on Debbie Dahmer, it does help that Gina G’s ‘(Ooh Aah) Just A Little Bit’ provides a catchy singalong theme tune that was chanted at points in support.

A show of good matches, with some highlights from Taylor Bryden and Spike Tierney in their respective bouts along with Tommy Cross and Nathan North putting a good showing. Some of the matches maybe got a little busy with interference.

It was good see some new faces I’d only heard the names of like Tom Atlas and Sebastian Asher putting in great showings. It wasn’t the strongest Fair City Wrestling show I’ve watched on the YouTube but it wasn’t a bad show either. The right match closed the show, and even if it got a little bit stuttering towards the closing stages it was one of the better matches on the card.

What I will say for the online content, the pacing was so much better, I’m not sure if the Cirque du Lit segment opened the live show but if it did then thankfully they put it on the YouTube after a match so we could settle in for the wrasslin’.

I missed the commentary on the show as I like it adding some context to the action, but I appreciated Stevie Wizard on ring announcing duties adding a bit of flair instead of announcing ‘hometown – weight – name’ there was a bit more pizzazz (jeez how old am I?) to his introductions.

The show is available on YouTube if you fancy a gander:

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