Review: Renegade Wrestling Dojo ‘Rebel’

Renegade Wrestling Dojo recently uploaded their second event on the YouTube, hailing once again from Source Wrestling School.

The Struthers Sisters (Maven Struthers & Raven Struthers) defeated Vacant 1 & Vacant 2 by pinfall.

So these two folk come out in black morph suits with Vacant 1 and Vacant 2 written on them. The Struthers Sisters came through the crowd and battered them for an age before pinning them both.

The Struthers Sisters shouted at Ayesha Raymond if she can’t control them then that was just the start.

An overall confusing opening 10 minutes that didn’t really do anything for anyone. Raymond announced that Renegade Wrestling Dojo had employed the only female wrestling referee in Scotland, Edith Summer, who immediately lost all authority and didn’t look to do anything to try and get the match into the ring when Maven and Raven were smacking about the two Vacants at ringside.

The post match shouting for Ayesha to control them didn’t help matters, their directive seems odd. IF Ayesha can’t control them, why would they want controlled? This was a messy segment, I’d barely class it as a match.

I’m all for the silly and bizarre but the Vacants outstayed their welcome two minutes in, this should have been no less than that for a “match”.

British Rules – Kirsty Love defeated Ronnie Knocks by two falls to one.

After a really poor opener we got to the actual wrestling on the show. The initial crowd reaction was a very simple Scotland v England cheer-boo session, can’t knock a classic dynamic.

These two worked well with some innovative pinfall attempts traded. Knocks and Love continued to counter until Love finally kept Knocks’ shoulders down for three to take the first fall.

The second fall continued the high energy and kept the crowd shouting and invested. Love hit a beautiful Fisherman’s Suplex for a nearfall.

Knocks used the bottom rope to elevate a pinfall that was eventually made by Edith Summer.

The third fall had a wicked chop fest. Knocks brought in metal pan and started hitting Love… which she didn’t react to but eventually grabbed it off Knocks to send her scurrying for a disqualification.

An excellent match until the weird ending. The first two falls had the pinfalls mucked up by the referee, which I could forgive because the wrestling made up for it but Love showing no ill effects from getting hit with an object was just annoying. Such a shame because all the work up to that point was fantastic from Knocks and Love.

Iona Sky defeated London Lovelust by pinfall.

London Lovelust’s over the top antics is appreciated. I didn’t catch the name of their valet but they were a riot together. It’s weird that they act so pompous and self-righteous but the crowd venomously love them, embracing the Haus of Lovelust.

The in-ring was pretty decent. Iona Sky continues to do all the right things with Lovelust certainly showing a remarkable improvement since their debut. Throwing Sky overhead with a Fallaway Slam, which was impressive.

Sky speared Lovelust for the pin, using the ropes for the unfair advantage. Second match in a row with that plus Lovelust’s foot was under the bottom rope. The rules!

Anyway, The Struthers Sisters ran out, Lovelust hid behind Sky, who turned around and attacked Lovelust and joined The Struthers Sisters.

Katzabella w/Jade Black vs Ayesha Raymond was declared a no contest.

Raymond bullied Katzabella early on, with Katzabella ironically being the mouse in a cat and mouse chase. Jade Black tried to interfere but was abducted by The Struthers Sisters as Katzabella gave chase backstage.

Again, less of a match and more of a segment. I like this little underdog team of Katzabella and Jade Black so wouldn’t mind seeing where they go. Raymond and Katzabella had a good dynamic as brief as it was.

I don’t know where the endgame is for Ayesha Raymond and The Struthers Sisters but it’s giving me the vibe like Raymond is leading them as some kind of cult. There’s an undertone that Ayesha is their higher power.

Dynamite Open Challenge – Brodie Adler defeated Austin Brookes by pinfall.

After some verbal back and forth Adler womanhandled Austin Brookes in the early going. Brookes definitely got to show off his charisma, flexibility, and how light on his feet he is when Brodie rag dolled him about the venue. At one point Adler threw Brookes onto the apron with a Uranage which sounded and looked nasty.

Brookes wasn’t without offence though, hitting a nice dropkick off the ropes along with an excellent Blockbuster followed up with a standing moonsault.

Austin missed an attempt 450 splash… or maybe a Harlem Hangover, which just about crushed his ankles as he somehow landed on his feet and arse, and was finished off with a Black Hole Slam.

A fun match, these two worked well together. I really liked they had some little facial moments. Brookes waking up just before Adler hit the Samoan Drop did make me laugh. A good pairing and a good match to end the show.

Ayesha Raymond lead a curtain call with the roster to close the show which, to be honest, could be missed from online uploads. Especially for things like Jade Black appearing after being abducted earlier in the show. We know wrestling isn’t real but doing stuff like that then showing it all to be a show is nonsense and breaks the allusion and strays too far into pantomime territory.

The show had quite a handful misses, however for some positives, the main event was enjoyable, the majority of Love-Knocks was excellent, and there was some nice bits and pieces in the other matches like London Lovelust along with Katrina(?) versus Iona Sky being fairly solid but a lot of it felt like segments and less like actual matches.

There was also so many points where communication just fell apart whether it was matches going off the rails randomly, refereeing mishaps, and some really awkward segments that the crowd didn’t look prepared to react for and at points were heckling the wrestlers. Probably not a show I’d rewatch in full but there were some bright moments as I’ve mentioned.

I do have a complaint about the YouTube video, I was aware that there was commentary from Adam K Woods but I could barely hear it. There needs to be more attention to the sound mixing. Also the show was about an hour, not the 1 hour 45 minutes the runtime suggests. There was a good 30 minutes of nothing before the main event was replayed which isn’t great. If they were looking to buffer out the time then throw in a pre-tape promo or advertisement for the school in between the matches.

The event is available on YouTube for you to check out:

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