Iron Girders Pro Wrestling Championship Tournament – Table Update

As we approach the final round of matches in the qualifying stages of the IGPW Championship Tournament. It is still all to play for.

Group AWinsDrawLossPoints
Kez Evans1002
Eddie Castle0020
May 28th 2022Kez Evans defeated Eddie Castle by pinfall.
June 17th 2022Levi defeated Eddie Castle by pinfall.
July 15th 2022Kez Evans vs Levi
Group BWinsDrawLossPoints
Molly Spartan1002
Charlie Vyce0111
May 28th 2022Kasey vs Charlie Vyce ended in a time limit draw.
June 17th 2022Molly Spartan defeated Charlie Vyce by pinfall.
July 15th 2022Molly Spartan vs Kasey
Group CWinsDrawLossPoints
Thatcher Wright1002
Leon Graves1002
Ellie Armstrong0020
May 28th 2022Thatcher Wright defeated Ellie Armstrong by pinfall.
June 17th 2022Leon Graves defeated Ellie Armstrong by count out.
July 15th 2022Thatcher Wright vs Leon Graves
Group DWinsDrawLossPoints
Leyton Buzzard1002
Grant McIvor1002
Moxie Malone0020
May 28th 2022Leyton Buzzard defeated Moxie Malone by pinfall.
June 17th 2022Grant McIvor defeated Moxie Malone by disqualification.
July 15th 2022Leyton Buzzard vs Grant McIvor

Winner of Group A vs Winner of Group B

Winner of Group C vs Winner of Group D

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