Preview: Wrestling Experience Scotland ‘Family Wrestling Megashow’ (30 Jul 2022)

by Westie

Wrestling Experience Scotland are putting on a family friendly show before Shug’s Hoose in their first ever Family Wrestling Megashow event featuring all your favourite ICW stars before Shug’s Hoose Party Night 2!

Due to OVERWHELMING demand, Wrestling Experience Scotland have had to release additional general seats. 

This is looking to the actual day of Shug’s Weekender as I’m counting up the days leading up to the champions title matches depending on which night, they are defending their titles. For example, KoTN will have been tag team champions for 251 days leading up to their match with The Young Team etc.

Now, with Shug’s Hoose Party Night 2 taking place AFTER WXS, as there is double duty that day, the only titles that I am aware of in that will be on the line is the Scotland’s Elite Championship. But it’s 2022 and anything can happen.

Here is a look at the match card:

Grado vs Jason Reed

The “Staunch Superstar” Jason Reed takes on the man from “The Tap End of Stevenson” and ICW fan favourite Grado.

It’s Yersel! For the first time in 2 years, Grado is coming home for Shug’s Hoose Party, but first he’s taking on one of Scotland’s hottest prospects – the Staunch Superstar Jason Reed – in their first one on one encounter in singles action.

Now Grado has been a very busy bee upon his return to ICW with Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash at the Pavillion, along with radio and other commitments, he is also hosting Shug’s Hoose Party 7 for both nights. Grado is a former ICW World Heavyweight Champion and his last match at ICW was against JAXN in March 2020. This is Grado’s first Wrestling Experience Scotland show, and he’s getting a pre-Shug’s warm up in Jason Reed.

Jason Reed is no stranger to WXS shows, having faced the likes of Daz Black, Ravie Davie and BT Gunn at previous outings. Jason is looking to add a big name to his wall for a win at WXS and with his match against Andy Wild coming up, Jason is looking for a big win and who better than Grado. Jason will also likely to be accompanied by Coach Trip, who’ll be watching the outcome of this match closely. With Grado set to return to ICW in the future, could these two cross paths once again or could the Staunch Superstar reign victorious and pick up his first singles win at WXS?

Jason has a match with Andy Wild later on at ICW and Grado is hosting both nights of Shug’s as well as being in a tag team match with Ravie Davie against Thatcher’s Cabinet (Mr. Ian Skinner and Charles Vyce) later that night. Whoever picks up the win, could be the fuel to fire for what’s to come?

Kings of the North vs The Young Team

The Young Team (Jimmy Pierce & Logan Smith) take on the reigning and defending ICW Tag Team Champions the Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Corvin)

KOTN are one of the best male dominating tag teams in the UK having collected tag team championships up and down the country in the UK including the TNT Tag Team titles and have been collecting tag team title belts since 2019. Having won the ICW Tag Team titles against The Nine9 (Dickie Divers & Jack Morris) at ICW Fear & Loathing XIII – they’ve had a grand total of FOUR TAG TITLE MATCHES – against The Nine9 twice, once at Fear & Loathing XIII and then again the 10th annual Square Go the following year, The Meat Wagon (Anderson Daniels & Troy Ryan) at ICW Barred II and most recently The Young Team (Jimmy Pierce & Logan Smith). The only team to defeat the KOTN was The Meat Wagon (Anderson Daniels & Troy Ryan)  in non-title action. With a reign of 251 DAYS, the KOTN are determined to make an example of The Young Team as to why the ICW Tag Team division is THEIR KINGDOM!

The Young Team have had a successful run so far in 2022 so far since the April ICW Fight Club tapings in 2022, taking on the likes of BT Gunn & Leyton Buzzard, Reece & Rogan and have debuted at Iron Girders taking on The Models (Danny Hope & Joey Hayes) and Casino Brutale (Mikey Devine & Rabu Romero) picking up the wins. The pair have also wrestled in Clyde Valley Wrestling, Wrestling Experience Scotland, and Pro2. The only loss The Young Team have had two on two was at an ICW Fight Club taping against KOTN. Their recent victory was in an eight man tag with Lou King Sharp and Krieger versus KOTN and KOE. But with their “Manager of Champions” Wee Man back behind the wheel of the ship, could they earn their way to another tag title shot in future?

Now the KOTN are and will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to keep those tag team title belts around their waists, so will this be simply a warm up and an example to the ICW locker room before their tag team title match against Lou King Sharp and Krieger later on that night?

Scotland’s elite championship – Jack Jester vs Sheikh El Sham (c)

It’s Coach versus Coach as Top Rope Academy’s Sheikh El Sham takes on GPWA’s “Big Kink” Jack Jester for the Scotland’s Elite Championship.

At Wrestling Experience Scotland shows, these two have been battling for months and at Maryhill Community Centre back in April for Wrestling Experience Scotland, it came to a head when the pair came face to face to win the vacant Scotland’s Elite Championship.

However, Sheikh won to become the first ever Elite Champion in Maryhill via cheating, and robbing Jester of the title! Now Sheikh isn’t happy that he’s not on the poster, but the fact that Jester is on the poster for the Megashow and not him. Sheikh vows to prove himself against one of the best, can he hold onto his Elite Championship or will this be Sheikh’s one and only title defence?

Now Jack Jester is an ICW original and is no stranger to his opponents pulling a fast one on Big Kink, what annoyed Jester was that he’d had wrestled Sheikh in Bathgate and had been jumped by Sheikh in Ayr and was absolutely furious that Sheikh cheated in Maryhill to take what was rightfully his. Jester had to respect the referee’s decision, but he vowed that the two wrestling coaches WILL have a rematch!

Jester’s already won the PWE Heavyweight Championship at Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash from Grado earlier in the year. Whatever happens, win, lose or draw, Jester will no doubt be filled with rocket fuel heading into his ICW World Heavyweight Championship match on the same day!

Could Jester pick up the win and add a shiny new title to add to his collection at the 02 Academy BEFORE his big title match with the ICW World Heavyweight Champion Kez Evans at Shug’s Hoose Party later that night and possibly become #Jester3Belts?!

Kez Evans vs Ravie Davie

The “Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square” Ravie Davie takes on the reigning and defending ICW World Heavyweight Champion Kez Evans in non-title action.

The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square ,and TikTiock star, Ravie Davie has been having lots of fun in the UK wrestling scene lately – especially Community Pro Wrestling, ICW, and Wrestling Experience Scotland having run circles around Thatcher’s Cabinet (Thatcher Wright, Mr. Ian Skinner and Charles Vyce) at Wrestling Experience Scotland and at ICW with Lou King Sharp and Krieger – even going as far as earning the chance to pick their future opponents – making Vyce and Skinner face each other! 

Kez Evans is a former Zero-G Champion, a former Square Go Winner, and since winning the
ICW World Heavyweight Title at ICW Fear & Loathing XIII – Kez has a reign of 251 DAYS, and has had four title matches, facing the likes of NXT UK’s Wolfgang, Mark Haskins, BT Gunn, and Stevie James, even walking through hell in a “Fans Bring The Weapons Match”.

Evans, however, has a motto “everything I say, I do!” which is true, and probably has a plan to get past Ravie Davie. But could he have underestimated Ravie Davie as these two know each other inside and out, both graduates of the GPWA.

Ravie Davie has a tag team match with Grado against Thatcher’s Cabinet and Kez has a main event championship title match against Jack Jester at ICW later that night. Unfortunately the ICW Heavyweight championship is NOT on the line, this time.

Could a victory against the reigning ICW Champion in non-title action put Ravie Davie in the running for a title shot in future (imagine the upset on Kez’s face if Ravie Davie gets a win over him before his big title match) or could Kez add another person to his wall of victories as a pre-Shug’s warm up?

Jack Morris vs Daz Black

Since losing the ICW tag team titles with his Nine9 tag team partner Dickie Divers at the Square Go back in February to KOTN, Jack Morris hasn’t been seen since at ICW. However since then, Morris has been wrestling up and down the UK including Preston City Wrestling, Reckless Intent, and entering the Discovery Wrestling Disco Derby (which Morris went onto win.) and is also the current Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion.

Daz Black has been soaring over everyone at ICW lately. Daz is a former Zero-G champion, including being part of Team ICW with Jack Jester, Luke Kyro, and Leyton Buzzard that fought The Manifesto (ADM, Kyle Khaos, Eddie Castle and Dylan Thorn). Daz also has a Zero-G Championship ladder match against the now Zero-G Champion, and Manifesto member, Dylan Thorn that same night.

The last, and only, time Morris and Black two faced each other in singles action was at a Wrestling Experience Scotland show where Daz picked up the win.

Molly Spartan vs Harley Hudson

As the latest addition to the ICW roster, Harley Hudson made an impression in her first singles debut against Moxie Malone. She unfortunately didn’t pick up the win, however she aims high as she faces the reigning and defending ICW Woman’s World Champion Molly Spartan.

With a reign of 97 days, since winning the ICW Woman’s Championship at Barred II against Angel Hayze, Molly has been on a mission, tearing her way through the ICW woman’s division and spearing right through any new and returning faces that ICW management have put in her path, including Lana Austin, NXT UK’s Eliza Alexander, Aurora Teves. and most recently the debuting Regina Rosendahl.

With Shug’s just around the corner, can Molly make it to the 100-day title reign as Queen of the ICW woman’s division?

Molly also has a title match with Session Moth Martina the night before. Whatever happens during night one – win, lose or draw, you can be guaranteed one thing: Molly will make an example of whoever steps into the ring with her, and to remind everyone they are going to KNOW THEIR PLACE!

Info available: WXS Twitter – @WresExpScotland

Tickets still available via

Only 25% of General Seating Tickets left – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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