Interview: Jade Black Answers The 10 Count

Due to the SWN Podcast taking a hiatus, we’re going back to basics to bring you ways to find out more about the new and established faces in Scottish professional wrestling. The good old fashioned written word.

On this inaugural edition, the latest graduate of the Renegade Wrestling Dojo, “The Passionate Gem” Jade Black, answers The 10 Count!

1. What is your first wrestling memory?

My first wrestling memory was the day that I came across it on TV when I was 7 years old, I remember it being a replay of a SmackDown episode in 2010 and it was Jack Swagger v Kofi Kingston and I had never heard of wrestling before but I thought it was the coolest thing ever with the entrances, the characters, the match itself, so I went down a spiral of watching everything wrestling related on YouTube past and present and fell in love with it, and that eventually led into buying the toy rings, action figures, the DVD sets of the shows, the video games and it’s been a part of my life ever since.

2. Who is your favourite wrestler of all time?

My favourite wrestler of all time is John Cena, he was the first wrestler I ever rooted for to win, I related to the values he preached being the classic babyface, I just thought his ability to tell a story in the ring, talk on the mic where he really showcased his passion for wrestling and especially handling the polarizing crowd reactions was incredible, he was the perfect role model for me and so many other people growing up and was able to keep me hooked as a fan throughout all of those years and continues to do so, and now that I’m in the ring myself I carry the values he preached with me at all times because if there is anyone I would aspire to be as an overall person in wrestling it would be John Cena.

My favourite women’s wrestler of all time is Lita, when I went back and watched the history of wrestling Lita stood out for so many reasons to me, her in ring high flying wrestling style was so eye catching, she was just so edgy and dressed so cool and could wrestle in there with both men and women which I loved, she always pushed the limits and her rivalry with Trish really helped me fall in love with wrestling itself as well as highlighting just how good women’s wrestling can be.

Photo credit World Wrestling Entertainment

3. Who is your favourite wrestler currently?

I have many favourites currently but one is Becky Lynch, she was always that underdog that I loved and now she has transformed her character into something so chaotic and interesting, she knows how to tell a story perfectly both in the ring and outside of the ring in those little moments, I loved her as the Irish lass-kicker but seeing her evolve into the man and then big time Becky Lynch has been great to see, I always look forward to what she’s going to do next.

Very similarly Seth Rollins is also one of my favourites, he has always been so fluent in the ring, always one upping his matches and pulling out things you would never expect, the storytelling he showcases through his character currently is phenomenal especially with the mind games he plays with his opponents, he keeps his matches interesting and fun and I always want to know what he’ll do next.

Photo credit World Wrestling Entertainment

4. Which wrestler, past or present, has the coolest ring gear?

I always loved Shawn Michaels gear, when I started watching wrestling Shawn had just retired but when you get into wrestling you hear the name Shawn Micheals so I went back and watched his career and his ring gear as the Heartbreak Kid in the 90’s was the coolest thing ever, his 1998 and 1995 Royal Rumble gear, Summerslam 1995 and his WrestleMania 12 gear were specifically some of my favourites.

5. What is your favourite go-to wrestling match to rewatch?

Some of my go to matches to watch are: 

  • Trish v Lita RAW 2004 Main Event
  • Bayley v Sasha NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2015
  • John Cena v AJ Styles Royal Rumble 2017
  • HBK v Undertaker WrestleMania 26
Trish Stratus vs Lita
AJ Styles vs John Cena
Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

Although there are so many more I could name these are some that always help remind me why I wrestle in the first place, just ignites that passion I grew up with, all different styles and psychology behind the matches but shows you how versatile an art wrestling can be.

6. What has been the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I feel I have received a lot of advice that I carry with me, the most important one is always keep your ears open, always continue to learn new things because there is no limit to knowledge, no matter if you’ve been doing something for 1 year or 10 years there is always something to open your mind to and learn, as well as having an attitude of taking what you have and producing the absolute best, remember where you came from and who helped you and remember to look behind you and pass on that knowledge to someone who was once in your position, always be humble, respectful and carry that positive attitude and mindset.

7. You’re driving to a show, who would you want in the car with you?

I feel there is two ways I could go with who I want in the car with me, one being John Cena because the life advice he could give me would be so interesting but then I don’t think anyone could refuse sharing a car with the New Day or Liv Morgan because all of them just have such high positive bubbly fun energy that would make any long car journey so much easier.

Photo Credit World Wrestling Entertainment

8. If an actor was to play you in an autobiographical story of your life, who would it be?

I feel there is very limited actresses who resemble me but if I were to choose I would have to say Saoirse Ronan, I feel she would be able to portray me amazingly as the great actress she is, I would love to see that.

Saoirse Ronan

9. In 5 years time, what would you have liked to accomplish?

In 5 years time I would hope to have debuted for many more promotions and have some great matches with so many people around the UK, and just have a more solidified reputation and fingers crossed for hopefully travelling a lot more out of Scotland to wrestle as many people as I can and continue to learn new things both in and out of the ring, as well as continuing the work we are building at the Renegade Wrestling Dojo.

Photo Credit David J Wilson

10. and finally, What is your favourite dinosaur?

My favourite dinosaur has to be the Triceratops because they just look so cool and powerful and also because it’s frill on its head kind of looks like a crown.

Find out more about Jade Black on her social media.


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